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Three months later; it’s now midwinter. Wei country has sent a decree declaring war to Qi country. At this time, the emperor and the empress dowager were fighting very intense with each other.

Before going sending the troops, the emperor summoned me to the palace again to appease and intimidate me. I thought that since he said so, I will not be able to slip from the battlefield.

Back to the general’s mansion, Chu Kong was gnawing on a roasted chicken while he said bitterly: “Damn Wei country, why start war in midwinter, causing xiaoye to run here and there in this weather. Xiao Xiang Zi, go, go fight a battle or two with them. Abuse them a little before running away.”

While I was wondering what things I need to bring with me, I was dissatisfied with him.

“You’re not the one who needs to go on the battlefield. You only know lip service. If you want to abuse them, go abuse them yourself.”

Chu Kong bit in a large piece of meat and mumbled vaguely: “Who says xiaoye isn’t going?”

My eyes lit up and I stared at him.

“Do you want to impersonate me and go on the battlefield in my place? Princess Kong, after becoming a woman you’ve become more human.”

Chu Kong faintly glanced at me once. Suddenly he sneered obscurely. Then he continued to bite into his chicken. Surprisingly, he didn’t refute me, but it disturbed my mind.

A few days after that, I didn’t even get to see the shadow of Chu Kong. I still didn’t see him on the day of departing. I began to worry. I wasn’t worried about him. I was worried about myself. Only the Gods will know what game he’s playing again……

On the day of departing, I drank blood wine with the emperor on a very long table.

I was wearing a heavy armor and riding a warhorse. The warhorse staggered a little and shook its head. I think that I wore too much armor……

In front of the citizen of the capital who came to see me off, I led the horse and left the capital.

I heard that this general Chu was very brave before he died. He also has good war tactics. Every war he battled in, even if he was at disadvantage, he still can win.

Wei country feared this general Chu considerably. Of course, on the way to the frontline, I have suffered many assassination attemps.

It’s just in this hard life of this lifetime, when being poisoned Chu Yi will block it for me. When being assassinated Chu Yi will block it for me. He really is a human shield. My ‘gold’ armor will also block it for me. Every time a killer is near me, I didn’t move or run. I sat there firmly. When the killer is about to give me a deathly blow, no matter if it’s his head, shoulder or abdomen, the first thing that’ll fell is his big sword. Over time there were rumors about the general being unbeatable. The rumors in the army were saying that the general is really powerful and that he cultivated a golden hard body that won’t go bad.

The mortals don’t know……I, this general’s golden hard body is not unbeatable, but it’s really hard to run away with this body.

The biggest problem which I received from the assassination attempts was Chu Yi watched more carefully over me. All day long, he was beside me with that wooden face. It became really difficult to escape.

Day after day the frontline gets nearer. Every day I was so anxious that I was sleepless at night.

This night, the army camped on the outskirts. I was sitting in a tent with a headache. Suddenly I can hear Chu Yi’s voice yelling: “Presumptious! Who’s underling are you? How do you dare to sneak into the general’s tent.

An assassination attempt again? I waited for half a day and still didn’t hear a sound. My heart was anxious. I walked out of the tent. I saw Chu Yi holding a skinny soldier. His eyes looked coldly at Chu Yi. Seeing that I came out, his eyes fell on me. His brows raised slightly and his lips moved: “Xiao Xiang Zi.”

I also raised an eyebrow. I didn’t expect Chu Kong to dress like a soldier and mix into the army. But why didn’t he come to look for me after so many days? Why did he come today? I coughed and said: “Soldier, what do you have to report?”

In the sunlight, Chu Kong’s face us a little pale. He deliberately lowered his voice and said hoarsely: “General, it’s a life threatening information.”

I nodded: “Come in and talk.”

Chu Yi refused to release him.

“General, this is probably wrong……”

“No harm.”

I waved my hands and took Chu Kong with me into the tent. It’s just that this isn’t like the general’s mansion. When talking, it can be heard on the outside. I let Chu Kong come to the desk. I handed him a brush and asked: “What do you have to report?”

While Chu Kong spoke “a matter of life and death”, he wrote on the paper “there’s another child in my belly.”