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Chapter 44 part 2


He rubbed my head. His expression was both gentle and helpless. This was the first time I saw such an expression on his face. My heart suddenly felt empty. I seemed to realize what he wanted to do. I stared at him with big eyes. I wanted to reach out my hand to pull him, but even my fingers couldn’t move.

He retrieved his hand from my head and turned. He walked forward. His steps were firm and calm. After each step a lotus came alive and swayed in full bloom behind him. His whole body broke the layers of the dark evil energy open, making it so shiny that it blinded my eyes.

Looking at the straight back of the immature young man of that time, he looked like a hero that could take the world.

Immortal’s energy collided with evil energy turning into a sharp air current grazing my side. I watched Chu Kong turn into a golden light and went straight at Jin Lian, tightly tying the haggard Jin Lian. The evil energy on Jin Lian’s whole body began to purify.

Chu Kong was clearly no match for Jin Lian. I understood that he could only use the power of his soul. Before the soul was exhausted, he needed to give it a try. But……if he was killed, he couldn’t go to the netherworld anymore. He couldn’t be reincarnate anymore. He’ll disappear for eternity.

Jin Lian screamed in pain. The golden light trapping him also trembled.

I used all my power to break this damn seal that Chu Kong put on my body. I’ve never been so resentful of my poor skills. I’ve also never been so resentful of Yue Lao for only transforming me into a “half quality thing.” If I could have the same ability as Chu Kong……even half would’ve been good……even half would’ve been good!

Jin Lian’s body fell down and died completely. His withered body finally turned into a blanket of darkness and intertwined with the golden light. Just listen to the rustling sound of the wind across my ears, a blazing white light came in front of my eyes. My vision blurred for a long time. Slowly it became clear again.

All four sides turned quiet. If it wasn’t for the broken ground that reminded me of the battle that just happened here, I would have thought that I just had a nightmare.

The evil energy was gone, Chu Kong was also gone……

My body loosened. The seal that Chu Kong put on my body broke open. Also the person who put the seal was gone, how could the seal be maintained? My legs went soft and I sat on the ground absent-minded.


I pinched my legs.

“Why……it’s obviously safe…..”

My mood became disorderly. It felt like someone was drumming my heart with a hammer, making it beat faster. Such rhythms and tremors made it almost difficult for me to breath.

I sat dully for a moment before I remembered that I should go look for Chu Kong. now Perhaps, he was just buried under this pile of stones.

I stood up and stumbled to the piles of stones. I forgot my immortal power and used my hand to take away the small, big, round or sharp stones. With every stone I moved, my heart would turn colder. The coldness from my heart seemed to pass through my blood and flowed to my entire body. My hands and feet were cold. The blood flowing out through a cut on my fingertip was also cold. The air that I breathed out was also cold. Even the liquid in my eyes was cold.

“Arrogant Kong……”

I couldn’t help my heart from beginning to feel fear. I called out: “Answer once. Answer me once. I’m not angry at you anymore. In the future, I won’t get angry at you anymore.”

“You said you’ll provide for me. Because of you, I’ve lost ten copper coins. You still haven’t paid me back. If you’re gone, I’ll remarry! I’ll marry heavenly emperor Lee. I’ll become a specialist of concubines and harm the gods in heaven. I……”

These threats were useless. Chu Kong already said to let me remarry. This time, he was really bent on leaving me.

Finally, I felt a touch of warmth in my eyes. But it was my tears rolling down and pitifully fell on my whole face. No matter if it was Chu Kong, arrogant Kong, princess Kong or Lu Hai Kong; this time they were really gone.

Perhaps, I should go search in the netherworld for him. Perhaps his soul wasn’t destroyed. Perhaps his soul was still there. After reincarnating I could see him again.

My mind and heart became in line with each other. I looked around for a dagger. But when I turned to the side of the stone bed, Jin Luo sat up. Her body was really too transparent like she would be gone the next moment with the wind.

I stared at her blankly. There was only us, the two “living things” here now.

A Luo suddenly laughed. She lifted her translucent hand. From the palm of her hands suddenly grew a purple pearl. It shone with brightness. Really beautiful.

“Zihui’s heart,” she laughed. “I think Zihui also wanted to help you.”

She held out her hand to hand the purple pearl to me.

“Life and death is a grand matter of heaven and earth. Even with a stone’s heart of ten thousand years with reversal power, I could barely bring back one soul.”

I was silent for a long time and didn’t get the meaning of those words yet. A Luo smiled gently. Her body gradually disappeared in the air: “I can only compensate this much. I’m sorry.”

