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Hearing that, Su Qing’s eyes couldn’t help but widen. She stared with some disbelief at Yun Ruo Xue. She couldn’t understand why after going to Fu Guo Gong Fu her daughter will say such words.

Yun Ruo Xue saw that Su Qing is only staring at her without saying anything, she got really angry. She disregarded the pain in her back and shouted: “Such a heartless concubine, ah, watching her daughter almost being beaten to death, she didn’t even show her face ! Now I just want you to go talk to daddy about this, but you are still hesitating like this! Really let people’s heart turn cold!”

The moment those heartless words of Yun Ruo Xue left her mouth, pain flashed through Su Qing’s heart. She never dreamed that the hardship she put up for raising her daughter and treating her like a treasure, she will actually call her ‘concubine’.

And Yun Ruo Xue said that just because she didn’t immediately reply her. How can Yun Ruo Xue forget that to let her attend the birthday, she gave back all Qu Ruo Li’s dowry to Yun Qian Meng?

Although Su Qing is uncomfortable because of Yun Ruo Xue’s words, but looking at Yun Ruo Xue’s scarred back, she couldn’t help from blaming herself. If she had rushed to the shrine, perhaps Yun Ruo Xue wouldn’t have to suffer this physical pain. Those old maids who carried out the punishment don’t know their places. She doesn’t know if Yun Ruo Xue has injured the bones. And a girl scaring the skin, made Su Qing’s heart feel really painful. She is afraid that this injury will only fade away after few months of good rest.

“It appears that concubine is refusing to talk to daddy about this matter.”

After Su Qing didn’t express anything for a long time, Yun Ruo Xue got anxious. She thought that this mother who loved her is not standing by her side anymore, she sneered. Her eyes were full of hate.

Su Qing saw her like that and thought about Chu Fei Yang’s high position and neutrality, her heart is also extremely satisfied with her future son in law. She smiled and appeased Yun Ruo Xue: “Xue er, this matter, we should carefully plan it. Your body is injured right now. Even if we propose marriage to Chu Fei Yang, you will still have to wait till the injuries are completely healed before the marriage take place.”

Yun Ruo Xue listened to Su Qing’s answer and knows that she (SQ) apparently accepted her requirements. Yun Ruo Xue’s face turned a lot gentler. Now did she feel the pain in her back. She grasped Su Qing’s hands and couldn’t help her tears from falling: “Mother, all of this is because of that bitch Yun Qian Meng! If it wasn’t because of her words, how would old madam let daddy use the home punishment? Not mentioning that today she let cousin sister fall into water. She went so far as to let me lose all face. This hatred, even if a knife is pierced through that bitch’s life, will not lessen the hate in my heart!”

Su Qing has already heard everything from Pan Lan. Now seeing her daughter full of hatred that her body is trembling, Su Qing’s got really angry. Her eyes narrowed slightly and emitted a vicious light. Then she called Wang mama over: “Go to the small storeroom and take the edible bird nest out. Personally, sent it to Su residence to let cousin sister nourish her body.”

Wang mama accepted the order, immediately went out of the room and went to the small storehouse of the concubine. Soon her hands are holding the finest quality of edible bird nest. She let Su Qing have a look and then went to Su residence with a maid.

By this time, the doctor has arrived to Feng He yuan. Su Qing let Pan Lan put down the curtain. She put a silk handkerchief above Yun Ruo Xue’s outstretched white wrist to let the doctor feel the pulse.

“How is she?”

She saw that the doctor’s expression somber up. Su Qing got anxious and asked with a worried voice.

She saw the doctor retrieve his hand and saw him glancing at the curtain. Then he said in a soft voice: “Miss is seriously injured and the heart is full of anger. This is very disadvantageous for the healing of the wound. Asking madam to persuade Miss about the principle of a calm heart heal the wounds. This commoner will prescribe a healing medicine for Miss together with a cream. As long as the wind doesn’t tamper with it, Miss’s wounds will certainly heal.

After Su Qing heard the word ‘heal’, her heart finally calmed down. Her expression immediately turned better. Then she asked about what they need to be careful about. Only after that did she let Pan Lan lead the doctor out. She asked gently: “Xue er, did you hear the doctor’s orders? In the next days, you can’t get angry anymore. Rest well here. I will discuss with your uncle about Yun Qian Meng.”

