“I want to eat liver! I want to eat liver!”

I lean against a tree to catch my breath. My pale face was sweating so much. My amazing power is gone. All because I wanted to eat liver. What’s wrong with eating the liver of a human. Humans are born to be our prey. Isn’t it a shame to eat only animals liver? Why doesn’t master feel bad for those cute animals? Why does he only feel pity for humans? Doesn’t he know that it’s really hard for me to murder animals? We’re animals too, why doesn’t he just let me eat humans? Humans, the source of all my problems. Wait till I get my powers back. I’m going to eat you all, you bastards!

I was kicked out because I seduced a human man and wanted to eat his liver. My master found out thanks to that ugly red fox. He didn’t only kick me out, but he also cut all my nine tails. Now I don’t have a tail. Thousands years of cultivation gone in a blink. How can I not be mad? At that moment I wanted to kill the red fox. I wanted to cut her legs and make her blind. But with only one tail, I’m no match for her. I really hate master. How can he be so cruel?

I always thought I was his most favored disciple. I’m the only one who gained nine tails, after only three thousand years of cultivation. Other foxes need at least ten thousand years. I’m so powerful that I can rival the master. He always said my power will one day surpass his, but that I lack feelings. Hmpf, feelings? What a joke! Feelings are things humans have. What would I need feelings for? I think he’s gone crazy after all these years in the mountain.

Today he said that I don’t have compassion. I felt really wronged. I have compassion for those animals, whose liver I ate. I didn’t torture them and murdered them in one blow. And I left them with a whole body, so that they’ll be reincarnated with a whole body. Beside, I didn’t want them to be lonely, so I murdered a few animals at the same time, to bury them together. I was so considerate, how can he say I don’t have compassion?

I just don’t understand him. He said that maybe if I lose all my powers, I’ll gain more feelings. So he distracted me and cut my tails, otherwise I would’ve fought him. Even if he’s the master, I won’t let anyone touch my precious tails. After cutting my tails, he threw me out and said that I can come back after I admitted my wrongdoings and gain some feelings. I may as well not go back. I didn’t do anything wrong.

I was actually quite happy, because now I don’t have to clean, cook, study and follow rules anymore. I don’t have to see that ugly red fox and stupid master anymore.

Happily, I walked down the mountain. But then I encountered the lion, whose wife, I’ve murdered. He chased me and I ….ran. It’s the first time in my life I’ve run away from anything, let alone from this lowly lion. He dare to chase me, so everyone must know I’m now without powers.

While running, I counted how many animals I’ve murdered and how many families will be after me. I lost count because there’s just too many. I looked back and saw not only was the lion chasing me, but now there are snakes, deers, birds and many more chasing me. I kept running for my life, while cursing at master. He could’ve left at least one tail. That heartless master and he said I’m heartless.

I don’t know how long I ran, but they weren’t chasing me anymore. My stomach grumbled. I was too weak to move, so I leaned against this tree and yelled I want to eat liver. Now I understand why it’s needed to be powerful. Not even one day has passed and I almost died.

My breathing slowed. I looked around and saw some houses in the distance. So, that’s why they didn’t chase me anymore. I’m at the border of the human world and the forest. They’re more afraid of humans than me now. Looks like I need to hide in the human world for a while. After I regain my power, I would murder them all, for letting me sweat so much. But now the problem is that I’m so hungry without anything to eat. Without my power, how can liver?

I rested for a while more and turned into my human form. This human form nearly seduced a man, but was caught. Why does men like this form? I like my fox form better.

I walked and walked. When I saw the distance in the forest, it didn’t look this far. The time when I went into the human world, I was flying. Never did I imagine that I need to walk half a day before I encountered a house.

I knocked on the door. A middle aged man opened the door. When he saw me, his eyes turned larger. I batted my eyes and asked in a sweet voice: “Do you have liver here?”

He just kept staring at me. I repeated my question. Before I could get an answer, a lady dumped water on me. I looked at here in surprise.

“Go away, who do you think you’re messing with? He’s my husband you know?”

She slammed the door in my face. I heard her yelling at her husband: “Bastard, was she that pretty, that you became mute? It isn’t enough that you cheated with that fox1, now you’re even flirting with anybody? Go die.”

I heard him being beaten. Humans, I can never understand them. What did she pour on me? It smells awful.

I walked away and saw a kid. Here’s my chance. I may have lost my powers, but I can still murder a kid, right? I walked to that kid. He was eating something red on a stick.

“Hey kiddo, can you give me your liver?”

He looked at me strangely and then ignored me. He continued to eat and begin to walk away from me. I picked him up. I was planning to bring him to a quiet place and then eat his liver. I didn’t know he has such a loud voice. He began yelling. Some men appeared and took him away from me. He pointed at me and said: “Smelly thing wants Xiao Dong’s liver.”

The men beat me up and said: “Beggar, stay away from our young master.”

They took that brat and left me there. My whole body ached. Aside from master no one has ever beaten me. Now mere humans are beating me. Kicked out, chased by animals, dumped with smelly water and beaten by mere humans, what did I ever do so wrong, ah?


Today I suddenly got an inspiration for a new book. I was going to ignore the scenes playing in my head. But I couldn’t get them out and couldn’t focus on studying. So I decided to write them down. This will be my next book after The emperor’s wife. I haven’t decided on a title yet, this may be a temporary title.

  1. Fox has dual meaning China. It can mean the animal fox or a really beautiful woman. In the sentence, it meant a beautiful woman. Our heroine is both 😛