This will be last chapter in parts, because in this chapter you’ll meet many new people. If I make one chapter of it, it may be too confusing. Check the page with the characters if you’re confused.

Old madam saw that Lao Tai Jun’s face (figuratively) is actually this big, that pair of eyes gradually exuded envy.

Yun Yi Yi hasn’t seen such a scene before. She tightly pulled Yun Qian Meng’s sleeve and asked questions regardless of the occasion.

Yun Qian Meng saw that the original ironed sleeves have lost their original look because of that pair of small hands, the original indifferent face flashed impatience. She also wanted to pull her sleeves back without a trace.

Yun Yan approached, pulled Yun Yi Yi’s hand and smiled: “Xiao mei, it’s better to not open our mouth at today’s occasion.”

Yun Yi Yi looked at her hand being held by Yun Yan. For a time, she didn’t know if she should pull back her hand or let her (YY) continue to hold it. But thinking that Liu yiniang is the one in charge of xiangfu, the anger in her eyes disappeared in an instant. She gathered a full smile and held Yun Yan’s hand with her other hand. With much closeness, she said: “Thanks jiejie for the reminder. After all, today is Lao Tai Jun’s birthday. Every woman of the fus will attend. We, xiangfu as Fu Guo Gong Fu’s relatives, must not lose face.”

Yun Yan saw that Yun Yi Yi originally wanted to reprimand her, but in an instant changed to being affectionate, unconsciously looked at Yun Qian Meng. Seeing Yun Qian Meng secretly give her a nod, she smiled: “That’s right, ah! We better keep up with zumu’s pace. Don’t fall back. If we get lost, it’ll be so shameful!”

While talking, Yun Yan pulled the Yun Yi Yi who still wants to bother Yun Qian Meng and walked straight to old madam.

Yun Ruo Xue seeing Yun Yi Yi behaving like a village girl and seeing how Yun Yan curries favor with Yun Qian Meng, her eyes sneered. She just wants to chase them, when she saw at Fu Guo Gong Fu’s door came Su fu’s carriage. She knows that her eldest jiu’s cousin has come. So she left the sister of her own family and waited.

That carriage slowly stopped. A servant put a step stool. From inside the carriage stepped out a maid. Subsequently, she helped the person inside, who made Yun Ruo Xue beam.


Yun Ruo Xue immediately rushed forward. She shouted towards the girl walking from the carriage. That girl is about fifteen or sixteen years old. Although she isn’t beautiful as to can cause the fall of a country, but she can be considered to have delicate features. Her facial features are a bit similar to Su Qing. It’s just that she is more alluring than Su Qing. The girl seems young an inexperienced. In her eyes, there’s the pride of a miss from a big family. Her gestures looked like they are from a good family. In particular, she was dressed in light blue and pink today, making her more pure like a clean and fresh lily.

In contrast to Yun Ruo Xue’s excitement, as the eldest granddaughter of Su family, Su Qian Yue seemed very calm. She raised her head and those smart eyes smiled at Yun Ruo Xue. She slowly said: “Ruo Xue meimei, long time no see.”

Subsequently, the girl leaned to one side and raised her arm. From inside the carriage stepped out an old woman of about sixty years. Carefully, she helped that old lady from the carriage.

When Yun Ruo Xue saw that old lady, the joy on her face disappeared. With grudge, she paid respect to the old lady: “I’ve seen waizumu!”

That old lady is the official wife of the deceased Su master, Su Qing’s stepmother, Lui shi2.

That Liu shi saw Yun Ruo Xue, she only faintly nodded. Then she said: “Is your yiniang doing well recently? How come I don’t see you two go back to the fu?”

Yun Ruo Xue seeing her like that began to feel unhappy. But due to that at Fu Guo Gong Fu’s door are many people, so she can only patiently give an answer. Then she found an excuse to go chase after old madam.

“Huh? Wasn’t that Ruo Xue biaomei?”

At this time, a young man came from behind on a horse. He was wearing a pale blue robe and has a refined face. He resembled Su Qian Yue for seventy, eighty percent.

Su Qian Yue heard the question from that person and thought about the appearance of her biaomei fleeing, couldn’t hold back and laughed: “It’s indeed Ruo Xue meimei! Dage, you’re half step late and didn’t see Ruo Xue’s expression just now.”