But at this time, how can Yun Ruo Xue’s heart be at peace?

Normally, she paid very much attention to her daily maintenance. Her translucent skin has become like this because of Yun Qian Meng’s trap. In her heart has long been an anger that she can’t let out. To let her swallow this anger will be more difficult that mounting the heavens.

She tightly grabbed the quilt in front of her. Her eyes were fixed on the outside. Hate filled her yes. Her head begin shaking. After quite a while did say through gritted teeth: “I must marry Chu Fei Yang! Only then can I easily kill Yun Qian Meng. I want her to have a violent death! I must pay her back the shame that I suffered today hundred and thousands times back to her!”

Su Qing saw that her daughter has been insulted like this by Yun Qian Meng, her heart is also full of hate. She immediately sat on the bed side. With gentle movements she caressed the wounded Yun Ruo Xue. She said angrily: “My child, don’t worry. Mother won’t let you be insulted in vain. Mother will certainly let you marry Chu Fei Yang. Then let alone Yun Qian Meng, even that old one who still isn’t dead in Bai Shun Tang will have to bend their knees and curry favor from us.”

Hearing Su Qing’s guarantee, Yun Ruo Xue’s mood finally calmed down a little. She turned her head with difficulty. With eyes full of tears and grievance she looked at Su Qing and said: “Mother, can you really make daddy agree?”

Su Qing saw that Yun Ruo Xue’s emotions finally calmed down. She lovingly brushed the hair on Yun Ruo Xue’s face. She smiled: “When has mother told a lie? Moreover, although prime minister Chu isn’t from Xi Chu’s royalty, but his status will let many royalties be far inferior. Even more, he is the ideal candidate as a husband to all ladies in Xi Chu. Your dad status is equal to his. Your two uncles are officials in court together with him. With such identity, what more can he be picky off?”

Moreover, although Su Qing’s is concerned about the niece who nearly drowned, but after all a niece is not a daughter. Su Qian Yue is considered an elegant beauty. This time, she became a shame in front of everyone. To go in the palace and become a concubine will be hopeless. She is afraid that even those young masters from good family will be reluctant to marry such a laughingstock wife. What will let Su Qian Yue unable to stand up again, is the fact that her maid is caught in a tryst with somebody. And this maid is her personal maid who has served Su Qian Yue since little. Even if this matter has nothing to do with Su Qian Yue, but others might not think so. What kind of master will have what kind of maid? She fears that everyone will have prejudice against Su Qian Yue. You can say that Su Qing is selfish and even can say that she is ruthless. Su Qian Yue will no longer be able to marry nobilities or royalties. This will let Yun Ruo Xue has a competitor less and will also let Yun Ruo Xue be a step closer at marrying into Chu wangfu.

Yun Ruo Xue saw that Su Qing is saying that with such ease, a smile gradually showed on her face. In her head appeared Chu Fei Yang’s handsome and charming figure. For a time, she blushed. She told Su Qing all the encounters that happened with Chu Fei Yang today.

Originally, Su Qing was listening with a smile about Yun Ruo Xue’s and Chu Fei Yang’s encounter, but when she heard that Yun Qian Meng also appeared in front of Chu Fei Yang, her heart suddenly tightened. The smile disappeared and she sternly said: “Tell mother, when prime minister Chu saw Yun Qian Meng, was there anything strange about him?”

At this time, Su Qian Yue was of course not Yun Ruo Xue’s opponent, but Yun Qian Meng was a powerful opponent. Seeing how Yun Qian Meng recently dealt with her and dealt with Su family, she can see that this woman is conniving. And she is extremely good at covering herself. Plus, Yun Qian Meng’s identity was a cut above that of Yun Ruo Xue. This made Su Qing unable not to guard against.

At this time, Yun Ruo Xue is still indulging in the beautiful memories of her and Chu Fei Yang’s first meeting. Hearing Su Qing’s reminder, she remembered that Chu Fei Yang spoke for Yun Qian Meng. For a time, the smile on her lips faded. Her heart became restless. She grabbed Su Qing and told her everything.

