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Yun Qian Meng felt that the air returned to its previous concentration. She couldn’t help but took a deep breath. She was about to sit up when she found out that her arms are numb. On her back was a thin layer of sweat. She couldn’t help but frown. Her heart felt more that Chu Fei Yang is really difficult to see through.

She was with him for just a moment and he saw through her thoughts, but as for Chu Fei Yang’s next step, she is unable to guess it. This lack of certainty let anger swept across Yun Qian Meng’s heart. It aroused her fighting spirit and she is no longer afraid to face Chu Fei Yang directly. It’s just, did Chu Fei Yang only came today to check on her injury? Thinking about his murmur (when he asked why she stopped) at Fu Guo Gong Fu a few days ago, made Yun Qian Meng lost in thoughts.

At this time, Han Guo gong Fu is well guarded. After Yuan Qing Zhou has been brought back by Jiang Mu Chen a few days ago, he has been put under house arrest by Chen wang. Aside from going to pay his respect to Lin Lao Tai Jun and Han Guo Gong Fu’s couple everyday, he is not allowed to leave his yuan for even half a step. This really bored to death Yuan Qing Zhou who always liked whoring and have fun. Several times, he asked Lin Lao Tai Jun who loves him really much and his mother, but he has been sternly refused by the two.

At dinner time, after Yuan Qing Zhou heard the news about Yun Qian Meng getting injured, he couldn’t eat anymore. He was like an anxious ant, kept pacing back and forth in his study. He was thinking how to break through his cousin’s impregnable guards and secretly went to xiangfu to visit Yun Qian Meng. It’s just that when he put his identity as the gongzi of Han Guo Gong Fu in the front to put pressure on those guards, but they didn’t put him into their eyes. Instead they put Chen wang’s name in the front to overwhelm him.

Yuan Qing Zhou fiercely stomped back into his study. With frowned eyebrows he thought of other ways.

“Master, you can pretend to be sick and ask to see a doctor. Lao Tai Jun will certainly not want outsiders to see that her grandchild is put on house arrest. She certainly will let Chen wang withdraw his guards.”

Ming Xin saw that his master is troubled, so he provided advice.

But he was just finished when, Yuan Qing Zhou severely patted his head. Yuan Qing Zhou scolded: “Idiot! How will our fu use a doctor from the outside? Those doctors are being kept by Han Guo Gong Fu. They are our slaves. I being put in house arrest, the entire Han Guo Gong Fu knows, how will they not know? By then if they came to check my pulse, Lao Tai Jun and biaoge will certainly know that I was pretending. By then I’ll be suffering worse from biaoge.”

Yuan Qing Zhou glared fiercely at Ming Xing and then he continued to pace back and forth in the study.
When he inadvertently swept over Ming Xing’s back, a grin climbed on his lips. He beckoned Ming Xing and told his decision to Ming Xing.

“Don’t, young master! If you do this, wangye will certainly chop nucai1 in pieces. Lao Tai Jun will certainly not let nucai off. Young master, please be good and let nucai off. Nucai assure you that nucai will certainly find out everything about miss Yun and tell you every day. It’s better if you don’t step out of Sing Lu yuan. Nucai begs you!”

While talking, Ming Xing knelt on the ground and began to kowtow for mercy.

But Yuan Qing Zhou has already made up his mind. He pulled teary Ming Xing up who is refusing to get up. Then he began to pull of his coat. At the same time, he is constantly threatening Ming Xing.

“Hurry up and undress! If you spoil xiaoye’s matter, be careful that xiaoye will tell Lao Tai Jun how you encouraged me to pretend to be sick. By then, if you get charged with deluding the master, don’t need to say you, even your old mother will be implicated. You figure it out yourself. Xiaoye don’t like forcing people!”

Ming Xing wanted to beg for mercy, but then he heard those vicious words of Yuan Qing Zhou and he also saw the ruthlessness in Yuan Qing Zhou’s eyes, he suddenly didn’t know what tpo do. He can only stiffly untie his outer shirt and carefully put it on Yuan Qing Zhou. Then he also helped him remove the golden headband before he retreated to a side.

