Daughter is back 千金歸來


My thoughts:
Daughter is back is a Chinese drama that I watched about three months ago. Since then I’ve decided to do a review about it. I liked this drama. It’s nothing fresh. There was many other similar drama. I liked this one mainly because the male lead. Aside from him it was a bit refreshing to see a daughter get revenge on her father and wins it. It never happened to me. I always lose against my father. Chinese dramas are a bit long that’s why I don’t usually watch them. They tend to drag on and on. This one is fifty episodes. I’ve finished it in two days. When a drama is good I’ll watch till it’s finished. I couldn’t find much about this drama on the internet. It isn’t popular. For me it was a good pass time. I don’t regret the time I spent watching it as I do with some dramas. There’s a twist in the story, but for someone who’ve watched many dramas, it’s predicable. The story is an open ending. Usually I don’t like open endings, but this one seems to be fitted to be an open ending. I give it a score of 3.5/5
Unfortunately it isn’t subbed in English. There are some episodes subbed by viki.net. For those who can understand mandarin, I’ll recommend this one. I’ll try not to spoil too much while writing.
Chen Zhang Qing is an heiress to Chen Corporation. Her mother died when she was 10 – 12 years (can’t remember anymore). Since she’s an underage kid, her father Pan Wei will look after the company till she’s twenty-one. The condition is that her father can’t remarry till she’s twenty-one. Her father brought an “aunt” home with her daughter. They lived happily for years until one day Chen Zhang Qing discovered the truth behind her mother’s death. After a near death experience she wanted revenge on all of those who’ve hurt her. During her quest for revenge she’ll meet two guys, who’ll help her with all they’ve got. (lucky her). She’ll fall in love with Lin Hao. But Lin Hao is only an ordinary doctor, with no power to help her. So she seeks the help of Jin Rui, a wealthy and cunning heir. I like the fact that she never lied to Jin Rui about her intentions. With Jin Rui help she wins over many battles.


Li Qin as Chen Zhang Qing
Chen Zhang Qing is an heiress to a company her maternal grandfather left her. She has the last name of her grandfather and not her father because her father married into the family. Because her mother died at an early age, her father was left in charge of the company. Although she’s rich she isn’t spoiled. She was innocent but changed to become a scheming person. I like her character.

Li Qin did a pretty good job at playing Chen Zhang Qing but there’s space for improvement. Before this drama I’ve never heard about her. I’ll be checking her out more after this drama. I give her 3.5/5 stars for acting.

Li Yi Feng as Lin Hao
Lin Hao is an ordinary man. All the generations before him were doctors. He’s a doctor himself. His mother wants to find him an ordinary housewife, but he falls MADLY in love an heiress. My heart ached when I saw him suffer because Zhang Qing kept pushing him away. The sad thing is that he has no way of helping her get revenge. So he feels useless. I’m definitely on his ship.

Li Yi Feng
The first drama I saw of him was Happy & love forever. He was so handsome there. When I was watching this drama I didn’t realized it was him. How can I not? While searching information about this drama did I find out that it was him. Stupid me. I still love him and his looks XD. He did a great job playing someone pining for love. Acting score 4/5. The score may be clouded on my infatuation with him. XD


Li Wei as Jin Rui
Jin Rui is a wealthy heir. Beside wealth he’s a genius in the economic world. I realized that all the wealthy second generation in this drama isn’t spoiled brats. He has the power and money to help Zhang Qing get revenge. He knows that Zhang Qing is using him, he just lets her. Usually I’m on the second male lead ship but this time I really like Lin Hao.

Li Wei
I’ve watched many dramas with Li Wei in it. In all of it he was the second male lead. I think I know why he doesn’t get promoted to be the male lead. There’s something about his acting that doesn’t attract people. When I tried to be sad I didn’t feel for him. Acting score 3/5


Shen Min Xi as Ding Jia Hui
Ding Jia Hui is the daughter of the mistress later wife of Pan Wei San. In fact she is his daughter but nobody knows about it. She’s jealous of Zhang Qing and tried to make Zhang Qing’s life harder. But she’s dumb, so her plans always fail.

Shen Min Xi did a very very bad job. Overacting at EVERY scene. I almost skipped all her scenes. She was so horrible. It hurts my eyes to watch her. Acting score 1/5


Winston Chao as Pan Wei San
Chen Zhang Qing’s and Ding Jia Hui ‘s father. The main villain of this drama. He’s an ambitious man. He married Zhang Qing’s mother only for the money. He wants to take the company away from Zhang Qing and change its name. He’s always trying to get a son. I laughed so hard when it was discovered that the son wasn’t his. He doesn’t deserve children.

Winston Chao is a veteran actor. His acting here was good not mind blowing. He did make me hate him, which is good for a villain. Acting score 4/5