After listening to it, Su Qing’s heart didn’t feel well. That Chu Fei Yang never bothered with matters of other people. At court he has always been someone who did things alone. And today because of such small matter, he stood up for Yun Qian Meng. This is really suspicious.

Su Qing was about to ask Yun Ruo Xue, when she saw Wang mama came back with the edible bird next that she sent to Su fu.

“How did this happen?”

Su Qing’s brows wrinkled slightly. Her eyes flashed unhappiness.

Wang mama passed the edible bird next to Pan Lan to let her return it to the small warehouse. Then did she said with a bad expression: “This old one hasn’t even entered cousin Miss’s yuan when I was blocked by Su old madam’s Li mama. She said that old madam ordered that cousin Miss has fell into water and will not see anybody. This old one said that this is madam’s little gift and has especially asked this old one to send it over. But that Li mama didn’t even bat an eye and stared with her nose at that edible bird nest. Then she snapped that Su clan is too low to receive things from prime minister’s residence and then put this old one out. I saw uncle master and madam stand at the window watching the situation, but they didn’t come out to stop Li mama.”

After hearing Wang mama’s explanation, Su Qing’s face turned red. She grabbed the cup of tea, threw it towards the ground and cursed: “Dogs who threat based on power! They actually put the responsibility of Su Qian Yue falling into water on my head? My eldest sister-in-law is a no brainer. Why doesn’t she think about whom she dependent on to become the wife of the minister of justice? At this time, she is actually angry at me because of Qian Yue? If I say that if it wasn’t because they raised Su Qian Yue into someone who doesn’t have any one in her eyes and who looks down on others, this thing will never has happened. All of this has been caused by that haughty temper of Su Qian Yue. She grouped with that stepmother of mine to deal with me?”

Wang mama saw that Su Qing is furious and angry, immediately went forward to ease her anger. She couldn’t help but blame herself: “This is this old one’s fault. I just suffered a little grievance and came to trouble madam. madam need to remember the doctor’s orders. You must not get angry again, otherwise it won’t be good for the child. Why should we care about those bitches? As long as uncle master is standing at our side, Su clan will be madam’s strong backing.”

Su Qing was already holding the anger that she suffered from Yun Qian Meng and old madam in these past days. After the she vented out today, her anger went away a lot. She raised her hand to let Wang mama stop fanning her. She thought carefully about Wang mama’s words. At this moment she happened to see Pan Lan come back in the chamber. She waved to let Pan Lan come in front of her. She said: “Even though Pan Lan is only a year older than my Xue er, I this madam need to set this in my heart and search for a good marriage for you.”

Just now Pan Lan only heard things being smashed. But now Su Qing is speaking to her with an expression as warm as the spring breeze. Her heart couldn’t help but get the chill. She immediately knelt down and rushed to prove their loyalty: “Madam, this slave only wants to serve Miss well in this life. Asking madam not to harm your body because of this slave, otherwise evil will enter this slave!”

While talking, Pan Lan began to kowtow to Su Qing. The originally wounded forehead turned redder at this moment.

It’s just that even if Pan Lan is really faithful, Su Qing has already set her mind. She looked at Wang mama once. Wang mama walked smilingly over to Pan Lan and helped her stand up. She smiled: “Silly girl, madam is benevolent, how can she be willing to let such a faithful girl serve people for a whole life? Just now, madam found a good family for you. The minister of justice is madam’s older brother, Miss’s biological uncle. With madam’s help when you go over you will have the identity of a concubine. You will no longer need to serve people. Not only that, madam will look well after your parents and siblings at home. Such a grace and you are still not thanking madam?”

But when these words fell into Pan Lan’s ears, they were cold like ice. She instantly paled, but Wang mama deliberately mentioned her family, making her develop a layer of fear. She can only kowtow to Su Qing and express her gratitude.

Su Qing saw that Pan Lan accepted her fate, smiled and gifted her a pair of green jade bracelet. Then she let her retreat from the inner chamber and continued to talk with Wang mama.

Wang mama saw that Pan Lan wasn’t willing, leaned in and whispered a remainder in Su Qing’s ears: “Madam, looking at Pan Lan’s expression, she must not be willing. If she went over and join hands with aunt madam, I’m afraid that uncle master will become rusty with us.”