At this time, there’s only Yun Qian Meng’s delicate and charming face suffering in Yuan Qing Zhou’s mind, where would he still has the time to care about Ming Xing’s mood? Very satisfied, he patted Ming Xing’s shoulder. He copied the way Ming Xing normally walks and walked out of the study.

Although, tonight the moonlight is bright, but sometimes clouds will be drifting before the moon and covered the moonlight. Yuan Qing Zhou waited for that time. When the moonlight is dim, he came to the door of Song Lu yuan. He put his head down and walked out of the door. Those guards saw that the person is wearing servant’s clothes, they thought it was Yuan Qing Zhou’s attendant Ming Xing. Plus, the moon is obscured and they couldn’t see the face, so they were relaxed. After all, now, it’s three in the morning. The Yuan Qing Zhou who was disturbing the whole night must now be tired. He must now long be resting. Because of what they imagined, they precisely let go of Yuan Qing Zhou.

Yuan Qing Zhou walked at a normal pace out of the sight of those guards. Suddenly he stopped and ran to the side door of Han Guo Gong Fu…….

The servant guarding the door saw that someone is close, immediately widened his sleepy eyes and questioned. But Yuan Qing Zhou is a step faster, he took some money from his sleeves and put it into the hand of the servants. He whispered: “I’m Ming Xing. Young master send me out to do something. Hurry open the door.”

That servant saw that although the person is keeping his head down, but the clothes on his body is that of a nucai of the first class and he is so generous. Moreover, it’s not letting people into the fu, so he didn’t ask anymore. He turned and opened the door.

Yuan Qing Zhou didn’t think that everything will go so smoothly. Seeing himself standing outside of Han Guo Gong Fu, his heart couldn’t help but jump in joy. He really wanted to shout a few time to show his mood.

“Yo! In the middle of the night, Yuan gongzhi dressing as a nucai standing in front of your own home, what does that mean?”

At this time, a dark shadow loomed over Yuan Qing Zhou. Then an extremely lazy and slow voice sounded behind him.

The smile on Yuan Qing Zhou’s face has not been removed yet, when he has been scared by the person behind him. He immediately turned, raised his head, looked and saw Chu Fei Yang in brilliant black clothes on a tall and mighty black horse. That black horse kicked its forepaw. From time to time it’ll hiss through his nose, making Yuan Qing Zhou scared that he took a few steps back.

When he looked at Chu Fei Yang again, he saw that the other is looking at him with eyes full of laughter. It’s just that the laughter in those eyes is cold like the moonlight. Yuan Qing Zhou only felt that the blood on his whole body seemed to have been frozen by that cold and indifferent gaze. In his heart fear formed for Chu Fei Yang.

“Can it be that Yuan gongzi couldn’t find the front door to enter the fu?”

Chu Fei Yang saw that Yuan Qing Zhou is timid like a mouse. He also remember the day that Yuan Qing Zhou wanted to disrespect Yun Qing Meng, that pair of eyes narrowed slightly. Suddenly his hands tightened on the reins. That horse seemed to know it master’s mind. It suddenly approached Yuan Qing Zhou with heavy steps.

At this time, on the quiet street ‘da da da’ sounds of hooves can be heard. That horse also seemed to also dislike Yuan Qing Zhou. It stretched its neck towards Yuan Qing Zhou. He hissed against that already scared face of Yuan Qing Zhou, making Yuan Qing Zhou so scraed that he sat on the ground.

Yuan Qing Zhou’s hand are on the sides of his body. The paved bluestones appeared extremely cold. But at this time, compared to Chu Fei Yang’s eyes, Yuan Qing Zhou would rather live his life holding those bluestones.