That Su family’s eldest grandson Su Cheng Yan heard the tone in his meimei’s voice and seeing her beautiful appearance, knew that zumu (she is YRX waizumu, but SCY and SQY’s zumu) must have scared Yun Ruo Xue away. His lips also couldn’t help but laugh.

“Cheng Yan, here is where the women go into the fu. You, as a gentleman how can you stay? Hurry and follow your father and shufu4. Don’t let people have gossip to say about you.”

At this time, Liu shi seeing that her grandchildren still have time to chat, gave them a reminder.

Su Cheng Yan and Su Qian Yue glanced at each other and laughed. Su Qian Yue also stuck her tongue out. Su Cheng Yan quickly gave his horse to a servant and then chased after his father.

“Qian Yue, we should also go inside.”

Liu shi saw that she has sent Su Cheng Yan away, pulled Su Qian Yue and went inside with her. On the way, she didn’t forget to remind Su Qian Yue: “In the future, has less contact with Ruo Xue. Saw her frivolous appearance just now? It’s the same as her mother’s when she was young.”

Su Qian Yue was following Liu shi from behind and listened to her (Liu shi) complaining about her blood related gugu5. Her eyes flashed hate.

All the people from Su fu know that because of Yun Xuan Zhi, Su Qing became a concubine that year. Although everyone hated Su Qing for stooping so low but after all they are family of the same blood. Besides, after Su Qing got with Yun Xuan Zhi, the career of the two Su brothers ascended. Over time, everyone agreed that Su Qing’s choice from that year was right. Only Liu shi thinks that Su Qing ruined Su fu’s image. So she always disliked that mother and daughter pair. Every time, she sees them, she’ll mock and ridicule them. Often will she say things about Su Qing in front of the other people of Su family, making Su Qing and her brother from the same mother very dissatisfied. Even Su Cheng Yan and Su Qian Yue have hate in their heart.

At this side, Yun Ruo Xue has already caught up with Yun Qian Meng and the others. Old madam lets the maids lead her to Lao Tai Jun’s Rui Lin yuan.

At this time, inside the yuans is very festive. Even on the flowers were red satin tied on them. Really a festive atmosphere.

The crowd hasn’t entered the main house yet, when a laughter can be heard from the room. This let old madam suddenly tense up. She quickly looks down at the clothes she is wearing today. Not assured, she asks Yun Qian Meng: “Meng er, is zumu’s clothes still neat?”

Yun Qian Meng lifted her eyes and looked. Today, old madam is wearing a dark red buttoned robe. Under it was a skirt of the same color. The whole person appeared very festive, but also seemed overwhelming.

Yun Qian Meng looked at the way old madam was dressed. She knew that old madam wants to leave an impression on the people of Jingdu. It’s just that old madam went too strong. Maybe it’s because a few days ago, Lai Tai Jun gave her two blood coral which made her have such courage. But jiumu also said it very clear that day, but old madam was too happy that time which led to today’s mistake. Once old madam goes in, won’t know what ridicule will come at her.

Yun Qian Meng asked a little embarrassed: “Zumu, today is waizumu’s birthday. Isn’t this dark red too eye-catching?”

Sure enough, seeing that Yun Qian Meng doesn’t agree with her doing, old madam’s face full of smiles, turned gloomy. She shot a glance full of warnings at Yun Qian Meng and said in a low voice: “How can your waizumu be such a narrow minded person? Moreover, our relationship has always been good. So this explains that the bond between us two is very deep.”

Yun Qian Meng faintly dropped her eyes. Deep in her eyes, she sneered. But in old madam’s eyes, she thinks that she has persuaded Yun Qian Meng. Seeing that she didn’t speak anymore, old madam also didn’t speak. She led her four granddaughters into the room.

“Old jiejie, I’ve come!”

The moment she stepped inside, old madam said that to the Lao Tai Jun. the happiness overflowed from her eyes. But old madam still felt that she wasn’t enthusiastic enough. She pulled Yun Yi Yi over and stood in front of Lao Tai Jun. She said: “Old jiejie, do you still remember me? Today is your sixtieth birthday. I’ve especially come to celebrate with you!”

Lao Tai Jun looked at the people suddenly rushing to her and saw that the person is wearing dark red, her eyes flashed a touch of impatience. She only lightly said: “You’ve come.”