Su Qing only humphed coldly and her eyes burst of coldness. She said with hate: “Based only on her, she dares to rebel? The lives of her parents and brothers are in my hand. Can she turn the sky? Moreover, Pan Lan also participated in today’s matter. That eldest sister-in-law of mine will certainly not let her have a good life. By that time, won’t the two fight till the sky is turned upside down? We are sending a person to big brother is just to apologize for today’s matter. If brother accepted this gift, he would certainly help me more.”

Wang mama heard Su Qing’s reason and nodded. She thought to herself that now second Miss has someone less to serve her. She must go look for a maid of the second rank. She really can’t let second Miss suffer.

The next night, old madam called Yun Xuan Zhi to her Bai Shun Tang. Both mother and son together with Yun Qian Meng who came to pay her respect, quietly eat dinner. Yun Qian Meng saw that Yun Yi Yi isn’t by old madam’s side today. She saw that old madam seems to have something to talk with Yun Xuan Zhi, so she excused herself.

Old madam took a sip of tea before she opened her mouth: “Yesterday at Lao Tai Jun’s birthday, I saw many sons from good families. The four girls of our fu are getting big now. Does my child have any plans?”

Yun Xuan Zhi saw that old madam’s eyes are shining. He respectfully replied: “Does mother has any idea? Son will hear it.”

Old madam saw that Yun Xuan Zhi’s attitude is fairly satisfying. She put aside the cup of tea and smiled: “Although Meng er is from the legitimate line, but after all she has been rejected by the other party. And that person is the honorable Chen wang. No need to mention about marrying again into a good family, I’m afraid that in whole Xi Chu no one will dare to come ask for a marriage. It’s better to find a commoner family with some benefit and let Meng er marry into them. As for Ruo Xue and Yan er, they both are from the illegitimate line. They are not worthy enough to marry those legitimate young masters. At most they will marry into the concubine line. When both statuses are equal, then those two children won’t have to suffer at the in laws. And Yi Yi is your younger brother’s legitimate daughter. She has been raised by my side and is gentle and loving. There are also no bad rumors about her. A husband will not be hard to find. It’s only that she is the pearl of your younger brother’s palms. We cannot let this child suffer any grievances. This time, I saw prime minister Chu at Lao Tai Jun’s. I felt that this person has an imposing and impressive appearance. He is a gold and jade pair with Yi Yi. What does my child think?”

What do I think? Yun Xuan Zhi only felt that old madam derogated his three children as worthless. Yet she put that Yun Yi Yi who hasn’t had the hairpin ceremony yet, like a goddess. First not mentioning about the four children birth, but where the appearance is concerned, Yun Yi Yi is at the bottom. She doesn’t have Yun Qian Meng’s refined beauty, she doesn’t have Yun Ruo Xue tender flirt and she also doesn’t have Yun Yan’s elegance. She is completely a faded child. But old madam has dispatched the daughters that he wanted to send into good families, to small doors and small yards. And yet she sent that Yun Yi Yi to Chu Fei Yang’s side. So, bias. The three of his home isn’t worth one Yun Yi Yi. It’s visible how the mood of Yun Xuan Zhi is now.

It’s just that Yun Xuan Zhi saw that old madam is laughing so happily, he also laughed. But that smile is more and more false. He slowly opened his mouth: “Younger brother and his wife isn’t by niece’s side, we need to pay more attention to the good men around Yi Yi. This will also allow younger brother and his wife to be at ease. It’s just that this year, Yi Yi is only thirteen years old. To set a marriage is still too early. Those who doesn’t know will think that younger brother’s child is unwanted and hurrying to get married. As for Meng er and the two sisters, Meng er has the empress dowager and Fu Guo Gong Fu to worry for her. That marriage is not something that we can call the shots. As for Xue er and Yan er, they need to wait till the eldest sister is married before they can marry. There’s no need to hurry. Didn’t know that mother called son over for this. Apologizing for letting mother be worried.”

Originally old madam saw Yun Xuan Zhi smiling and thought he agreed with her statements, but he topped back her statements. Her expression immediately turned bad. She wanted to discuss with Yun Xuan Zhi, but when she raised her eyes, she saw that Yun Xuan Zhi put the prime minister appearance. He has an enigmatic smile. His body exudes an official aura, making old madam’s heart tighten. Then did she remembered that this is not the son who she can set her ideas on anymore. She barely suppressed the anger in her heart. With a bad expression she waved her hands. With a not so friendly tone, she said: “Since it’s like this, take it as if I didn’t say those words. That morning court must’ve tired you out. You can go back and rest.”