After all, at this time Chu Fei Yang is really scary. He didn’t have his usual smile. At this time, he seemed like the Yanwang2 from hell. His face is extremely cold and his body is haunted by an intense aura of killing. Not to mention Yuan Qing Zhou who only knows how to look at flowers and enjoy the moon is scared that he is shivering, even those officials whom attended court for many years will be frightened.


At this time, that horse raised its head and shouted towards the sky. It seemed its happy because it scared Yuan Qing Zhou just now.

But Yuan Qing Zhou has been so scared by this his that his body clasped. He buried his entire head in his knees and is afraid to look at the man on the horse.

Seeing Yuan Qing Zhou’s appearance without guts now, Chu Fei Yang’s eyes showed deep disdain. Such Yuan Qing Zhou is not even comparable to Yun Qian Meng. Being scared so easily will really make people despise him.

‘Hong…….’ At this time, the maine entrance of Han Guo Gong Fu suddenly opened because of the noise outside. A row of servants trotted outside holding lanterns. After everyone stood still, Jiang Mu Chen and Lin Lao Tai Jun stepped out of Han Guo Gong Fu.

When Lin Lao Tai Jun saw that her beloved grandson is sitting curled on the street, her expression immediately turned bad. She immediately shouted towards some mama: “Quickly go help young master up and send him to Song Lu yuan!”

Those mamas heard Lin Lao Tai Jun’s anger, they didn’t dare to delay. They walked towards Yuan Qing Zhou and carefully helped him up. They escorted Yuan Qing Zhou whose whole body was trembling into Han Guo Gong Fu.

“Don’t know what Chu xiang is doing in the middle of the night at my Han Guo Gong Fu’s door.”

Seeing that Yuan Qing Zhou is brought into the fu, Lin Lao Tai Jun’s sharp eyes immediately shot at Chu Fei Yang on the horse. Her tone was very unhappy.

At the same time, Jiang Mu Chen’s extremely cold eyes also shot at Chu Fei Yang. The coldness in those eyes are enough to make Chu Fei Yang’s body turn into ice.

Chu Fei Yang saw that Han Guo Gong Fu is spreading its voice so wide, his calm eyes showed a flash of ridicule. Just with a few servants alone, they wanted to suppress his vigor? Is this Lin Lao Tai Jun confused because of her old age or can’t she see the situation clearly?

Jiang Mu Chen couldn’t allow Chu Fei Yang to be silent. Voice as cold as the snow said: “The duties of Chu xiang don’t seem to be defensing Jingdu. I fear that this thing of a night watch is not something that Chu xiang should do.”

Hearing that, Chu Fei Yang on the horse smiled. Although his back is to the moon, but everyone felt that smile let any moonlight lose its brightness. Although Chu Fei Yang is dressed in black now, but the people felt that he is like an immortal who stepped from the moon.

“What benxiang does, does it required to be explained to the gentlemen of Han Guo Gong Fu?”

Chu Fei Yang faced them and with some unique pride he opened his mouth.

But those words angered Jiang Mu Chen. He is the wangye of Xi Chu but has been repeatedly suffered loss at Chu Fei Yang’s hands. At this time, they are in front of so many servants. Jiang Mu Chen who always has good self control, his expression turned like ice. His eyes also turned really cold.

“Is Chu xiang deliberately going against Han Guo Gong Fu? Never thought that Chu wang who has been loyal to the royal family for his whole life, his family will have such ‘strange flower’ as Chu xiang.”

Jiang Mu Chen’s words are really vicious. On the surface he praised Chu wang for being loyal, yet secretly he called Chu wang a faithful dog.

Although Chu Fei Yang never blinked about how others evaluate him, but Jiang Mu Chen trespassed his bottom line. Chu Fei Yang’s eyes turned cold and his mouth has a cold smile.

“Benxiang also never thought that Han Guo Gong Fu, such a dignitary hou fu will have someone who ‘pity the flowers and begrudge the jade’ like Yuan gongzi. In the middle of the night, he is still thinking about sneaking out of the fu and go enjoy the beautiful flowers in spring scenery (going to brothels).