A Luo’s figure disappeared completely. Only a few scraps of light turned around a few times around this purple pearl and guided the pearl to me. I held my hand out blankly. It obediently lay into my palm.

I stayed dully for a long time, until a light suddenly opened my brain with many thoughts. I slapped my forehead, wiped my tears and bit my tongue to commit suicide.

Embarking on the road to the netherworld, I hold onto the purple pearl and ran all the way straight to Yanwang’s palace.

At this time Yanwang hasn’t returned yet. The magistrate was doing his work on his desk. He looked up and saw that the person who barged in was me and frowned: “How did you come back so soon? Didn’t we say to let you delay Jin Lian? Where is celestial star Chu Kong?”

I let the magistrate look at the purple pearl in my hand. He frowned and looked at it for a long time. Suddenly his expression changed: “How come Chu Kong’s soul is inside of it?! What disaster did you two cause above?!”

The magistrate sighed helplessly: “Originally, we already didn’t have much manpower. Now you even got rid of one of you! Is it a great pleasure to lit fire in your own backyard?”

I retrieved the hand holding the purple pearl and ignored the magistrate’s harsh words. I said: “Chu Kong died. He used his own soul and perished together with Jin Lian. For the specifics, you can look at it in the mirror of the past.”

The magistrate was startled and changed his expression. On Yanwang’s desk, he took out the mirror of the past. He looked in silence in the mirror for a long time. Then he raised his head and looked at me: “If it’s like this, I’ll need to report it to the Jade emperor to bestow a posthumous title on celestial star Chu Kong.”

“He doesn’t want a posthumous title. You can’t even fart with that thing,” I said straightforwardly. “Tell me; is there a way to let him become an immortal again?”

The magistrate frowned, looked at me for a while and then sighed: “There is, but……”

“If there is, then it’s good. I only need to know the way.”

No matter what kind of responsibility I had to bear, I would need to make Chu Kong become celestial star Chu Kong again. To let him stand once again before me and making me unable to remarry.

“To let the soul enter the circle of reincarnation again, the heavens and earth will only let him aggregate into a body of flesh and blood to lock the soul. Then you need to search for two immortal souls and six mortal souls of human Chu Kong. To search for mortal and immortal souls is simply impossible. Just give up on the idea.”

I reflected for a moment: “If I found them, will he be able to live?”

“After finding the mortal souls and immortal souls, they will only let him turn into a normal human. If he wants to turn into an immortal again, he needs to use his own efforts and cultivate again.”

I nodded and turned with the purple pearl to leave, but the magistrate stopped me: “Cloud fairy, have you thought about it clearly? This isn’t a thing that can be done in one or two lifetimes. It won’t be strange if it takes a thousand years.”

I turned and glared at the magistrate once: “Why think so much? Searching till the time I don’t want to search anymore, giving up is fine. But no matter what time I give up in the future, I’ll have peace in my mind instead of giving up now. At least I made some effort for him. In the future when I think about it, I won’t regret because I’m indebted to one person.”

I smiled: “Moreover, looking for something may be difficult for someone else. But I’m a cloud fairy, ah. Where are there no clouds in this world?”

The magistrate looked at me for a moment and then smiled: “Alright, you go. When Yanwang comes back, I’ll explain to him.”

I nodded and turned to walk away, when I suddenly thought of one matter. I asked the magistrate: “You just looked in the mirror of the past. So do you know if a Luo and Zihui will have an afterlife?”

“That stone demon has a bad life, but he didn’t hurt the soul. Naturally, there’ll be a next life. But he committed too many sins. His next life will be distressful and full of hardships. Jin Luo fairy originally remained only because her soul is attached to the stone demon’s heart. The moment she died, she is destined to not have an opportunity to reincarnate again. Finally, she used all her strength to drag celestial star Chu Kong’s scattered soul back. Even the last power of the soul ceased to exist. Jin Luo fairy can say to have completely perished with no afterlife.”

I opened my mouth but didn’t know what to say. I sighed helplessly. Zihui and a Luo, the two were a perfect match……

If Zihui knows that a Luo isn’t here anymore, he’ll certainly be hurt. However, after this lifetime,  Zihui wouldn’t remember a Luo anymore because he would’ve even forgotten himself. This whole life, no matter how much regret, it could only become one of the many scribbles in all years. Nobody would ever remember again.



I think that Zihui will have a completely new life without his past memories. Maybe it’s because he isn’t an immortal, that’s why he can’t remember his past lives like CK and XXZ.

I really want to see what it’ll be like if XXZ become a concubine of heavenly emperor Lee lol.