Yun Xuan Zhi also didn’t want to stay. So, he stood up with old madam’s words and bended his body: “Asking mother to also take care of your body. Son will come see you again another day.”

After saying that, he walked away without looking back.

Old madam was really angry. She sat in the armchair sulking. At this time, Yun Yi Yi ran in laughingly and went into old madam’s embrace. She said like a baby: “Why is grandmother unhappy? Just now, Yi Yi went to see my two big brothers.”

Old madam saw that it’s her beloved granddaughter who came in, her expression improved slightly. She asked: “How is the home work of your two big brothers? Did they improve?”

Yun Yi Yi thought for a while. Then she answered: “Needless to say about eldest big brother. Studying and martial arts didn’t fall behind. As for second big brother, although he doesn’t work as hard as eldest big brother, but he is gifted. It will not be bad.”

Old madam saw that Yun Yi Yi praised her two brothers in a childlike manner, she smiled. She hugged Yun Yi Yi and murmured: “Since it’s like that, grandmother’s Yi Yi must not fall behind. Must marry into the best family to push the arrogance of those three down.”

Yun Yi Yi nested into old madam’s arms. She seemed like she didn’t clearly heard old madam’s words. She raised her head to look at old madam and saw that old madam is looking at the dark sky outside the widow without speaking further.

Yun Qian Meng went to Qi Luo yuan with her maids through the moonlight. While passing through the prime minister’s backyard, she heard someone crying. Fear came in everyone’s eyes. For a time, the backyard is even quieter leaving only the depressed sound of crying behind.

“Mi mama and Mu Chun stay, the rest go back to Qi Luo yuan.”

Yun Qian Meng felt that the depressed sound of crying is somewhat familiar. So, she sent most of the people away only leaving the two she trusted by her side.

“Miss, be careful. If this is a trap set by others, we won’t be able to talk out of it.”

Mu Chun saw that Yun Qian Meng is walking in the direction of the crying sound, she reminded her with concern.

At this time, Yun Qian Meng already determined the owner of the crying sounds. She made an action to let Mu Chun stay silent. Then she walked quietly forward. She looked over the corner and saw that Pan Lan is crying silently.

Yun Qian Meng nodded at Wang mama. Wang mama shouted towards the corner: “Who is there? Actually, dared to pretend to be a ghost in the prime minister’s residence? Still not rolling out!”

Pan Lan who was with her back to Yun Qian Meng has been scared by this shout. She was even too late to wipe the tears from her face. Seeing that the eldest Miss is staring at her with her maids, made her get the chills from her soles. The color of her face turned paler. She stuttered: “El…eldest Miss, how come you are here?”

“Really a good maid. Eldest Miss hasn’t even asked, you already first asked. Did you eat guts? Do you want me to report it to prime minister let him judge?”

Wang mama saw that Pan Lan saw Yun Qian Meng but didn’t pay her respect and even went as far as questioning the masters. So, she immediately snapped.

Pan Lan was startled by Wang mama’s shout. Only now did she get her senses back. Seeing that the one standing in front of her is the person that her Miss hate most in this lifetime and also seeing that Wang mama is pushing crimes onto her head, she bowed respectfully and said: “This slave greets eldest Miss. Over there, second Miss is still in need of this slave. This slave will retreat now.”

After talking, she wanted to get pass Yun Qian Meng, but how can Yun Qian Meng let such an opportunity get away? She looked at Pan Lan’s swollen red eyes and also smelled the same fragrant scent of that day at Fu Guo Gong Fu on Pan Lan. She said lightly: “Crying so sad. Can it be that you didn’t do the thing well that your master has told you to do and has now been scolded by your master?”

Hearing Yun Qian Meng asking like that, Pan Lan’s heart panicked. She didn’t know what the thing in Yun Qian Meng’s sentence is, so she didn’t know how to answer.

“Eldest Miss is asking you a question. Why aren’t you answering?”

Wang mama can’t take it that Pan Lan is hesitating. She glared with cold eyes at Pan Lan.