The smile on old madam’s face stiffened. She couldn’t react for a moment at Lao Tai Jun’s indifference. She stood at the place where she is standing, looking a little awkward.

The room quieted down. All the ladies who were joking and talking just now, looked at old madam with contempt in their eyes. Especially when the people saw that the person is wearing the same dark red as Lao Tai Jun, it was difficult for them to hide the disgust in their eyes.

“Meng er greets waizumu. Today, zumu brought us four sisters to celebrate waizumu’s birthday. Wishing waizumu’s fortune will be as big as the ocean and that waizumu will live as long as the Zhongnan Mountains!”

At this time, Yun Qian Meng pulled Yun Yan and kneeled down in front of Lao Tai Jun. The melodious and clear voice went into everyone’s ears in the room. It was extremely good to hear.

Lao Tai Jun who didn’t have a good expression just now; after seeing her biological granddaughter, her face bloomed like a flower. While pointing at the kneeling Yun Qian Meng, she introduced her to the other ladies: “This is my second daughter’s child! Now she has already grown up. Meng er, get up quickly and greet the elders.”

Yun Qian Meng heard that, immediately stood up. With a hand on her waist, the knees slightly kneeling and paid respect to every old madam in the room: “Xiangfu’s eldest daughter Yun Qian Meng, has seen the elders. Greetings to everybody!”

Although everyone’s heart is still making fun of the matter of Chen wang breaking the engagement, but she is personally referred by Lao Tai Jun and today Yun Qian Meng looked generous and dignified. And the appearance is inherited from Fu Guo Gong Fu’s second miss’s beauty. So in front of Lao Tai Jun they are full of praises for Yun Qian Meng. Each of them slipped some precious jewelry from their body and gifted them to Yun Qian Meng.

Yun Qian Meng accepted the gifts and said: “Elders can’t be refused! Qian Meng thanks every elder!”

Everyone hearing her sweet mouth, praised some more.

“Xiangfu’s legitimate daughter and also has Ruo Li as a mother, Meng er, this child is really not bad. With a look, you can tell that she is from a good family!”

Ruan family’s Lao Tai Jun seeing that Yun Qian Meng is elegant and dignified, immediately took a liking to this child and is the first one to praise her.

Ruan family is the emperor’s wazufu’s family. (The emperor’s maternal grandfather is from Ruan family)

That year because of the Ruan shufei6 died from of childbirth, the previous emperor give emperor Yu Qian to the one in charge of the four feis, Qu guifei7 to let her raise him. Some say that the grace of giving birth isn’t greater than the grace of raising. Qu guifei has always treated this motherless prince with a real heart. So the feelings between this mother and son pair is really deep. Ruan family already lost a Ruan shufei; they can’t also lose this little prince. Seeing that Qu guifei really treats the little prince well and seeing that with the Fu Guo Gong Fu’s strength as a backing for the little prince to ascend the throne, Ruan family is always willing to be friendly with Qu family. Therefore, among the four great family in Jingdu, Ruan family and Qu family can be considered close. The relation between the two families is closely related, inseparable. When in prosperity everyone will be in prosperity. When at loss both sides will lose.

Because of this relationship, the gift that Ruan family’s Lao Tai Jun gifted Yun Qian Meng is the most precious. That bunch of shiny green jade beads has followed Lao Tai Jun (Ruan) for thirty years. Today, she actually generously gifted it to Yun Qian Meng is not only because of giving Gu Lao Tai Jun face, but also to repay the empress dowager’s kindness towards emperor Yu Qian.

Gu Lao Tai Jun seeing that Lao Tai Jun is so generous and warmhearted, said sadly: “Unfortunately, this child didn’t have a mother since little. At her side there isn’t anyone who is warm towards her. That she can grow up like this, is really lucky.”

The moment Lao Tai Jun’s words left her mouth, old madam felt something penetrating her heart. She felt that numerous eyes are firing at her, making old madam feel cramped.

Yun Qian Meng saw that old madam can’t hold her head up anymore from embarrassment, she said: “If zumu is at my side, Meng er will be happier.”

Old madam saw that Yun Qian Meng was smiling sweetly at her while saying those words, for a moment, she felt embarrassed. She couldn’t help herself from thinking that this Yun Qian Meng’s surname is still Yun. Her heart is still at Yun family.

