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The picture above is An Ning experiencing attraction to a guy. This chapter they finally have some interaction. I don’t know when I’ll let the other male lead appear. I’m still in the writing process. If you have some ideas you can share it. I might reconsider it. Again I may make many grammar mistakes. .

I couldn’t breathe. My heart started pounding really hard. I felt like that even a deaf person could’ve heard my heart. I was in daze. Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful living being. Is he an angel or a demon? He can’t be human. Black eyes, black hair, flawless skin and tall. All I could was look at him.
“Miss, miss”, I heard Lian Er calling me. I’ve totally forgotten about her. When I ran after the little brat, she must’ve run after me. I pulled my hand back. He stared angrily at me and I stared as angry back.

“Don’t you feel shame for beating your servant?”

It took me a moment before I understand what he is talking about. Looking at my attire I guess he must think I’m some spoiled lady from a rich family. This is sadly what I am.

“He’s not my servant.”

“So you just randomly beat people up.”

“I didn’t.”

“Look at the evidence before you! You still refuse to admit it!”

“Who do you think you are? What right do you have to yell at me? Even my father never really yelled at me!”

“I’m the…!” He seems like wanting to say something but stopped.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. Seeing you bullying someone weaker than you, your father must pamper you. Tell me who your father is. I’ll go speak to him about his immature daughter.”

“Do you think that even if you want, you can speak with my father? You’ll be throw out by the servants before you can catch a glimpse at my father. Besides you didn’t see the whole thing and you’re already concluding. One can see that you didn’t have much upbringing either.”

“You…! Nobody ever dared to treat me like that.”

“There’s always a first in everything.”

“You say that I didn’t see the whole thing. What didn’t I see?”

“He stole my purse. I ran after him and saw some guys beating him.”

I turn to the boy. His clothes are dirty. He can’t be more than six.

“Why did they beat you?”

He looked at me with his puppy eyes. My heart melted at spot. I nearly forgive him for stealing my purse.

“They wanted your purse. But I can’t give it to them. I haven’t eaten for two days. What can I do but steal. But they took it all away,” he said sadly.

“Where are your parents?”


“Have you been living alone since then?”

He nodded. That poor thing.

“Come with me. I’ll take care of you.”

This stupid mouth of mine. How can I take him in? I’ve got little money. If I take him in I can’t even .last a month. Don’t need to even think about three months. But I can’t let him here. Blame it all on my soft heart.

“Young master, we need to go”, I heard someone speaking. I didn’t notice that demon had a servant with him. He was about to go when I pulled his sleeve. I crossed my arms.

“You own me something.”
He arched one of his brows. He seems to be mocking me. My not so good temper flared up.

“An apology.”

“Someone that doesn’t know doesn’t have any fault. Besides I never ever apologies.”

I see that he’s wearing some clothes of expensive material. The pattern is simple. Someone who doesn’t know fabric will think his clothes is cheap. But I know all about clothes thanks to Niang. He’s obviously some rich guy wanting to go incognito.

“Take me with you. I don’t have money right now, but I’ll definitely repay you.”

He looked at me as if I’ve gone crazy.

“If you don’t take me with you, don’t blame me for what happen later.”

He wanted to walk away. I always get what I want.

“Whahaha,”I wailed. I gave him a wink. People started gathering.

“This heartless man over there wants to abandon me with our six year old child. He has found a mistress and doesn’t want me anymore. I said to him that he can take the mistress as second wife but he wants to leave me.” I continue to pretend to cry. He was shocked. I see his servant whisper something in his ears. He appears to be thinking about something and then smiled to the people.

“She misunderstood me. How dare I abandon my beautiful wife? See how beautiful she is. I must be crazy to abandon her.”

He came to me smiling and took me by my waist, dragging me away. I motioned to the little brat to follow me. We arrived at an inn.

“What were you thinking?!”

He was really angry.

“Sticking with you. Even if you push me away I won’t go because I’ve nowhere to go. I ran away from home because my father wants to marry me to a fat, ugly bastard.”

He seemed to be softening a bit.

“I thought my plan was good, but I realize I don’t know the way and the things in the capital are too expensive.”

“Spoiled brat. So you want to live off me.”

“No, I’ll pay you back when I go back home.”

“You plan on going back?”

“Yes, I only want three months of freedom. If I don’t go back my father will be killed by my future husband.”

The angry look disappeared. He now looks at me with pity and something else. Understanding? Can’t fathom what his black eyes say. He sighs.

“I can give you money and you can be on your way.”

“But I don’t know the way. What if something bad happen to me?”

“How do you know I’m not a bad guy?”

“Just then you were so righteous. I know you’re a good person and won’t harm me. You even want to lend me money. How can you be bad?”

He lets out another sigh.

“I promise to take care of you but you must promise me to not get in my way.”

“I promise.”

He went to the inn owner to rent three rooms. Probably one for him, one for his servant and one for me, Lian Er and little brat.

“Two is enough”, I said to the inn owner.

He once again arched his brow.

“You can escape when I’m not looking at you. So we’re going to sleep in the same room. You on the floor and me and Lian Er on the bed.”

“I pay with my money and need to sleep on the floor?” he asked mockingly. “I’ve given you my word that I’ll take care of you. I never go back on my words when I give it.”

I looked in his black eyes. He doesn’t seem like someone who’ll lie. I took the keys from him and went to my room. We ate something then went to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep and went to take a walk. Too many worries on my head. I heard someone playing the flute. I followed the sound. It was the demon. He’s really beautiful in the moonlight. He heard me walking up to him. When he looked up at me with a tender gaze my feet froze. We just gaze at each other.


Comment: couldn’t find a picture of him playing the flute. This one is still handsome. After finishing this chapter I was thinking if I should write a chapter with An Ning’s narration and the next chapter with Xuan Chen. Since I want to write his thoughts too.
His name is 愛新覺羅玄晨(Aixin-Jueluo Xuan Chen). Aixin-Jueluo is the name of the imperial family of the Qing Dynasty. I’m going to borrow the family name. Xuan means mysterious and Chen means the morning. Someone that is strong and mysterious, who will make the minister vomit blood, is fit to be king. He need to become the hope of people and give them another morning.

I’m not writing about someone in our past. The story is pure fiction.