Pan Lan only felt that a shadow is looming above her head. She lifted her eyes to look. She saw Yun Qian Meng staring at her with cold eyes. That pair of eyes that shone in the moonlight is scarier than the color of the moonlight. Pan Lan felt her whole body turn cold. After a while her hand reach for her chest. Finally, she couldn’t bear the silent staring of Yun Qian Meng anymore and whispered: “This slave thought of this slave’s parents. So, I thought about them in secret here.”

Yun Qian Meng heard that and only smiled lightly. She said softly: “You have filial piety and knows to think about your parents. It’s just that you signed a lifelong deed with the prime minister’s residence, so you’re the prime minister’ residence’s person. How can you put your aside your master and sneak out? Don’t you fear that if other people saw you, they’ll think that you’re cursing your master?”

Pan Lan felt her breath stifle. She looked at Yun Qian Meng in fear. She never thought that Yun Qian Meng will say that. This is obviously putting her at a dead end. It’s just that today she has been caught by Yun Qian Meng and because she is second Miss’s people, eldest Miss certainly won’t let this opportunity slip away. Even second Miss has been punished by the prime minister and she as a lowly servant will presumably die under the stick.

Thinking like that, Pan Lan’s whole body couldn’t help but tremble. Why is she so unlucky these two days? First, she has been sent to the minister of justice as a concubine and now she has been caught eldest Miss. She is afraid that it’s a matter about her going to be a concubine or being accused by eldest Miss.

Yun Qian Meng carefully observed Pan Lan’s expression. She saw that under the fear in her eyes, there’s a small amount of hate. This hatred is not pointing against her, so she said: “Being a slave suffering injustice is common. Why take it so hard and cry here? If this is seen by the mamas who are patrolling, with the current status of Su concubine, do you think they will spare you?”

Pan Lan didn’t think that Yun Qian Meng didn’t blame her in the slightest but instead carefully reminded her. She couldn’t help but be full of doubts. She didn’t know what eldest Miss is planning inside her head. Why is she treating a maid by second Miss’s side so pleasantly?

Yun Qian Meng has long seen through Pan Lan’s thoughts. She didn’t care about how others view her. She stretched out her hand that is inside dazzling embroidered sleeves and said lightly: “Since you miss your family so much, I’ll let concubine Liu make arrangements to let you have a meeting with your family. It’s just that this matter, you can’t let second little sister know.”

After talking, Mu Chun stepped forward to hold Yun Qian Meng. The three walked towards Qi Luo yuan leaving Pan Lan who is still in daze behind.

“Miss, why are you treating that this slave so well?”

After walking out of the garden, Mu Chun glanced back at Pan Lan. She said that with some anger.

Yun Qian Meng laughed gently. Then she said: “How can it be that she is crying because she is missing her parents? If the master is good to her, why would she think of her family?”

Wang mama already knows what Yun Qian Meng’s intention is. She whispered: “Miss is intelligent. Doing this will certainly deepen the hatred of Pan Lan towards second Miss. A heart to rebel will certainly be born. It’s just that concubine Su has always been very strict to her servants and to second Miss’s servants. Even the lives of their families are in concubine Su’s aunt. I’m afraid that concubine Liu won’t be able to find Pan Lan’s family.”

After listening to that, Yun Qian Meng only showed an enigmatic smile. It’s because Pan Lan’s parents’ lives is in Su Qing’s hands that’s why she will let Pan Lan meet her parents. Like that, Pan Lan changing sides will only be a matter of time.

“Mama, let some people be sure to find Pan Lan’s family.”

Her eyes are slightly narrowed. The bright moonlight is shining in the front is hazy. Then she opened her eyes. It became clear in front again. Yun Qian Meng whispered at Wang mama.

After resting for three, four days, old madam boarded the carriage with her three granddaughters and rushed to Pu Guo An. Because the journey will take half a day, they departed at yinshi (2 to 5 am). Yun Yi Yi is still young. The moment she boarded the carriage, she slept in old madam’s arms. Yun Qian Meng saw that she is sleeping, closed her mouth from telling a few jokes.

Old madam let Rui mama put few more cushion pads for Yun Yi Yi. She, herself, closed her eyes and slowly rotated the beads of Buddha.

