Dear readers,

These past two weeks I haven’t posted anything because I was in no mood to write anything.

Since middle of January I was battling eczema. At first it was only on my eyes. Big red panda eyes. I was never allergic to anything and haven’t had eczema ever.  No one in my family got eczema. So why did it happen to me now?

I went to the doctor and got a 1% hydrocortisone crème. I applied it dutifully twice a day. But now the eczema went from my eyes to my neck, breast, side of the belly, scalp, hands and private parts. The worst part about it is that it some parts itch like crazy. So I went back to the doctor and got another crème.

It’s been a week since then. I didn’t see any improvements. It only help ease the itch. So I decided to stop with the crème because it contains strong steroids which can harm my skin.

I searched many internet sites. Read many stories. Yet I can’t find the cure for eczema.

I’m depressed because I can’t go out with my red, swollen eyes. The only places that I’ve been in the last month are home and school. If I could’ve skipped school, I would’ve had.

Now I’m just trying to eat healthy and use natural products and see if the eczema will go away. When I’m in a better mood I will continue to write the story. If you know anything that’ll improve eczema feel free to comment.

Best wishes,