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“Are you waiting for that celestial star to come out?”

The blond man laughed.

“If that’s so, you don’t need to wait anymore.”

I wanted to say something, but this mouth can only vomit blood. I can only watch the blond man smiling wickedly. He licked his lips and said cruelly: “Because he has been eaten by me.”

Chu Kong has been eaten?

That defiant and arrogant guy actually …….has been eaten?

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“But his soul ran away fast. It hasn’t been caught by me.”

My eyes lit up. If his soul is not destroyed, Chu Kong will be able to go down the netherworld. It’ll then just be a reincarnation circle. He is alright.

My heart eased up. Then I heard the man say: “But even if he went to the netherworld, you won’t be able to see him again.”

I clutched my chest. The cold feeling doesn’t go away. A hand suddenly grabbed my neck and lifted me up. I could feel his sharp nails piercing into my neck. Warm blood flow out. I wanted to struggle, but the enemy’s strength is really too great. The evil energy set on me like heavy shackles, imprisoning all my actions. Gradually my ears began to buzz. Only the man’s voice wrapped around my heart: “Because, you’ll never be able to reincarnate again.”

From my neck came a “ka” sound. I felt a pain. So actually I’ll be crushed to death like this…..

“Fuck, on this sunny day I actually met a pervert,” I cursed out loud.

My soul got rid of that injury ridden body. I turned and run to the road to the netherworld. I vaguely saw that someone is waiting for me. But I didn’t get to see that person clearly, when a great strength captured me. I turned around in horror and saw that the blond man is smiling at me with squinted eyes. His fingertips hooked gently on my soul. He said to himself: “Let the pervert me see where the cloud fairy is. Oh, above my head, ah.”

I struggled with all my strength, but he is squeezing me like squeezing a worm. His fingertips barely tipped my forehead and I suddenly felt my forehead turn hot. The panic in my heart became stronger. I shouted: “This little fairy’s power is really not much. I wasn’t sincere while cultivating. My head is full of filthy thoughts. Really not tasty, ah! You let me go, good?!”

“Not good,” the man said while smiling. “Well, a cloud fairy. Really rare, really rare.”

I was transported through dog poop before I was transformed from a cloud to a fairy by Yue Lao! This is also rare!

He didn’t wait for me to shout those words. My forehead cooled. He dragged my soul out. He narrowed his eyes and looked at my soul for a while. It felt like studying food.

“Well, this cloud fairy is damaged. Beside she is still an immature thing. You must have been transformed into a fairy by another immortal. Hey……does your soul still possess my evil energy?”

After he said that, I was shocked. My soul has his evil energy?

Could it be……the lifetime I was a tiger……

He didn’t wait for me to think about it, the blond hair man shook his head. He let out a helpless sigh.

“The root of immortality is not correct. The soul is damaged. Defective product. Cheche, tasteless, tasteless, really tasteless. It’s a real pity.”

Is……is he dissatisfied with me?

The man played with my soul in his hand. He seemed in deep thought about if he should or shouldn’t eat me.

Suddenly a white shadow flashed. My soul disappeared from the man’s hand. My soul loosened. I felt the finger that the man used to grab me has been destroyed. I felt something tightly grabbing my arm. Chu Kong’s voice sounded in my ear: “Run!”

I didn’t say anything and concentrated on running to the road to the netherworld. Behind me came the sounds of blows. After passing through the boundary between the netherworld and the human realm, I turned and looked. Chu Kong with the body of a soul pushed the man about two feet backwards. Then he ran and stood beside me.

Seeing that I was still startled, he kicked my ass.

“Really a thing that can’t do anything well, but do everything wrong!”

I rolled into the netherworld instead of walking.

I looked back for the last time. The blond hair man didn’t have the meaning to go after us. He is looking thoughtfully at Chu Kong’s back and smiled mysteriously.

I decided to finish 7 lifetimes, before continuing with Chu Wang Fei. I didn’t get to do much this holiday, but I hope to finish 7 lifetimes.