Chu Fei Yang returned Jiang Mu Chen’s words back to him intact. The first part praised Han Guo Gong Fu for its high standing, the next part mocked that such noble family raised such lustful bastard like Yuan Qing Zhou.

And Chu Fei Yang’s words has another layer of profound meaning. No one standing here aside from Jiang Mu Chen will be able to hear it. That day at Fu Guo Gong Fu, Lao Tai Jun was still celebrating her birthday, but that Yuan Qing Zhou taking advantage that he has drunken a few cups of wine, wanted to disrespect Lao Tai Jun’s waisunnü. Such behavior is like beast.

Although Jiang Mu Chen heard this layer of meaning and also realized Chu Fei Yang’s secret cursing, but he (JMC) can’t put this matter in the open.

Although in the past, he broke of the engagement because he hated Yun Qian Meng, but the main reason was not because of the person Yun Qian Meng. And because of this broken engagement, he has become a joke in Xi Chu. Don’t know why, but at this moment Jiang Mu Chen subconsciously doesn’t want Yun Qian Meng’s reputation to suffer damage once again. So although Chu Fei Yang is mocking Yuan Qing Zhou in secret, he just swallowed it and didn’t speak.
Lin Lao Tai Jun saw that Chen wang remained silent, her eyes flashed puzzlement. Although she doesn’t know what happened between Chen wang and Chu Fei Yang, but just now Chu Fei Yang mocked their Han Guo Gong Fu. How can Lin Lao Tai Jun swallow this?

Their Han Guo Gong Fu never crossed with Chu wangfu. Today, every word of Chu Fei Yang has thorns. Obviously, he is against Han Guo Gong Fu. Although Lin Lao Tai Jun doesn’t want one more enemy, however if Chu Fei Yang goes overboard, she also will not care about the sensibilities.

Lin Lao Tai Jun straightened her back and stepped slightly forward. Her majestic aura showed her position in Han Guo Gong Fu. Her heavy complexion showed her displeasure at the moment. She asked Chu Fei Yang: “Chu xiang presumably has some misunderstanding against Han Guo Gong Fu. Why is every word against Han Guo Gong Fu and also scaring my grandchild here?”

Hearing that, Chu Fei Yang chuckled loudly. Then he said seriously: “Is Lao Tai Jun not thinking too highly of this grandson? Benxiang thinks the best that Lao Tai Jun can do at this moment is to renovate (he meant that she should plant new people and dismiss the useless) inside the fu to avoid that in the middle of the night there will be one person more or one less.”

After saying that, Chu Fei Yang’s foot patted the side of the horse. He no longer cared about the people of Han Guo Gong Fu and in a blink of eye he is out of sight……

“Today who was at duty and let go of young master?!”

Behind Chu Fei Yang came the fury of Lin Lao Tai Jun.

A servant has been tied up after Lin Lao Tai Jun’s words. He was pressured to kneel in front of Lin Lao Tai Jun and Chen wang. His body was trembling and he didn’t dare to speak.

“Pull down, beat to death!”

Lin Lao Tai Jun didn’t have the desire to hear his explanation and directly ordered a command. That servant’s body turned soft. He immediately fell on the cold bluestone road.

But this pitiful appearance didn’t gain the slightest mercy from Lin Lao Tai Jun. She and Chen wang turned and walked into Han Guo Gong Fu. Compared to Chen wang who was without expression, Lin Lao Tai Jun’s gaze swept once over him. Then her expression turned more serious. Without a hint of probing, she asked: “Why is wangye not accepting taifei niangniang’s suggestion?”

Hearing Lin Lao Tai Jun ask such question, Jiang Mu Chen’s expression turned even colder. In his heart he denied Yuan De taifei’s suggestion without hesitation. Moreover, that time at the empress dowager’s palace, he also sternly refused. Now Lao Tai Jun is asking again, must be because of Chu Fei Yang. She must be afraid that Han Guo Gong Fu will become enemy with the high status Chu wangfu. It would be better to borrow marriage and win side over.

