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Sorry for the late update. I was celebrating my birthday. I’ve turned 21 🙂 . We’re back on Ning Er’s thoughts. The picture above is the bastard. No Xuan Chen in this chapter. Hope you enjoy it.

What is the bastard doing here? I tried to move. My hands and feet were bound. I looked at him in bewilderment. I tried to undo the ropes.

“It’s your punishment for cheating on me.”


“I saw you with that guy. The way you were looking at him annoys me. Is he your husband?”

So I didn’t saw wrong that day.

“None of your business.”

“It doesn’t matter anywayay. When I kissed you, I claimed you as mine. It doesn’t matter who you’re with.”

“Unbind me, you bastard!”

“I was planning on unbinding you. But since you called me bastard I’m so hurt. Call me honey and I’ll unbind you.”
That bastard is laughing at me. I clenched my teeth. He turned to leave.


The moment I was free I gave him a kick at where it hurts the most. I ran for the door. Before I was there, I was on the bed and he was above me. I was amazed at how fast he can recover from my kick. Is he made from steel?

“Don’t you ever kick me again? I forgive you this once, but next time I’ll cut off your legs.”
I stared at him angrily. I really don’t know how to be afraid. He gave me a smirk and then let me go.
“Why were you at General Wei’s mansion?”
“None of your business.”
“You’re right. Since I don’t know yet, I’ll confine you till I know.”
“You didn’t think that I’ll bring you here and let you go for free, right?”

“Why did you bring me here?”

“You tell me, I tell you.”

“I’ve got no relationship with General Wei. I don’t even know the man.”

“What were you doing there then?”

“Xuan Chen wanted to stop there for the night.”

“Xuan Chen? Oh…That guy who was with you. Who is he?”

“I don’t know. He’s someone I met on the streets.”

He looked at me with doubt.
“So you mean to tell me that you let someone who you don’t know accompany you? And you go to the house of someone who you don’t know? I don’t know if I believe that. But for now I’ll try to believe you. You need to stay here for a few days. I’ll let you go when the time is right.”

“You bastard. Is this how you repay me? And you didn’t answer my question.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be treated like a princess. The reason why I brought you here, I myself don’t know. It was a surprise seeing you at the General’s. Since you can ruin my plan if I let you go, stay here for the moment. If you do anything silly I’ll bind you again.”

“What plan?”

“Do I look stupid? Why would I tell you?”



He went outside laughing at me. I clenched my fist. I wanted to scream and smack him. That bastard, someday I’ll repay him. I looked around. The room is not very fancy but nice. No window only a door. How can I escape? Will Xuan Chen look for me? He’ll probably be relieved that I’m not disturbing him. It makes me sad that he doesn’t care.

After sitting for half a day I got bored. It turned out that the door wasn’t locked. Is he kidding with me? I realized that I wasn’t in a room but in a house. My room at home is bigger than this house. Outside there were people building similar houses.

“Your dress is really beautiful, “said a little girl.

I smiled at her when she offered me a bowl of rice. The women are looking at me with disdain, as was the men. What is this hostility? I sat uncomfortable looking around. Where is the bastard?

The little girl sat beside me looking at me with curious eyes.

“Are you the wife of our leader?”


“He told us that everyone must treat you well because you’ll be his wife.”

“Why do you call him leader?”

“Because he’s our leader. Our hero. Without him we’ll be dead. I wanted to marry him when I grow older.”

I don’t know what to say. The little mom’s girl came to us.

“Yu Er, mustn’t disturb Young Miss while she’s eating.”

“It’s alright. She isn’t disturbing me. Can you tell me more about your leader?”

At the mention of the bastard, her eyes softened. They must really like him.

“We’re people of the previous dynasty. After the turn of dynasties we’re treated worse than dogs. We were always starving and nobody wanted to hire us. Even if we did find work, we’ll be ill-treated. The current emperor is useless and nobody can help us. One day he appeared before us. It was like Buddha did hear my prayers. He helped us build homes and give us something to eat. He robs from people who are corrupt. Yesterday he went to General Wei to steal, but he came back with you.”
“But General Wei is a righteous man. Why steal from him?”

“Righteous my ass. His son raped a girl. He pressured the judge to do nothing. In this world if you have money, you’ve everything. The Prime Minister is the same. He’s the most corrupt of them all.”

“You’re lying. The Prime minister and General Wei are the most honest people that I know.”
“Your clothes seem to be from a rich family. You even know them; your family must have some power. But since you’re the rich, you don’t see what we suffer. Have you seen your children go hungry and needed to steal to feed them. All the money to help the poor, where is it? The Prime minister control over most of it. Of course it’ll go in his pockets. Now he even wants to marry his daughter to the crown prince. The future for us is really black now.”

I wanted to say that it isn’t true but deep in my heart I know that it’s true. All this years I just chose to ignore the bad side of father. Hearing it from a stranger made me mad. He’s after all my father.

The bastard came back. All the children run to him and he played a little with them before coming to me. He’s like a big kid himself. Such a carefree smile.

“Do you like it here?”

“How can I like it? I’m a hostage.”

“You’re a guest.”

“Is that how you treat a guest? Isn’t that vase from General Wei? Did you go steal it?

“Seems like you know what I do now. Yes, it went smoother than yesterday. No one was paying attention to the things. They were all searching for you. You must be really important in that man’s heart.”
He wanted to see through me. I tried my hardest to be nonchalant. I’m really happy to hear that Xuan Chen still cares for me.

“You must be mistaken. He doesn’t care for me. We’re strangers.”

“I want you to help me with something.”

“Why do you think I’ll be helping you?”

“Help them.”

He looked at me pleadingly. How can I not help those poor people?

“What do I need to do?”

“Be my prostitute.”

Comment: I’ve been calling the emperor’s wife queen. In china it was empress. So I’m changing it in all the chapters.

Can’t really believe I’m 21 now. Time passes so fast. A Merry Christmas to all of you.