Yun Qian Meng saw her praying to Buddha with a heart full of greed. She felt it’s very amusing. She also lost interest in talking and leaned against the wall of the carriage. She lifted the curtain and looked at the white sky outside. She felt that the wet air is cooling with an unspeakable comfortable ease. Yun Qian Meng has been attracted by the scenery outside. Until old madam spoke was she forced to put down the curtain.

“Meng er, a few days ago I and your father discussed that prime minister Chu is suitable to be our prime minister’s son-in-law. What do you think?”

While she was speaking, she slowly opened her eyes and carefully observed Yun Qian Meng’s expression.

Yun Qian Meng only smiled elegantly and said: “It’s alright if grandmother and father find that it’s good. Marriage is something that the elders decide on. Grandmother really shouldn’t ask granddaughter.”

Old madam saw that Yun Qian Meng is smiling like that, she thought that Yun Qian Meng misunderstood. She added: “I see that Yi Yi and Chu saw are a pair made from heaven.”

After saying that, that pair of eyes stared at Yun Qian Meng.

Yun Qian Meng maintained the smile on her mouth. Her attitude is respectful and docile: “Grandmother’s eyes are naturally the most accurate.”

Old madam heard that Yun Qian Meng is very sincere, her hanging heart slowly went down. As long as Yun Qian Meng is not looking to marry Chu Fei Yang, then she will have a way to let Chu Fei Yang marry Yun Yi Yi.

After that, the carriage restored its quietness. There was only the sound of the carriage running over the blue stones……

When the carriage arrived at the foot of the mountain where Pu Guo An is, it’s already chensi (7-9am). Originally, they can arrive at Pu Guo An within another quarter of an hour, but outside dozens of carriages stopped. The carriages parked respectfully on both sides of the road. Not even one person came down from the carriages. The servants are waiting next to the carriages without a sound.

“Guard Liu, go see what’s happening.”

Yun Qian Meng pulled down the curtain and softly ordered guard Liu.

“Yes, eldest Miss.”

Sound of hooves can be heard. Guard Liu ran with a horse forward. After half an hour, the edges of the hooves can be heard.

“Answering eldest Miss, today is the day that consort dowager Rong of virtue will pray with nun Jiu Xuan. Every carriage of each clan is parked at the foot of the mountain. Only after consort dowager Rong of virtue is finished will the imperial guards let people go up the mountain.”

“Then let our carriage also park at the side of the road. Order the others to not disturb the imperial’s carriage.”

Yun Qian Meng pulled up the curtain and ordered. Guard Liu nodded.

“She is only a consort dowager. Her arrogance is so great. She let so many carriages of the officials to wait for one person. Even the empress dowager wouldn’t be like her!”

At this time, old madam complained in a low voice. It’s only that this sentence has a heavier meaning to Yun Qian Meng. After all, the empress dowager is Yun Qian Meng’s biological aunt and also the in laws of old madam. Compared the childless consort dowager Rong of virtue, the empress dowager who has real power in her hand is party worth to get acquainted with.

After Yun Qian Meng listened to old madam, she only gave a polite smile without words. In her heart, she really disliked such actions of old madam.

The time that everyone has to wait wasn’t long. Less than half an incense stick, sounds of the ban being lifted can be heard. Consort dowager Rong of virtue said that all the women have free access to Pu Guo An.

After the order, every carriage from the clans went up the mountain according to their order. After two hours, they arrived at the entrance of Pu Guo An. According to Pu Guo An’s rules, carriages are not allowed to enter. So, all the people in the carriages went down and walked to the temple. The quiet road is now bustling because of so many women.

Looking around, its colorful here. The women’s clothes are bright with wealth. It’s a stark contrast with the simple and unadorned Pu Guo An. As long as you carefully observe, it’s not difficult to find familiar faces among these women. The daughter of the censor, Qin Yi An, the daughter of the Minister of Rites’ Chen Cong Yan and the head of Imperial Hanlin Academy’s granddaughter Guan Si Rou. They were standing not far away and nodded slightly at Yun Qian Meng. Then they followed the madams and old madams of their family and walked to the temple.

Yun Qian Meng looked back and escorted old madam onto the blue stoned road. They followed the blue stones towards the grand front door of Pu Guo An.