It’s just that old madam is thinking that this is her only rescue, but she didn’t get the meaning behind Yun Qian Meng’s words.

This remark of Yun Qian Meng is saying that Yun Xuan Zhi didn’t fulfill his duties as a father.

Besides, Yun xiang favoring Su fu’s yiniang is already old news of a decade ago. All the people here are the most astute people, how would they not understand the curves and turns of those words? At the end of this birthday, each fu will have something to secretly laugh at again.

Lao Tai Jun saw that Yun Qian Meng is speaking for Yun fu’s old madam, the original not good expression turned slightly better. Finally, she looked at old madam and snapped at the maid next to her: “How do you do things?! The mother of the relatives has come and you didn’t go get a chair? Letting the mother of the relatives standing tiredly for half a say, is really this old one’s fault!”

Originally, old madam thought that Lao Tai Jun is angry at her. Fortunately, this time she is angry at the maid. The hanging heart finally got down. And seeing that Lao Tai Jun is getting pleasant with her, her heart suddenly felt joy. She smiled: “Today is Lao Tai Jun’s good day. You absolutely can’t get angry! All old madams, don’t you think so?”

Lao Tau Jun saw that this old madam is really eager to form a relationship, her mouth sneered without trace. She warmly grabbed old madam’s hand and eagerly said to the other furens: “I’m afraid that everyone doesn’t remember anymore. This is my second daughter’s mother in law. Unfortunately, she left Jingdu for many years. Until today did we see each other again. We wasted a lot of good time, ah!”

Old madam saw that Lao Tai Jun is deliberately making connections for her, also welcomed it. Just thinking about that lost time, she also felt pity. In her eyes were heavy losses.

“That right, ah. Thanks Lao Tai Jun for caring and also went so far to give those two corals to this old one. It really lets this old one be deeply moved! So today I took four granddaughters to personally celebrate your birthday with you!”

The people in the room heard those words, their eyes skeptically looked at Lao Tai Jun. Lao Tai Jun’s eyes were indifferent but still smiling. So everyone knows that what xiangfu’s old madam said is true. In their hearts they couldn’t help but be surprised.

It was rumored that those priceless blood corals has been given by the empress dowager to Lao Tai Jun when she was worried about Lao Tai Jun’s body. She put the biggest, the two with the best color and gave them to Fu Guo Gong Fu. This made many nianiang and guiren in the palace be envious.

Now, Lao Tai Jun actually generously gave these two treasures to xiangfu’s old madam. And seeing that this old madam got an advantage and still is flaunting, everyone felt injustice for Lao Tai Jun. The discontent that they have towards old madam turned more serious.

Where does old madam has the time to spare for these? Her mind is only indulged in climbing up. She didn’t figure out the change in the mind of everyone and blindly believed that getting everyone’s attention is the most important thing. But this little thought of her is very funny to others. It also lets the other furen talk about other interesting things with Lao Tai Jun and left old madam coldly at a side.

Just then, a maid came running and reported that Rong fu’s Chen Lao Tai Jun has arrived. Lao Tai Jun immediately let people invite her to come in.

The curtain of the room has been opened by the maids. From outside came an old lady with similar age to Lao Tai Jun. She is dressed in a navy blue silk robe. She wears a ruby in the middle of her forehead. The crutch in her hand has the word “life” carved on it.

Seeing her come in, aside from Lao Tai Jun and Ruan family’s Jiang Lao Tai Jun, everyone stood up and then sat down.

From everyone’s face can be seen that this Rong fu’s Chen Lao Tai Jun didn’t have much contact with the outside world and isn’t very familiar with the people here.


  1. 表姐(Biǎojiě): elder female cousin
  2. 氏(shì): clan name. Liu shi, means that she came from the Liu family. Han shi, means that she came from the Han family.
  3. 表妹(biǎomèi): little female cousin
  4. 叔父(shúfù): father’s younger brother.
  5. 姑姑(gūgū ): father’s sister.
  6. 淑妃(shūìfēi): a rank lower than guifei
  7. 贵妃(guìfēi): noble consort. Rank of consort: 1. Guifei 2. Shufei 3. Defei 4. Xianfei