Unfortunately, the people that mufei’3 suggested couldn’t enter his eyes. Even Lin Lao Tai Jun must be disappointed.

“Since Lao Tai Jun likes them, why not plan a good marriage for biao di?”

Chen wang was looking straight ahead. His body didn’t move the slightest. Coldly he said that sentence. The bottom of Lin Lao Tai Jun crossed a trace of displeasure. If the other party can take a fancy at Zhou er, why would she take great pains to let Yuan De taifei persuade Chen wang?

The next day after lunch, Ji Su Yu came with Qu Fei Qing to visit Yun Qian Meng.

Yun Qian Meng just finished drinking her medicine, when she saw her jiumu and biaojie coming to visit her. Her heart naturally felt happy. She immediately let Mu Chun move two padded stool to the bed. She smiled and invited the two people to sit.

“Meng er is getting sick so much letting jiumu and biaojie laugh at Meng er.”

Upon arrival, Ji Shu Yu already asked Mi mama about Yun Qian Meng’s wound. Hearing that the injury didn’t go into the bones, did she relax. She let the maids hand over the healing tonics to Mu Chun. Then she grabbed Yun Qian Meng’s hand and said with pain her heart: “How can jiumu laugh at you? It’s just that in all these years when you are troubled or being schemed at, we were worried about you. Today, early in the morning, your waizumu wanted to personally come over, but that Hai wangfu’s Hai wangfei suddenly came to visit. Lao Tai Jun couldn’t get off, so she let me and Fei er come over.”

After Yun Qian Meng heard that her heart turned heavy. That day at waizumu’s birthday, aside from Hai Tian junzhu, no one from Hai wangfu came to celebrate. Now the birthday has passed, Hai wangfu actually send Hai wangfei over to Fu Guo Gong Fu. Is there any secret in this?

“Meng er, you actually live in such a humble yuan? Xiangfu has really gone too far. Even if you don’t have a mother, but you are still the granddaughter of Fu Guo Gong Fu. How can they neglect you like this?”

At this time, after looking around Yun Qian Meng’s private chambers, Qu Fei Qing angrily came to aid the suffering.

Yun Qian Meng looked at the slightly red face of Qu Fei Qing. A terrible thought crossed her mind. Can it be that Hai wangfu is thinking of?

“Meng er, what’s the matter with you?”

Qu Fei Qing saw that Yun Qian Meng is staring at her in daze and also because Yun Qian Meng’s foot is still aching, her face looked somewhat pale. It looked very weak, making her (QFQ) be endless worried.

Yun Qian Meng barely hid her thoughts. Seeing her biaojie being really concerned about her, she pulled off a smile: “I’m fine, biaojie don’t have to be angry. Father and Liu yiniang wanted to renovate Qi Luo yuan, but I have declined.”

Ji Shu Yu got some clues from Yun Qian Meng’s expression, she couldn’t help but sigh. If Fei er have half of Meng er’s intelligence and insight, she would not be so worried.

“Originally, dage also wanted to come. It’s just that zumu said that you’re injured and now you also already got the hairpin, she said it’s better for dage to avoid arousing suspicion. This is why only I and mother has come.”

Qu Fei Qing saw that Yun Qian Meng didn’t suffer any grievances, her heart eased down. Then she changed the subject.

But her words made Yun Qian Meng think about the one who jumped through the window last night, Chu Fei Yang. If saying that da biaoge is following etiquette too much, then that Chu Fei Yang is someone who completely doesn’t understand etiquette. It’s just that one thing made Yun Qian Meng curious. How does da biaoge act under Chu Fei Yang’s orders?

Ji Shu Yu saw that her daughter and Yun Qian Meng get along so well, her heart felt happy. She gently asked: “You are injured now. The old madam in the fu is also old. Yun xiang is busy every day and there’s also two yininag who is pregnant. Would it not be better to return to Fu Guo Gong Fu with me? One, you can be Fei er’s companion. Two, you can recuperate both mentally and physically and Lao Tai Jun can also see you. Would it not be good?”

