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The invitations that Lao Tai Jun sent are many and she didn’t expect too much. This time, seeing that Chen Lao Tai Jun has come, she felt somewhat pleased. She immediately let the maids bring an armchair and also let them put and cushion on it. Then did she invite Chen Lao Tai Jun to sit down.

This Chen Lao Tai Jun is also strange. She sat down and didn’t open her mouth, but instead she glanced once at the room. Finally, she fixed her eyes on Yun Qian Meng. In that pair of shining eyes flashed satisfaction. Then did she turn to Lao Tai Jun and smiled: “This old body has come late. Asking old jiejie to not blame this old body.”

She let everyone in the room felt surprised at her words. Since when did the odd personality of Rong fu’s Chen Lao Tai Jun became so pleasant?

To say, this Chen Lao Tai Jun’s is also an odd one in Xi Chu country. Otherwise, Rong fu got a white haired Rong Yun He; everyone avoided him, but Chen Lao Tai Jun treated him as a treasure.

Such a person with such a unique personality. On normal days, she is renowned for never greeting people. Today, she actually visited Fu Guo Gong Fu and also said such humble words! It’s really astonishing!

However, Lao Tai Jun is someone who has experienced many storms. Since Chen Lao Tai Jun is being so good, she naturally should give her face. Moreover, although Chen Lao Tai Jun’s personality is a little odd, but she isn’t an insidious villain. Lao Tai Jun is willing to befriend her. She laughed: “Lao Tai Jun is too modest. This time, I’m afraid that you’ve come too early. We’re old, so normally we want to stay in our fus and don’t want to come out. Let’s take today’s opportunity to have some good talk.”

When everyone heard those words, they nodded in agreement.

It’s just that they chatted for a little while, when from the outside came that Chen wang’s waizufu’s family Yuan family’s Lin Lao Tai Jun has arrived. Lao Tai Jun and Jiang Lao Tai Jun exchanged a glance. Then did she let the little maid invite the person to come in.

Lin Lao Tai Jun is slightly older than Lao Tai Jun. Her looks are fifty percent the same as Chen wang’s biological mother Yuan defei. It can be seen that when she was young, she is a beauty that has a far and wide reputation. It’s just that compared to others, the atmosphere that this Lin Lao Tai Jun exuded was somewhat sharp. That pair of eyes that doesn’t know how to laugh, make people feel intimidated. It’s as if she didn’t come to celebrate a birthday.

The moment Lao Tai Jun saw her, the smile on her face faded for seventy, eighty percent. Her eyes also began to take precautions. Only her mouth is still politely saying: “Honored guest, ah. Maids, bring an armchair again. Do not let the honored guest of our Fu Guo Gong Fu get tired!”

Before that Lin Lao Tai Jun entered the room, she already swept inside of the room. It’s just that those pair of calm eyes paused slightly when she looked at Chen Lao Tai Jun and Yun Qian Meng.

Yun Qian Meng felt a sharp gaze on her, but before she can capture the look, it already went away. Lin Lao Tai Jun also restored her appearance of just now. She smiled while nodding at Lao Tai Jun and bluntly sat down.

“Today is Lao Tai Jun’s birthday. Naturally, I need to come to celebrate. But I saw some very unusual faces.”

That Lin Lao Tai Jun just sat down when she said words with hidden meaning.

The ‘unusual faces’ in the sentence is obviously pointing at Rong fu’s Chen Lao Tai Jun.

After all, although in Rong family came out a Rong xianfei, but Rong family has been merchants for generations. Although they put a lot of effort and donated money and food when Xi Chu was founded, this only made Chen Lao Tai Jun’s eldest daughter become Rong xianfei. But emperor Xi Jing (father of Yu Qian) was still afraid that when Rong family gets a niangniang, they’ll monopolize the market of Xi Chu. Therefore, he let Rong xianfei drank the sterilization drug and broke Rong family’s improper thinking. But also gracing the Rong family with a fei title to let them sacrifice their lives for Xi Chu. Therefore, in the four great families of Jingdu, Rong family is a special excistence. And the people from Rong family has an odd personality amongst the four great families. They never make close friends with people. So today, when Lin Lao Tai Jun saw Chen Lao Tai Jun, in her heart passed countless of thoughts. She even thought that Rong family has decided to work with Ruan family and Qu family to go against Yuan family.

Everyone heard Lin Lao Tai Jun’s questioning, immediately thought of how the matter of the court is now. Only Gu Lao Tai Jun, Jiang Lao Tai Jun and Chen Lao Tai Jun’s expression didn’t change, letting the one who questioned, Lin Lao Tai Jun be disappointed.

“Lao Tai Jun, miss is asking biao xiaojie and the others to go to Huan Xi yuan.

At this time, from outside came Qu Fei Qing’s personal maid. She paid respect smilingly to Lao Tai Jun.

Gu Lao Tai Jun also kept the way Lin Lao Tai Jun looked at Yun Qian Meng just now in her mind. She also felt that Yun Qian Meng being here isn’t very convenient. So she laughed: “Meng er, you go with your three sisters to find your Fei jiejie to play.”

Yun Qian Meng felt that the atmosphere in the room has turned heavy, knows that staying here is inconvenient. So she paid respect to the people in the room together with the others and followed that maid to Huan Xi yuan.

Huan Xi yuan is a place in Fu Guo Gong Fu where they entertain female guests. The place is broad. Inside, it’s very exquisite and beautiful. It’s just that it’s some distance from Rui Lin yuan where Lao Tai Jun lives. So, it’s required to pass through Fu Guo Gong Fu’s back yard.

Today is Lao Tai Jun’s birthday, so every male heir of the families came with their elders to celebrate. The women are placed at Huan Xi yuan, the men are placed at the front yard. Qu Ling Ao being a houye and his heir Qu Zhang Qing are being hosts.

That maid was afraid that they’ll encounter some men at the garden, so she led Yun Qian Meng and the others through the backyard. At this time, they happened to pass through Qu Zhang Qing’s Chu Yun Ge. There came a man’s voice in conversation…….

Yun Ruo Xue thought that Qu Zhang Qing was inside, so she wanted to go inside and say hello. But the moment that little girl went through the door, she saw that besides Qu Zhang Qing, stood a man with a purple hat and wearing a blue robe.

She saw him talking with Qu Zhang Qing, his eyes were like stars. Beautiful like a painting. It made Yun Ruo Xue unable to stop looking. And Yun Yi Yi saw that she is standing there without moving at the door, also came forward and stick her head inside to look. She is also mesmerized by that man.


He’s here! He’s finally here. That’s for today, till next time. I only put important characters in the page with characters. Lin Lao Tai Jun and Jiang Lao Tai Jun can be forgotten.