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Reentering the netherworld. I looked at the tall plaque on the door for a long moment and sighed. Then with a determined mentality I went to Yanwang’s palace while the little ghost watched me.

I opened the door of Yanwang’s palace. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear the sound of Yanwang’s snoring. Only on a small table beside Yanwang’s enormous desk, the magistrate is buried into a pile of cases. He was busily writing. Even when I came in he didn’t look up and just throw out a few words: “Do you have some business here? Say it.”

“Eh……I’m here again.”

After saying that, the magistrate finally lifted his head from the table and glanced at me once. Then he buried his head and continues to work.

“En, I see.”

I totally didn’t expect such a cold treatment. I waited for a while and thought that short termed pain is better than long termed pain and asked: “Where is Yanwang? I have come to receive my punishment.”

The magistrate replied coldly: “Went on a business trip to heaven. Not back yet.”

My eyes lit up: “Then can I just go to reincarnate and don’t have to bother about him?”

The magistrate looked at me coldly again with an “don’t even think about it” expression.

“Wait quietly in the netherworld.”

I sighed and asked: “Then how long do I have to wait?”

“One day in heaven is one year in the mortal realm. Yanwang is almost gone for a year. He will be in heaven for about two, three days.”

This means two three years here, ah! Having an endless immortal life, waiting for a couple of years is not too long. But having been living as a mortal, I also began to care about time.

Two three years……it’ll be enough for Chu Kong to defeat Wei country.

I picked up my good mood and was about to walk out of Yanwang’s palace to take advantage of this two three years free time in the netherworld when the magistrate coldly stopped me: “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to take a two year long vacation by traveling in the netherworld.”

“Long vacation?”

After the magistrate heard those two words, his eyes flashed green. He fiercely threw all the files on the table onto the ground and stood up.

“You dare to mention long vacation in front of me! The netherworld lacks people, so there isn’t one ghost who will stay a year without doing anything, you know?! Staying up overnight, working overtime won’t get paid, do you know?! Even working when you’re sick is very normal, do you know?! You actually dare to go on a vacation traveling in the netherworld?! Very good, very good. I see; you immortals coming down to reincarnate is just to torment us. Very good, very good. I understand. When Yanwang come back I’ll make him let you lick the ghost shoes to let you taste how bitter taste like……”

I rubbed my forehead and waved: “I understand, I understand. You want me to help, I’ll help.”

The magistrate sat again. While writing, he said: “First help me pick up the files and put them in order. On Yanwang’s table there’re many documents that need to be stamped. On the left they need to be stamped. On the right, they need to be crossed. You just do this simple job.”

When I finished it was lunchtime. While I was thinking about that, I honestly sat down on Yanwang’s seat. Under the table I saw a bunch of documents that still need to be done. I was instantly dumbfounded: “This…….why is this Yanwang usually not busy?”

The magistrate said without expression: “Because the things he left, I’ll need clean up after him while he is on a business trip. If I don’t clean them, his things will be left here.”

I said: “If that’s so, you can just pretend you didn’t clean and didn’t see the things.”

The magistrate looked at me coldly. I sat down and began to work. But the fact is that I and Yanwang isn’t the type to do desk work.

Working for less than seven days, I’m beginning to look left and right and being unable to concentrate. I’m beginning to understand a little why Yanwang will have that kind of expression after he saw me and Chu Kong come down to the netherworld. He will expose such an expression of excitement, because the netherworld’s life really is too boring. It’s difficult to look for something fun……

I climbed onto Yanwang’s desk. There’s a hard thing blocking my face. I curiously unplug the hard thing. Inside it is a mirror. This mirror felt a little familiar. I asked the the magistrate: “What is this?”

The magistrate’s gaze swept over me.

“The mirror of the past. You have to work.”

I ignored the other half of what he said and asked: “For what can it be used?”

“To see the past life of the one whom your heart wants to see. I said you have to work!”

I nodded and ignored the other half of what he said. Then I looked into the mirror with my eyes wide open. Suddenly I remembered. Didn’t Yanwang use this thing to let me see Lu Hai Kong from that lifetime? Then I didn’t have the heart to watch. Now……I still can’t bear to watch.

My heart was thinking that. Suddenly the mirror began to move volatility. I saw a familiar face. It’s general Kong. He is wearing a heavy armor riding a warhorse. The aura he’s emitting go well together with the position of a general. So I actually couldn’t believe that the man I saw in the mirror is the same prideful and with a bad mouth, Chu Kong.

So, when I couldn’t see him, Chu Kong will also have this expression. This expression of his looks like Lu Hai Kong who was burdened with hatred but whom has a soft heart…….

At least, this is what I saw.


He raised the long sword and went straight ahead. The noise of the battlefield and the numerous people screaming went into my ears. His murderous aura seemed to pass through the mirror and made me shudder. I put down the mirror. I didn’t want to continue to look.

Unexpectedly, the next few days my heart became serious. I repeatedly crossed and stamped. Or maybe my heart didn’t become serious, but was absent-minded.

One day, I hesitated to stamp. I asked the magistrate: “You say, does Chu Kong still remember the things of Lu Hai Kong from that lifetime?”

The magistrate glanced at me once: “Do you still remember the lifetime when you drank the soup of oblivion?”

I nodded.

The magistrate hmfed coldly: “Then isn’t it solved?”

“But……I mean.”

I thought for a while how to put it in language: “Does that lifetime’s feelings also stay?”

In my opinion what silly Xiang left for me from that lifetime is only reliance on Chu Kong and the inexplicable trust in him.

Although I know that silly Xiang from that lifetime is entrusted to an immortal.

Facing with my question, the magistrate said categorically: “If you ask celestial star Chu Kong, I only have one answer.”

I looked at him with my eyes wide open. The magistrate said: “Are you blind? Can’t you see that he always liked you?”