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In this chapter we’ll get to see another side of Xuan Chen. Nobody who lived in the palace will remain innocent. Is Xuan Chen a bad guy if he kills someone? Even if that someone tried to kill him?

I was speechless for a moment. I think I’m blushing now. Nobody has ever said something like that to me. Everybody thought my feet were ugly. It’s the shame of the family. My aunts and even my mothers keep asking and nagging my father why he doesn’t let me bind my feet. They all think he’s ruining me by not binding my feet. It’s still a mystery to me and all why he didn’t do it. But I’m happy for it. I can do the things that I like. Other ladies can’t even walk properly let alone run. A life like that will be boring for me. I can’t sit the whole day doing embroidery. It’s a good thing that my father is rich. Otherwise I can’t even find me a pair of shoes. All my shoes are made only for me. No girl has bigger feet than mine. They’re not that big. But they’re bigger than the bounded feet.

The first time hearing that my feet is beautiful, make my heart beats faster. He’s a good guy. Looking at him from his side-profile, he’s still handsome. I can’t determine who is more handsome. He or the bastard. I haven’t met many guys in my life let alone the two most handsome guys. My luck must be turning.

“Stop drooling over me.”

I take that back. My luck isn’t turning. How did I end up with him?
I was about to give him a curse when arrows come flying our way. Lian Er and I were thrown on the ground by Black Night (my horse). He was scared and ran away. Xuan Chen and his servant are fending of the arrows. Some men on horse keep shooting arrows at us. See, my luck just turned to worst. Why do people keep coming to assassinate people I know?

Xuan Chen has thrown away his sword and is now with a bow while his servant fends off the arrow.


They’re a perfect pair. Xuan Chen managed to wound three people. There are twelve over. I went over to his servant’s horse and grabbed his arrows an bow. Xuan Chen gave me a surprised look but smiled. I looked at Lian Er. She grabbed Hei Tou and stood behind us.

“Your death is nearby,” said probably the leader.

“I don’t know about that,” Xuan Chen retorted.

“If you give me the seal, I’ll let you die painless with your lover.”

He must think I’m his lover.

When I wasn’t looking, the servant has beheaded three people in a flash. His martial arts are of high quality. Xuan Chen is now shooting arrows. I joined him. In a flash there’s only the leader left.

“Who is going to die now,” Xuan Chen smirked with his arrow pointed to the leader’s heart. While the servant has the sword against the leader’s throat.
The way that he’s looking at the leader scares even me. The look of a murder, one who don’t care who he’s slaying. I don’t know this Xuan Chen. The one I know is kind hearted. But then I only know him for two days.

“Who sent you?”

“Spare me. I’ll tell you. I was only following orders.”

Xuan Chen kept silent and smirked.

“Even if you don’t tell me I know that’s my brother who sent you. Let me tell you something. I never forgive somebody who has pointed his sword at me.”

He walked to me. I involuntary took a step back. I’m afraid of him. Then he raised his hand. I shut my eyes. I felt them against my eyes. Then I heard a scream from the leader. We stood there for a moment. I wanted to look how he died, but Xuan Chen pulled me to his horse. Since my horse fled there are only two horses left. I’m forced to ride with him while Lian Er and Hei Tou is with the other. We didn’t speak while riding. I didn’t dare to ask. That part of him still scares me. I’m dying to ask some questions. Will he kill me if I know too much?

Since it was getting dark we stopped before a cave.

“I’m sorry that you witnessed that.”

“It’s alright.”

“I didn’t know you were so good with the bow.”

“You were good too.”

What’s this awkward silence between us?

“What’s your servant’s name?”

“Ming Kuang.”

Again an awkward silence.

“Why does your brother wants to kill you?”

This stupid mouth of mine.

“Because he thinks I stole his place.”

He spoke those words with no emotions. He didn’t show anything. I don’t know why I felt his sadness. I did what my grandmother always does to me when I was sad. His back was against me. I gave him a back hug. He seemed startled. But he didn’t push me away.

“A hug is the best way to get rid of sadness.”

He turned around and looked at me again with that teasing gleam.

“I can think of other ways to get rid of what I feel right now. Do you want to try them out?”

My face reddened. I’m happy he’s back.


I walked to Lian Er and Hei Tou who was cooking. I can’t help that I keep stealing glances at him. He was talking to Ming Kuang. He looked up and our eyes met.

My heart beat really fast. I feel like it’ll explode.

“Stop looking at him like that. You’ve a fiancée.”

Does Lian Er needs to bring that up?

“Mom, taste this rabbit.”

“It’s tasty.”

He grinned.

After eating we went to sleep in the cave. Lian Er and I slept together. Without Xuan Chen’s permission Hei Tou has snuggled against him. Ming Kuang kept the

look out. I’m amazed at him. He doesn’t need to sleep? Xuan Chen must be someone important to hire such a great martial master. Who is he? For the first time I regretted making the rash decision of following him. As I was pondering I fell asleep.

I was the first to wake up. Hei Tou was clinging to Xuan Chen in his sleep. I smiled at that scene. He will be a good father. I’m envious of his future wife. Will the prince also like children?
When I was combing my hair, I feel him looking at me. I turned my head I saw him looking at me with the same gaze as when he was playing the flute. Men are really wolves.

Comment; I decided to stop naming the chapters. Mainly because I couldn’t think of awesome names.