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While I was searching for pictures i found this one. Huang Fei, which means imperial concubine. I tried to find something about it. There isn’t much. It’s a shame that I can’t check it out because of my poor Chinese. I’ve got this feeling that I’ll like this book.

Against my will, I’m blushing again. I’ve been blushing so much lately. It’s all his fault. I must admit that he’s a good guy with a complicated family. I can’t even imagine Ming Long being mean to me let alone sending people to murder me. What kind of family murders his own family?

“Who are you really?”

His gaze turned cold instantly.

“The less you know the better it is for you.”

Where have I heard that before?

“Don’t I at least have the right of knowing why I’m dying and with whom?”

“We are strangers. I don’t want to know about you. Also don’t keep asking me personal questions. I’ll protect you with my life. Nothing will happen to you or Xuan Ye.”

At the time he really seems like my husband. It’ll be good to have a husband like him. He’s handsome, rich and honorable. What more does a girl need in a husband? It’ll be nice if I was engaged to him. If I was, I know that I’ll fall in love with him. Will that be a good thing? To fall in love with your husband? Won’t I be more heartbroken when he takes another concubine if I love the prince? I’ve prepared myself to not be jealous and be a generous empress. But if I fall in love with the prince, my days will be hard. Before, I was thinking that I need to marry for love. But love will fade in time. Ming Long keeps telling me that I don’t need to worry because love will come with time. Now I don’t want that anymore. It’s better to marry someone honorable. Someone who’ll take care of you even if he takes as many concubines as he wants. I hope that the prince and I will be fond of each other. Not enemies. Maybe friends or even strangers. Should I just escape? Where can I go? What can I do? These times aren’t times for women. We have no rights. I looked at Xuan Chen’s back. Will he take me if I ask him? What are you thinking about, Li An Ning? Even if you don’t care about your family think about Ming Long.

“There’ll be more assassins coming after me. My brothers know where I’m heading now. Do you still want to go with me? I may not have the strength to protect you. It’s better if you go back to your family. It’s safe there.”

“Brothers? Not just one but more want to kill you?”

What sort of family is that?

“I’ve fourteen brothers. Maybe seven wants to kill me.”

“Even if there’s danger, I trust you.”

“Meng You I trust you too,” said softly sending my heart in panic.

“This feeling is nice. It’s been so long since I trusted someone. I don’t know why I trust you. But I do.”

He was smiling at me. My heart was beating so hard. I was afraid that he’ll heard it. I like how he’s calling my fake name. It made me wonder how my real name will sound on his lips.

After four long days we arrived at Henan. Because my Black Night runs away, I decided to call Xuan Chen’s horse Black Night. We suffered a delay because of one missing horse. I suffered throughout the ride. I was really uncomfortable sitting in front of Xuan Chen. The close contact with his broad chest made my heart go crazy. Besides that, now I can’t even feel my butt anymore. How did they endure it? Men must have a harder butt.

When he helped me to the ground I couldn’t walk properly. A smile crossed his face when he saw me walking. I must’ve looked bizarre. I didn’t feel embarrassed. Warmth came across my heart. He’s finally smiling a genuine smile.

I saw a stall selling dolls made from dough. In the center were a boy and a girl doll. He gave me the boy.

dollI couldn’t find one in ancient costumes.

“When you’re lonely or scared talk to him.”

He kept the girl. He’s blushing. Sometimes he’s so adorable that I want to tease him. He also bought one for Hei Tou. I was shy too so I looked around and saw the bastard who stole my first kiss. I blinked and he was gone. I must be seeing things.

We arrived at Wei Mansion. Wei Mansion? Isn’t that were General Wei lives? General Wei is a famous general who won many battles. He’s retired now but still held much power in the court. Is Xuan Chen his son or grandson? That explain why he’s so rich.

A servant opened the door.

“Tell the general that Xuan Chen is here.’

To my surprise the general in person came to received him. Was he about to bow? I’m not sure. One look at Xuan Chen and he stopped what he was about to do. Who is Xuan Chen? Even general Wei need to pay him respect? I can’t explain what I’m feeling. Worry? Anguish? In fact I’m getting a little afraid to know his identity.
After eating he and the general went to the study and we went to sleep. I really want to know what they’re talking about. I even considered eavesdropping. I must respect Xuan Chen’s privacy.

I couldn’t sleep so I took a walk in the backyard. Then I saw four man in black flying into the backyard. You must be kidding, right? Again? This bad luck of mine has no boundaries. Before the four saw me, all went black before my eyes.
When I opened my eyes I was staring in the face of the bastard.

Comment: The bastard is back. I can’t find a name for him. I’ll keep calling him bastard till I find a name.