The closer to the top of the mountain, the smell of the incense is thicker. This Pu Guo An is really a temple that the imperial family has put great importance on. Not to mention that the commoners have longed for this temple, the first choice of many is also this Pu Guo An. And that consort dowager Rong of virtue forged a bond with Pu Guo An’s nun Jiu Xuan twenty years ago. The relationship between the two is really good. Consort dowager Rong of virtue will personally visit this Pu Guo An every three months to pray and to hear nun Jiu Xuan explain the Buddhist text.

After walking for two hours, everyone arrived at Pu Guo An’s entrance. When looking up, it gave a sense of being towered. Don’t know if it’s because, it’s at the top of the mountain or that the door is too tall. It let those women who came for the first time be stunned. Even old madam couldn’t help but be in daze.

“Grandmother, lets enter early to pray and burn an incense stick.”

Yun Qian Meng gently reminded to not let old madam lose her composure in front of everyone.

Old madam retrieved her gaze and nodded. Being escorted by Rui mama, she entered the temple. She is now shocked because of the thirty feet long and two feet large tripod. Old madam felt that she already lived for half a lifetime and visited numerous temples, but whose temple can be so large and grand as Pu Guo An?

Looking once, increased old madam’s determination to marry Yun Yi Yi to Chu Fei Yang. After all, although commoners as nobles can come worship at this Pu Guo An, but normally the ones who came to pray the most are the nobles. And just now, consort dowager Rong of virtue blocked all carriages at the foot of the mountain. It’s visible how important status is.

Yun Qian Meng saw that old madam is staring in daze at the large tripod an also saw that her eyes flashed a light of greed, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart.

They say that here, it’s the ground of Buddha. The more you go up, the more peaceful the heart feel. But for people like old madam, even if you let her live holding the feet of Buddha, it will still not clear the greed in her heart.

“Grandmother, granddaughter will take walk around.”

Seeing old madam like that, Yun Qian Meng opened her mouth.

Old madam didn’t make this trip for Yun Qian Meng. She recovered her eyes from the large tripod. She commanded Mi mama and Mu Chun to look after Yun Qian Meng. Then she took Yun Yi Yi into the crowded divination hall to pray.

Yun Yan followed old madam into the hall allowing Yun Qian Meng to have the freedom to move around.

Seeing the packed hall, Yun Qian Meng felt boring. So, she walked slowly to the backyard of Pu Guo An.

The more you went inside, the smell of incense is lighter. It’s not as heavy to the nose as in the front yard. It’s more comfortable. This backyard is away from hustle and bustle of the front yard. It’s extraordinary quit as if you’re in isolation.

The short time that Yun Qian Meng is in Xi Chu, every day she is fighting traps and calculation of others. Suddenly she came in such a quit place, her whole person feels as if it has been liberated. Her lips couldn’t help from forming a sincere smile. With a hint of happiness, she walked to the shuttle wing in the backyard. Every pattern of the wings in Pu Guo An is different. Even the plant inside are different species. Those rich plants shine their own lives at this place.

Unconsciously, Yun Qian Meng and the two others actually stood in front of a small room. At first glance there’s the words ‘feel wonderful temple’ on the dark plaque. It’s not difficult to see that the letters came from a master of calligraphy. It makes this Pu Guo An even more unique.

It’s just that inside there’s only an incense burning from the copper incense burner, but there’s no one praying inside. It made Yun Qian Meng wonder, but she didn’t step into the room. She only looked from the outside for a moment with Mi mama and Mu Chun. Then she continued her walk.

After passing ‘feel wonderful temple’, a faint sound of water can be heard. Walking towards the sound of water, in the middle of the yard is a pavilion. Inside the pavilion there’s spring water. The spring water is inside a ditch and flowed out of a sink. The sink is an inch deep like. A tea cup is in the sink. It is rafting along the water. Everyone in the pavilion can take out the water. And at this time, one person is sitting inside the pavilion. This person has a head full of white hairs. He is wearing a white silk robe. For a moment it will let people think that this is an unreal image.


Who does old madam think that she is that she can let Chu Fei Yang marry YYY. She must think Chu Fei Yang is someone weak. Everyone fighting for Chu Fei Yang, but only the one who doesn’t care will get his heart.