Yesterday I finished watching My Sunshine. Because I watch too many dramas in a year, I normally wouldn’t write a review. I would be too busy then. What made me write a review is Wallace Chung. I’m ashamed to say that this is my first time seeing and hearing of him. I kept asking myself how I could’ve missed such a brilliant actor.

There are many sites where you can find the summary of My Sunshine, so I won’t be writing a summary.

My sunshine was aired at the beginning of this year. It took me a long time before I decided to watch it. I’ve read the book and was hesitant to watch the drama. Most of the time when a book is made into a drama, it just makes me mad because it doesn’t live up the book. I’m glad I watched My Sunshine.

Don’t take me wrong, it wasn’t that great of a drama. There are many others better than My Sunshine. The drama was too long (32-episodes). It could’ve done with 20 or 25 episodes. Some episodes were really dragging. The same flashback scenes kept playing and playing. It made me crazy. If I saw it one, two times, it’s okay. But after seeing it for more than five times, I wanted to throw a pillow at my laptop.



Wallace Chung as He Yi Chen

There’s no other who could’ve played He Yi Chen better than him. As I said before, this is my first time seeing him and he made my heart flutter. This has never happened with an actor over the thirty-five years, let alone one of forty. Most of the actors over thirty-five years that I like, are those that I’ve watched when they were still young. Wallace broke that. He made He Yi Chen came to life, better than how I imagined He Yi Chen will be, when I was reading the book. He made me fall in love with He Yi Chen. When I’ve read Silent separation, I wasn’t in love with He Yi Chen. I was one of those, who didn’t really like him. But after watching this drama, I fell in love with him. This also never happened before. I usually like the lead in the book and not the lead in the drama. What has Wallace Chung done to me?

He showed the emotions of He Yi Chen really well. When he was sad, I was sad. When he was happy, I was happy. Really well played.

Acting score: 11/10 (a crazy fan here)


Tiffany Tang as Zhao Mo Sheng

I’ve seen many works of Tiffany. This one was her worst performance. She was a pain in the ass to watch. I think that it was mainly because of her clothes. Those knee-length clothes were horrible. She’s 1.72m, those knee-length shirts must be >1.62 m. What were they thinking to make her dress like that? Her first wig was also horrible. I was glad that the guy cut her hair. The second wig was way better than the first one.

Tiffany isn’t a great actress, but in her other works, she was likeable and alright. This one was just…I don’t know if it’s because her character is like that or if it’s because her acting is bad. She was always with a sad expression for half of the episodes and for the other half she was always laughing. No real emotion shown. I didn’t see the love that she should be feeling for He Yi Chen.

Acting score: 6/10


Leo Lu as young He Yi Chen

He was good as the cold and unfeeling He Yi Chen. Because this is my first time seeing him and he always had the same expression, I can’t really judge his acting. I did see subtle changes in his eyes, when young Mo Sheng was making him mad, bewildered and crazy.

Because most of the time, he only had that wooden expression, I need to see more work of him before I can come to a conclusion. In this drama he’s alright.

Acting score: 7/10


Wu Qian as young Zhao Mo Sheng

This drama has many actors that I saw for the first time. She is also one of them. I really like the bubbly Mo Sheng. It’s refreshing to see how a girl chases a boy. She really is shameless, which I like. Her speech was very good. The one I like the most is: “Are you stupid or am I stupid. Of course you’re the smart one; I must be the stupid one. I’m so stupid, I chased you for so long and you still don’t know what I’m doing.”

Even for a lawyer, it’s difficult to say anything against those words haha. It’s so funny to see unfeeling Yi Chen, lost for words. I can totally see how Yi Chen fell in love with this Mo Sheng. She’s really his sunshine.

Wu Qian did a great job portraying a Mo Sheng without worries.

Acting score: 9/10

There were many other more actors in this drama. Most of them whom I saw for the first time. It’s difficult to score them, based on a few scenes. So I won’t do it.

After watching My Sunshine, I came to the conclusion that I need to watch all of Wallace Chung’s dramas. Any recommendation?