gpg28Recently, I’ve been watching this short drama in my spare time. This drama is one of a kind from all the dramas that I’ve watched in recent years (which is so many that I lost count). I’ve been losing interest in dramas cause they are so predictable. I came upon a post about this drama and decided to check it out. I was hooked after the first episode. It was so bad that it is good.



Zhang Peng (male) traveled through time after wanting to rescue a woman who fell into water. He woke up in the body of the crown princess Zhang Peng Peng. At first he couldn’t accept that he turned into a woman and tried to get himself killed so he can travel back in time. The crown prince and the crown princess have a bad relationship. But after Zhang Peng came into the body, the crown princess’s actions and manner of speaking became odd, drawing the crown prince’s attention. He tried to push the crown prince towards his favorite, making the crown prince angry. Slowly Zhang Peng is also beginning to accept his body and she/he don’t know when but she/he is starting to fall for the crown prince. Since it’s drama, there are some war scene and some angst, but in the end it’s still a comedy.



There are many things to like in this drama.

  • The story: Disregarding the fact that this is a boy/boy love story, the story is pretty good. The story have love, betrayal, mistrust and comedy in it. What more can I ask? Beside that, I didn’t need to use my brain to guess what the characters were saying behind the lines. I can effortlessly enjoy this drama.
  • The cast: all of them are new faces. They did an amazing job in acting out their characters, although it was a bit silly. I’ll surely check out the actress who played Zhang Peng Peng, Crystal Zhang. She is such a great actress and really pretty. The scene when she was teaching her son a lesson, she was so breathtaking with her red lipstick and the white/red dress. I also liked when they dubbed her voice to the male voice. It was so funny listening to her inner thoughts in a male voice. 130637911I can’t say on which ship I am cause I like both the crown prince and the 9th prince. Both are amazing actors. I nearly spat out the tea I was drinking when I searched and saw that crown prince Qi Sheng played by actor Peter Sheng Li Yun is born in 1992. He is only a year older than me. Can not not admit that I’m turning old. The actors I used the like where from the 70’s and the 80’s.
  • The dance scenes: you need to watch it to know what I’m talking about.
  • The picturesque background: it was really beautiful.
  • Ost: the ost was really amazing. It’s now on my playlist.


Things I didn’t like about this drama.

  • The fashion: mostly I didn’t like the fashion of the male cast. What the hell are they wearing? If you go to battle on with that thing on your back, it’ll just be a nuisance. But it went well with the atmosphere of the drama.


  • The first ending: there are two endings. I didn’t like the first one. Beside, I didn’t even get the first one.
  • Too little time of their son. I would’ve liked to see more scene of them with their son.


Overal this drama is a lighthearted comedy, a masterpiece on itself. I don’t hope that there will be a second season cause second seasons ruin the first season see Startling with each step and tiger cubs 2. For those who like something new and lighthearted, this is definitely a must watch. I give it a 4.5/5.