If you think the schemings in Chu Wang Fei are amazing, then you don’t know what amazing is.

I thought that my most liked Chinese book will be Chu Wang Fei, but I was so so wrong. This book is truly amazing. Wow. For those who can’t read Chinese like me you can listen to the audiobook. The audiobook is finished. Took me a week. It’s also currently being translated by Solstar 24


Li Wei Yang is the third daughter of the prime minister from the seventh concubine. She was born on Februari which was considered to be unlucky, so she was sent away to a village where they treated her like a slave.

In the first life she went back to the city on orders of the first wife and married Tuo Ba Zhen, the third prince of Dali. After he ascended the throne with her help, he made her the empress. But after a while he married her sister, the most beautiful woman of Dali  Li Zhang Le. He disposed her, broke her legs and made Zhang Le empress. She was sent to the cold palace and lived there for twelve years, until a poisonous wine was sent to her.

She woke up being her thirteen self again and swore revenge. She took revenge on everyone for what they did in the past life.  Her fate changed. For revenge she helped Tuo Ba Yu, the seventh prince. She also saved Li Ming De who had died in the previous life from drowning. Li Ming De was the adopted son of her third aunt. In the first half of the book Li Ming De didn’t have much power to help her. She fought her battles almost alone.

The second half of the book began when she finished her revenge on Tuo Ba Zhen, but a new revenge emerged on a more powerful person, empress Pei of Yue Shi. She went to Yue Shi to take revenge on her for killing her grandmother and mother and for making her little brother silly. There she met Li Ming De again, now Yuen Lie, a king. He now has the power to help her and they worked together to bring empress Pei down.



Li Wei Yang/Guo Jia: the third daughter of prime minister Li Xue Ran. In the previous life, her mother already died and she was gullible. In this life she is full of revenge. I advice you to never ever ever ever become her enemy. You’ll die in the most unimaginable and painful way. Her speciality is guessing people’s heart. So, she knows what your biggest fear is and what the most painful death or even living for you is. STAY FAR AWAY FROM HER!!!

Empress Pei/ Pei Huai Zhen: the empress of Yue Shi. She appeared in second half of the book. She is the most interesting character to me. Like Wei Yang her speciality is also guessing people’s heart. Not very much is revealed about her beside that she is very unfeeling, calculating and heartless.

Li Ming De/Yuen Lie: in the first life he died early. In this life, he was saved by Wei Yang  when the maids wanted to murder him on orders of the first wife of Li Xue Ran. Since then, he swore to protect Wei Yang at all cost. Unfortunately in the first half, he was a powerless young man. He has a special identity.

Tuo Ba Zhen: the third prince of Dali. The unfavorite son of the emperor. His mother was murdered by his adopted mother, but he pretended as if nothing happened in order to gain support from his adopted mother’s family. He is a pro at hiding his feelings and can get rid of anyone who stand in his path to the throne. In the previous life, he got the throne. In this life his ending is really bad. I almost pitied him. In this life he fell for Wei Yang. He said that next to the throne, Wei Yang is the thing that he wanted the most in this life. Guy, you already lost your chance.

Tuo Ba Yu: seventh prince of Dali. Considered the most favorite prince. He is also the richest thanks to his mother’s family. He fell for Wei Yang when she proposed an alliance between them. When he thought that the throne was just one step away, a twist is revealed.

Guo family: Guo family adopted Wei Yang as their youngest child. Mistress Guo lost her daughter and thought that Wei Yang was her daughter. She was ill. In order to help her, her husband made Wei Yang his daughter Guo Jia. He and his sons know the truth. His sons are very protective of their little sister. They are the comedy of the book.

Yuen Jing Feng: the emperor of Yue Shi. He is the most cruel emperor in history. He has many new ways to kill people. His greatest enemy is his wife, empress Pei.

Yuen Ying: one of the sons of Yuen Jing Feng. Prince of Yue Shi. He is in love with Wei Yang. He wants to get her by all means and also wants to get the throne. He has great patience and will patiently plan his schemes and wait for you to jump into them.

Ying Chu: he is always wearing a mask on one side of his face. He was a servant of Pei family. He is in love with empress Pei and willingly became an eunuch to stay by her side. He does all the dirty works for her. He knows medicine and poisons and he also has an ‘immortal’ body. He can also see in the future. Only Wei Yang’s future is a blur since Wei Yang changed her fate.

There are many more interesting characters since this is a two part book.


This book has two names: 锦绣未央  (The Princess Wei Yang) and 庶女有毒 (The Concubine’s Daughter is Poisonous).

I like the second title better, it matches Wei Yang. She really is poisonous.

This is a really amazing book. I liked the second part better than the first part. Some say that this is like Chu Wang Fei and Mei Gong Qing but I beg to differ. Chu Wang Fei is a time travel and the schemes in Chu Wang Fei compared to this book is like child’s play.  Although, the beginning of this book and Mei Gong Qing does have some similarities but the main lead in Mei Gong Qing focus more on how to live a better life. She doesn’t want revenge. Wei Yang’s goal in life is only revenge. From the three books, I like this one the most. The author is really a genius for thinking of so many ways to take revenge. The book is really long but it didn’t feel that long. You will be sucked in this book. A must read for Chu Wang Fei’s lovers. Rating: 5/5

But for those who doesn’t like cruelty, this book isn’t for you. Wei Yang’s ways of revenge are things you will never imagine that can be done.

I may have spelled the names wrong cause I only listened to them. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Stop here if you don’t want more spoilers

Tuo Ba Zhen’s ending: he is accused of treason and fleeing for his life. While he was fleeing, Wei Yang found him. She let her high skilled guards cut his legs, the nerves of his arms and tongue, making him someone useless. She bought a mansion special for him with a view to the palace, so he can look everyday at the thing he wanted the most but could never have anymore. She also promised that she will let him live a long long life, so he can suffer in misery for being someone useless while even needing a person to feed him. Living will be worse than death.