Yun Qian Meng saw that Ji Shu Yu said it so beautifully, her heart really moved. But she needs to continued to walk in her net. She could not leave now, otherwise would it not be a pity to miss a good show? So she can only apologize: “Thanking jiumu for your concern. It’s just that if the moment I’m injured, I go to Fu Gou Gong Fu, although I know that Lao Tai Jun, jiujiu, jiumu, biaoge and biaojie really loves me, but those outsiders will think that I’m suffering at xiangfu. That’s why I went back to my mother’s home. By then, those with dirty mouth will spread I don’t know what about us. And biaoge and biaojie haven’t married yet, how can I let these little things ruin their marriage?”

After listening to Yun Qian Meng’s analysis, Ji Shu Yu’s heart turned warm. She really didn’t think till this layer. Her two children have reached the age where there would be talks of marriage. Recently, many official’s furens came to Fu Guo Gong Fu. Their mouth always talked about the marriage of the two children. If at these time bad rumors come out, it’ll have a negative impact on Fu Guo Gong Fu. Then the two children will be indeed affected. Just now, she only thought about letting Yun Qian Meng be more comfortable. If it wasn’t because of Yun Qian Meng’s reminder, she really wouldn’t have think of this.

Thinking like this, Ji Shu Yu loved Yun Qian Meng more. She stroked Yun Qian Meng’s pale face and said softly: “When your biaojie gets married, jiumu will certainly let some people come to pick you and let you live for a year of so at Fu Guo Gong Fu, letting you have a good talk as sisters.”

After hearing that, Yun Qian Meng smiled and accepted. But Qu Fei qing has been blushing because of the two. She flew straight into Ji Shu Yu’s embrace and acted like a spoiled child: “Daughter won’t marry for her entire life. I will guard Fu Guo Gong Fu for my whole life.”

Ji Shu Yu smiled. She raised her pretty nose and acted like she was angry: “How can females not marry? Besides, if you marry well, Meng er can also find a better husband. Would this not be good?”

After Qu Fei Qing heard that, the shyness disappeared. That pair of watery eyes looked at Yun Qian Meng’s elegant appearance. Then she nodded seriously, making Ji Shu Yu shook her head. But her (JSY) is not at ease. She don’t know how the talk between Lao Tai Jun and Hai wangfei went.

Yun Qian Meng saw that Ji Shu Yu is full with worries, she acted like she was tired. The two saw it and asked her to rest well, then went out of Qi Luo yuan and returned to Fu Guo Gong Fu.

After they just left, Mi mama came in the inner chamber. She walked to the bed and whispered: “Miss, that Pan Lan’s parents have been found. Should I arrange for a meeting between them?”

Yun Qian Meng sat up. Her eyes emitted a faint light. She was about to speak, outside the voice of Mu Chun paying respect to Yun Xuan Zhi can be heard. She let Mi mama help her get up and wanted to pay her respect to Yun Xuan Zhi.

Yun Xuan Zhi walked into the inner chamber and saw that Yun Qian Meng is barely standing, he frowned. He roared at Mi mama: “Insensible! How can you let miss get up to pay her respect. Still not quickly helping miss to lie down?!”

Mi mama was in a difficult position. Yun Qian Meng took advantage of that and bowed to Yun Xuan Zhi. With Yun Xuan Zhi’s help, she lay back on the bed.

“My child is more and more sensible. Yesterday, I saw that it was late, so I didn’t come over. Today, my child doesn’t look too well. Presumably the injury must be serious. It’s just how did Meng er get injured?”

Yun Xuan Zhi looked at Yun Qian Meng and asked carefully.

After hearing that, Yun Qian Meng’s eyes flashed coldness…….



  1. 奴才 (núcái): this slave: male version of nubi.
  2. Yanwang is the ruler of hell.
  3. 母妃( mǔ fēi): mother, princes needs to call their biological mother, if it isn’t the empress mufei. They need to call the empress muhou.