The meeting


Finally they will meet! The perfect picture of An Ning. Sometime mischievous and sometimes docile.

I kept smiling to myself. Thinking about how my father will react, really does bring me joy. Will he faints from anger? Imagining him fainting, I couldn’t contain myself and started laughing. Some people on the streets watch me with strange eyes. They’re probably thinking that I’m crazy. Maybe I’m crazy of joy. Lian Er pulled my sleeve with an expression of embarrassment. I could care less. I’m so happy now to be out of his reach. I left him a letter:

Dear father,
Your filial daughter will be going on a journey for three months. I know that I need to enter the palace in two months, but the wedding is over six months. My wise father will surely think of something to delay me entering the palace. Not such a difficult task. Don’t worry I’ll be back after three months. You know I’ve never broken my words. Tell Niang and Da niang that I’ll be back soon. Remember the less people know about this the better your excuse will be. Wish you luck.
Ai ni de Ning Er (the Ning Er that love you. It sounds better in mandarin).

I can see him crushing the letter. He probably will send some men after me but he’ll lie low for the time being. That will make it difficult to find me with so many people in the capital. Besides I didn’t think of staying in the capital. Feeling very satisfied over myself I pawned some jewelries and took Lian Er to a nice restaurant to eat. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten roasted pork. Mom doesn’t like it so it was never on the table. She in general doesn’t like pork because it makes her fat, she said. I love pork. In the instances where there’s pork on table, I’ll be eating most of it to my brother’s disdain. He loves it too but he lets me eat it.

I let the smell stay in my mouth. I really missed this smell. This restaurant is really nice. The meat is tender. The other dishes are also delicious. But when I heard what I’ve got to pay, I nearly throw a plate at the employee. There go my 200 taels. There were some leftovers on the table. I sat back and ate all of it to the bones. Lian Er was embarrassed again. It’s my right since I pay for it. My good mood is gone. Sulking I walk through the street. There’s so many things here that I’ve never seen. I was born in the capital but I didn’t go out much. My father didn’t want me to 抛头露面 (pao tou lou mian Chinese proverb meaning letting people see you). So most of the time I stayed at home. The times that I did get to go out, were with my father. Which means that I can’t have fun. One time I and my brother snuck out. When we came back my father beat my brother. It’s the first time my father had beaten my brother in front of me. Most time when he did beat my brother is in front of no one. He thinks face is the most important thing to men. He was really mad and wanted me to see the consequences of my actions. My heart ached for my brother. He stayed in bed for three days. After that one time I never did it again, until today. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own home. Now that we’re older, my brother can go out but I still can’t. I’ve argued with my father about that fact. He said that he already gave me many exceptions. He let me learn how to use a bow, ride a horse, read war books and I didn’t need to bind my feet. The thing he regrets the most. If he had bound my feet, I won’t be causing him headaches, he once said. I admit I’ve more freedom than any other girl. But I still feel it isn’t enough. How do other women live? They can do almost nothing. I just don’t understand how they pass their day. Isn’t it boring doing embroidery? I’m grateful to him for never binding my feet. Now that I think about it, it’s strange why he didn’t. Most women bind their feet. Only the lower rank doesn’t bind theirs. They need to work. The rich bind their feet. My feet aren’t that big. It still considered bigger than a bound feet. He didn’t say why and I didn’t ask. Asking is bringing myself trouble.

As I was in deep thought a little boy bumped into me. I was going to help him stand up when he grabbed my purse and ran. I put a chase. That little brat. Wait till I put my hands on you. I’m already in a not so good mood and you dare to provoke me? But he’s young and with healthy legs. I was out of breath after only two streets. He was nowhere to be found. When I was about to give up I heard someone being beaten. It was that little brat. He was surrounded by some older guys.

“What are you guys doing”? I yelled. They ran away. I walked to him. He’s so bruised and trying to stop himself from crying. I raised my hand to help him up, when a hand grabbed me. I look up and saw a pair of the blackest eyes I’ve ever  seen. They’re shutting me daggers of murder.


If he gazes at me like that, I’ll probably swoon XD.

Comment : the brother’s name is Li Ming Long 黎明龙  meaning dawn dragon. He was born at dawn. Dragon is symbol of guy. Phoenix is symbol of girl.
The daughter’s name is Li AN Ning 黎安宁 meaning hope for security. With her the family will get power which means security.