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Go…into the palace?

Recently, this general and that princess didn’t live in peace with each other. Two months ago they tried to kill each other. And yesterday the princess had a miscarriage. The emperor being “my” brother in law, surely won’t let me eat good fruit1……

My heart was disturbed. On the way to the palace I thought of numerous ways to escape. But when I looked at Chu Yi, who was riding on a horse beside me; I think he’ll not run away with me. With no servant to serve me, my life as a commoner won’t be easy.

I gritted my teeth, calmed my heart and consoled myself. The emperor also won’t matter. No matter how powerful he is, it’s impossible for him to see that inside this rough man’s skin is a fragile woman.

In the first lifetime, I went to the palace a few times with father Song. I still remember the palace etiquettes. After passing the Shen wing, the eunuch took me to the royal study.

Sitting behind a large desk is a man wearing dark red clothes. He was writing. His expression was serious. I thought to myself. The two are emperor, but the emperor of the human realm looks more like an emperor than Yanwang.

I don’t know how the emperor usually gets along with the general and I also don’t know if they have a good relationship. So I simply bowed and silently kneeled down. When facing someone strong being obedient is always good.

The eunuch was standing beside the emperor. To reduce their presence, even their breathing couldn’t be heard.

I heard the emperor put aside his brush.


His voice was deep.

“Is Fuying’s body alright?”

I thought for half a day before I realized that Qinhui and Fuying are I and Chu Kong. My heart was lamenting. It really is because of that, that I was summoned. I kept my head down and said: “Your vassal is guilty.”

The side of the emperor was silent. Then I heard a chuckle. The emperor said: “You can stand up. Besides, now the empress dowager isn’t here, you don’t have to pretend anymore.”

Hey, what is this situation? My heart was beating really hard. I pretended to be calm and stood up.

There still a trace of smile on the lips of the emperor behind the desk, but his eyes look like they’re biting into ice. He peered at me and said: “Qinghui, you say, now that Fuying lost the child, will it cause us more harm or will it get us more benefit?”

This emperor and the general are really impure ah……

I narrowed my eyes and hold the emperor’s smelly feet2: “This vassal is dull.”

The emperor chuckled for a few times: “Not having seen you for a few days, Qinhui has learned to be humble.”

The emperor’s finger’s tapped on the desk.

“After receiving the news yesterday, zhen3 was happy that the throne could be saved, but I was also worried……after some days Da Qi country won’t be safe. This move of Wei country was terrific.”

I totally didn’t understand what he was saying. I only gazed at the ground in front of me.

The royal study was silent for a moment, then the emperor suddenly stood up. He stood in front of me and said: “Speaking of, Qinhui recently it seems that you are neglecting the affairs of the court a little.”

My heart tightened and I wanted to kneel again, but the emperor seemed to have expected it. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“Qinhui, you don’t need to be cautious. It’s not that I blame you. You and I are brothers for many years; of course I know that you’re loyal and doesn’t have a second thought. It’s just……aren’t you a little too soft-hearted on Fuying on many ocassions?”

My body turned stiff. In my heart I was saying bitterly: “I cannot not be soft-hearted on “Fuying” ah…….”

“I know that Fuying is infatuated with you. Two people living together for a long time, it’s inevitable that some feelings you shouldn’t have will be formed.”

I wondered since the general and the princess are already married what more feelings shouldn’t they have.

“I heard that after seeing Fuying miscarriage you were really hurt and was by her bed for three days and three nights without rest. You even let Chuyi go catch those spies alone. Now they even escaped. Qinghui, say, this matter don’t you also has some responsibility?”


Since I have exams and can’t translate long chapters, I’ll be cutting the chapters for a while. I want to finish translating this project so I can begin translating Chu Wang Fei with a light heart. And I need to finish writing the emperor’s wife, which I plan to finish before the end of the summer. A very busy summer.

  1. It’s a Chinese saying. XXZ is thinking that the emperor will let her suffer.
  2. Another Chinese saying. It means flatter. XXZ is flattering the emperor.
  3. Zhen is what the emperor use to call them self.