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I covered my mouth. I didn’t know what to say in horror. Jin Lian is clutching his chest. His mouth is spitting big mouthfuls of blood. His face gradually became haggard like a vampire. His body is covered in layers of evil energy making people feel stuffy. Behind the layers of darkness, I saw that Jin Lian turned and looked at our side. His eyes became crimson red. His cheeks sank. He stretched his hand to me: “Offering.”

The evil energy completely surrounded me and Chu Kong. Even with Chu Kong in front of me, I can still feel that there’s a huge strength pulling us to Jin Lian.

Chu Kong’s body tightened. He is presumably fighting with the evil energy. I let the evil energy go down and firmly nailed myself on the ground. I stretched my hand and held Chu Kong’s waist to share part of his strength.

Who would have thought that Jin Lian will break the evil energy and came to us? His hand reached out for Chu Kong’s neck. Chu Kong was fighting the evil energy wholeheartedly and didn’t expect Jin Lian’s sudden move. He was surprised and subconsciously backed a few steps. But it lets the evil energy roll on his ankle. His footsteps turned unstable. The huge strength immediately pulled Chu Kong to Jin Lian.

I staggered and was also being dragged. Just then I realized how powerful the strength was that Chu Kong has been blocking for me. I saw Jin Lian’s hand is about to touch Chu Kong’s neck. The dark gas around his hand is like poison of the touch of death.

Suddenly, in my mind flashed; long time ago when I was still silly Xiang, the image of Chu Kong slowly pulling his heart out because of me.

My heart suddenly burst. I didn’t know from where the strength came from. My feet paused on the ground and firmly stay rooted on the ground. Then I raised my hand. Facing Jin Lian’s face, I slap him.

A shout sounded. Jin Lian has been slapped by me on one side and crashed onto the other side of the cave. A roar sounded. The pillars of the cave came down and fell on the ground. Countless of dust stirred up.

The evil energy broke. Chu Kong turned his hand and looked at me surprised. I gasped and said: “Don’t look at me. Even the milk that I have drunken (when she was a baby) has been used.”

Although I didn’t drink much milk, but I know that this is my greatest ability.

Didn’t let us rest for much time, the evil energy rose again from the piles of broken stones. A haggard and somewhat pale hand stuck out from the piles of stones. My soul trembled. My heart felt the endless chills. Jin Lian looks nothing like a god anymore. He just looked like an evil ghost: “Ha-ha……”

He climbed out of the piles of stones and inexplicable began to laugh: “Hahahaha!”

“In this life, I accepted ninety disciples. Eighty eight has been used by me after they cultivated into an immortal. I’ll take their head with their five senses or take their skin and bones to be used solely on my body. That time, you were still young. I wanted to do my best and take care of you and strive to let you cultivate. I searched for the best heart for myself. Who would have thought that Jin Luo would betray me? Even more who would have thought I would be blocked by you?”

I nodded: “No wonder how much I looked at you, you seem to lack a heart and a lung……”

Jin Lian totally didn’t listen to what I said. He kept laughing like a maniac.

“Since the desire that I’ve for thousands of years can’t be fulfilled; today I’ll let every human accompany me!”

Let all humans accompany him? There are so many humans. Is Jin Lian joking?

I was really shocked. The surrounding evil energy condensed and poured into earth like animals.

Chu Kong’s expression changed. I didn’t understand so I asked him: “Has he become crazy? What is he doing?”

Chu Kong looked at little pale. He turned and looked at me once. I felt that his gaze was a little different from usual. But I can’t say where it’s different. While I was still thinking, Chu Kong flicked my forehead. I was startled and my body immediately stiffened. I couldn’t move.

“In the future……remarry someone else.”