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The heavy bag full of fluorites fell on the ground. I and Chu Kong also fall on the ground. The injury on my back made it unable to stand and to sit.

Chu Kong can only use one hand. If he held me, he can’t hold the fluorites. We pondered for a while and then decided to rest in this place for a day and then leave.

That night, Chu Kong picked up the firewood and lit them. I endured the pain and bound his arm with three branches. Then I undressed and lay on the ground to let Chu Kong clean the wound with water.

Using the princess’ and the general’s body in the previous lifetime felt like nothing. This lifetime, it’s my own body. It made me a little embarrassed.

I clutched my chest, lay on the ground with my tummy and muttered: “Just massage my back honestly. Don’t have any other thoughts.”

Chu Kong hmpfed coldly: “Looking at your burned and bloody appearance, do you still think I’ll have the appetite to eat you? Be less worried about things that don’t exist.”

Although Chu Kong’s words were really cold, but the hand cleaning my wound is so gentle like it’s from another person.

Even though he was really gentle, but the pain of an open flesh being soaked in water is really unable to conceal. I hissed. I felt that Chu Kong didn’t dare to put his hand back on my back. I tightly gritted my teeth and didn’t make a sound anymore. The wound would just get worse if it didn’t get cleaned. We just need to fill the hole now and go back to heaven. Being weak here will just delay time.

The cleaning continued. This time Chu Kong put herbs on my back. I also didn’t make a sound. My head is full of sweat from enduring the pain. Suddenly, I felt Chu Kong touching my head. With a low, sensual voice he said: “I’m sorry……”

I didn’t know for what he was apologizing. I answered groggily: “The things that you need to apologize to me are many. Come, let me listen to some more.”

I thought that even if Chu Kong didn’t beat me this time, he’ll make some remark. I didn’t think that after waiting for half a day, I’ll hear one honest sentence: “I’m sorry.”

I looked at him a little surprised: “Chu Kong! You’re sick!”

He glanced at me once and then he gaze fell on my back again. I could feel his finger walking on my burned flesh. He said: “Although you always pretend to be a rough man without care for appearance, but a woman is still a woman. Letting you suffer such a pain, in the end, it’s my fault…..”

I was foolishly stunned for a while. I find it hard to be moved with his mature appearance.

“It’s still you who is marrying something ugly.”

I lay back and closed my eyes.

“Anyway, I rely on you here.”

Besides, Chu Kong has protected me. His back at that time is enough to make me feel at ease. An immortal’s body is handier than a human’s body. Although such a flesh wound can’t be completely healed, but it’ll still can reluctantly pass.

I and Chu Kong hurried the next day hurried to Hua Mountain. The hole leaking the evil energy is there. After filling it, will settle I and Chu Kong’s seven lifetimes of love fate!

I have a wishful thinking. After being burned by the flamed beast, I hurt my soul. After going back to the heaven I need to spend Chu Kong’s money to nourish myself well.

Hua Mountain is the place where I and Chu Kong stayed when we were a tiger and a pig. Going on this ground again will have another feeling. I was really happy. Chu Kong expression is really bad. I can understand his gloominess. Nobody wants to remember how they looked like as a pig. Until I saw the opening of that cave from that lifetime, was I shocked. It turned out that Chu Kong’s expression was so serious because the evil energy leaking from here is already beyond our imagination. In that cave the evil energy is really concentrated. The vegetation next to it already died.

I and Chu Kong went into the cave. We set our first step in the dark and heard a “kacha” sound. I stiffened and looked down. I have stepped onto broken bones.

Chu Kong’s expression turned more serious: “After that time, more people must’ve come to worship. No wonder the evil energy leaked so fast.”

He turned and ordered: “Your soul has been damaged. You should not enter. Wait outside for me.”

He grabbed the bag filled with fluorites and walked with big steps into the cave. I heard that after every step he made will be a “kacha” sound at the back. I couldn’t help and hugged my arm.

I felt that with such a thick and evil energy, there will not be a more powerful monster that can hurt people. There’s isn’t much that I can help Chu Kong with while he is filling the hole. So I eased my heart and squatted down. At the same time I purified the surrounding air.

But I waited for a long time and still didn’t see Chu Kong come out. I looked into the cave with a little unease. I couldn’t help and shouted: “Chu Kong, did you still not put the stones?”

The sound echoed back and forth in the cave, but no answer came from Chu Kong.

I waited for a little while and suddenly heard a muffled sound from the cave. My heart jumped. I know that it isn’t good. I turned my feet to enter the cave. Suddenly, a golden light flashed in front of my eyes. A surge of cold breath blew in my direction. My whole body flew out and hit straight on a dead trunk. The wound on my back opened. The pain was unbearable. A cold wind wandered into my heart. I vomited blood.

“Oh, here there’s still a little fairy,” a strange man’s voice said with somewhat leisurely elegance and callous cruelty.

Thank you all for your best wishes. I’ll get better in time and the next one will be definitely better.