About me

I was born in China to Chinese parents. When I was five we moved to Curaҫao, a small island in the Caribbean Sea. I lived there for ten years before moving to the Netherlands. I live in the Netherlands now. It’s been five years already. Time really flew by. I’m studying Economics at a university. Sometime I wonder why I’ve chosen it. My passion lie in dramaland. Maybe because it’s difficult to find work in dramaland and I really love math. My favorite subject in high school. I’m regretting my choice a litle. But since I’ve chosen it I need to do my best.

I’ve seen many books, soaps and manga from different countries. But my heart is still with those from Asia. Especially Korea and China. I’ve watched so many dramas that I lost count. I like to watch dramas and read books, because it helps me escape reality. Life was really hard in a foreign country.

I began writing books when I was eight. I’ve written till i was twelve years old. I’m a dreamer. Then I stopped writing because I thought I didn’t have the talent. From twelve to twenty I mainly read books and watched many many  dramas. I like historical books and drama, because they’re in a time that I don’t really know about. There’s always a heart wrenching love. I know that the real life in that time is really hard. No one is as lucky as the main heroin meeting many rich and capable guys. It’s the dream of every girl. I’m reading all kind of books now. But these two are my favorite. Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort and Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost. 

I like modern dramas and books too. Modern dramas and books need to be funny and not so heart wrenching for me. Because I live in the modern times and don’t want to read too many sad stories about it. Currently I’m reading Li Chuan’s Past , a sad novel. I was in the mood for it. Since I can’t read Chinese, I’m reading the English translation. Many times I wanted to pick up my Chinese. But every time I’m too busy. That’s a lie I was watching another drama haha.

The reason why I began writing The emperor’s wife is because I’ve finished reading all the books with English translation from shushengbar. And there isn’t a drama that picked my interest. I’ve got some time to write while waiting for the translations. I’m really grateful to them for translating. Otherwise I couldn’t read such wonderful books. It’s been eight years (I’m 20 now) since I written a book and the first one I really put effort in it. One of my best friends helps me check for grammar fault. I’m really grateful to her. In life you only need one best friend. I’m lucky that I’ve four. I don’t know if I have the talent or not. I’ll see when I finish The emperor’s wife. It may took a month or two because I’m busy with school.  A twenty-four hours day is just not enough. Why don’t they make forty-eight of it?