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First Kiss


Sorry for the delay. I was busy with school.

Then his gazes changed and he appeared to be awakening from a dream. Who was he thinking about with such a gaze?
“What are you doing here,” he asked in a harsh voice.

“I couldn’t sleep. What about you? What are you doing here? Thinking about your lover?”
I couldn’t stop myself from asking that question. What’s the matter with me?

“It doesn’t concern you? Don’t you know how dangerous it is for a girl to be outside alone at night? Even if you’re an ugly girl, it won’t make a difference for perverts, you know? And why are you suddenly interested in me? Did you fall for my handsome looks?”

This devil. So he knows what for effect he has on people.

“Not even in your dreams.”

“Don’t worry. Dreaming about you will be a nightmare for me. You don’t have front, don’t have behind. Why would I fall for an ugly duckling when there are so many beautiful women out there?”

I can see a teasing gleam in his eyes. He’s daring me to rebuke him. I know that I’m not that beautiful, with the body that men desire. But I’m not that bad either. In fact I’m considered a beauty in the family or even in the capital. I look like my mom when she was younger. How can I be bad if I look like the most famous courtesan in the capital?

It’s pointless arguing with him. I turned to go back to the inn. He grabbed me by my elbow and turned me to face him. He looked me in the eye and said in a serious tone: “Don’t ever fall for me. It’ll only cause you heartbreaks. My heart have an owner already. I can’t give my heart to another person. Don’t worry about me abandoning you. I give you my word and I’ll keep it.”
I can only nod. Who is that lucky lady? Lucky? Why am I thinking that’s lucky to be with him? I must be crazy.

“Tomorrow we’ll be going to Henan. Wake up early.”

I nodded again and left for the inn. I heard him playing again. Such a sweet melody. He’s probably thinking about that lady again. I really want to meet her. She must be really beautiful to capture his heart.

I lay on my bed for hours but couldn’t sleep. My heart have an owner already. My heart have an owner already. It keeps echoing through my head. What if the prince’s heart have an owner already? Will he hate me for breaking them apart? I turned and turned but still couldn’t sleep. It’s also really hot. Not even a breeze of wind. Should I open the window? At this time it’ll be dangerous to do that. But the heat is unbearable.

As I was pondering what to do, I saw a black shadow running to the right. Then it comes back and stopped at the door of my room. I hear somebody open my door silently. Did my father find me already? How can he find me so fast? Or is he an enemy of the prince and is send to kill me? No, that can’t be. Nobody knows I’m running away from home. I can’t be running away from home and end up in hell. I pretend to sleep. Please go away. I prayed and prayed. I feel him coming to my bed. I heard footsteps outside.

“Where’s he,” I heard someone asking. I heard more footsteps coming. I feel him climb in my bed. How dare he? I pushed him really hard. He groaned from pain. I smelled blood.

“Are you alright,” I asked.

He didn’t move. Didn’t respond. He can’t be dying here. I went to the table to light a candle.

“Don’t ,” he said.

I went to him. My eyes are now accustomed to the dark. I saw that he’s injured at his shoulder. I helped him  sit on my bed.

“I don’t have water right now. I’ll use tea to clean your wound.”

He didn’t say anything. While I was bandaging him I feel him looking at me. My face turned red. I was happy that it was dark and he couldn’t see it. I used two handkerchiefs to bind his wound. He was lucky that it wasn’t that deep. I heard footsteps again. He grabbed my elbow and dragged me on the bed with him. He covered us with the blanket. Why do they always grab me at my elbow? We looked each other in the eyes. I felt strange. He pulled me to him.


Like I can sleep with him holding me. I tried to make some distance between us. He’s strong. To not open his injury again, I gave up. It’s a wonder that I fell asleep. When I woke up, he was already up. He was sitting next the bed and looking at me.

“So this is what my savior looks like.”

I sit up and checked his injury. It looks better now. He’s handsome. Dark eyes.Brown hair.

“Who are you? Why were they after you.?”

He only smiled and looks in the distance. He seemed to be thinking about something.

“Sometimes the less you know, the better it is. I need to be on my way. If fate permits it, we’ll meet again.”

He walked to the window, was about to jump out, when he turned around and run to me. I didn’t even know what happen when I feel his lips against mine.

“Think of it as some repayment for saving me,” he whispered against my ear.

I stood there frozen.


Comment: The other male lead is here! I like him already. It’ll be dilemma to choose who Ning Er will end with. I wanted to find a different picture for him, but all covers are almost the same. That’s why his hair is brown.