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How would you spend your fleeting life if you knew since you were three years old that the year you turn eighteen, you will die?

Bai Fu Ling states, “I am going to enjoy all the riches of the world and keep all the attractive men and women close to me. To live utmost arrogantly!”

“How are such days a life of human?”

“Those are clearly a deity’s life, ah…”

Bai Fu Ling sniffed the smell of fresh water and lotus and exclaimed in satisfaction.

In this hot summer, others are being baked in the sun, ripping of their skin. She is lying alone in a small boat on the lake. Above her head was many green lotus leaves that layered upon each other, blocking the blazing sun as the small boat rocked with the waves along the lake. In the distance there are girls seen gathering water chestnut and in the lake, lotuses filled with aromatic fragrance floats around.

Lying under her body is agarwood board, under her neck is a violet colored silk pillow stuffed with goose feather, and next to her was a jade incense burner emitting wisps of smoke around her.

The spices in the furnace is specially prepared for her by the renowned physician Xin Yi. The mild smell of Magnolia is used to repel insects and is a thousand time stronger than the ordinary ones, but of course also a thousand times more expensive.

Just these few items on the boat was enough to feed an ordinary family of five for a lifetime.

Bai Fu Ling stretched lazily, while at the same time picked a flower still in bloom. Its white petals was tinted with a hint of pink and had a yellow-green center. The gorgeous flower would cause anyone to feel attracted.

Just when Bai Fu Ling is in an infinitely good mood, in her ears came a nagging voice: “Miss, you’re dressed like this, what will we do if people see you?”

Not far from the boat another small boat revealed itself. On the boat sat two beautiful young women. One is wearing a pale blue short dress with tight sleeves, another is dresses in a neat gray purple dress. The one who spoke is the one in the pale blue dress. She looked while frowning at Bai Fu Ling on the boat who is wearing a soft, thin and white silk dress. Her expression is full of disagreement. What’s the difference of this thin clothes with not wearing anything? If she is seen by a man, what name or reputation are left?

Bai Fu Ling rolled her eyes. She refused to answer the question to this issue. The weather is hot like hell. She only wear a little on her own territory and didn’t reveal any place which shouldn’t be revealed. Talking like that is like she is walking naked on the streets.

That woman saw that miss didn’t listen to her good advice, she wanted to continue to persuade, but the woman in gray purple became impatient and coldly: “If someone saw just dig his eyeballs out. Yang Mei, why are you so wordy?

Bai Fu Ling turned and laughed: “Bai Shao, you haven’t been a killer for many years how come you are still thing about this fighting and killing things, ah? You are so fierce, won’t your husband be bullied to death? Yi……what did you bring for me to eat?”

Yang Mei has obviously been scared by Bai Shao’s bloody words. She didn’t dare to say anything more. She didn’t know Bai Shao for long, but she knew that Bai Shao is definitely not an ordinary woman. She witnessed how Bai Shao beat an eight feet brawny man to the ground. Really a shrew! Miss is right! Bai Shao’s husband is really pitiful, ah……He is not as lucky as her husband to marry such a talented and gentle woman like her.

Bai Shao didn’t say anything and lifted the food container. With only one step she landed on Bai Fu Ling’s boat. The boat sank slightly, not even the sound of shaking can be heard. Such qinggong1 is really rare.

“Osmanthus jujube soup and also iced melon sent from the city this morning.”

Bai Shao opened the food container exposing the fine white porcelain bowls inside. Inside the crimson soup floated ice and small pink yellow sweet scented osmanthus. It really has a cooling effect.

From the other boat Yang Mei took out a white jade ice bucked with melon ice. The drops of water on the ice are drying. She cut it into pieces and handed it to Bai Shao.

Bai Fu Ling unceremoniously drank and then called Yang Mei and Bai Shao: “I can’t eat all of the melon. You accompany me to eat it.”

After serving miss to eat, Bai Shao and Yang Mei packed up the dishes. Yang Mei looked at the green leaves and suddenly sighed: “Unfortunately I’m late. If I was a few months earlier, I will be able to see the beauty of the flowers blooming.”

Bai family’s manor is Bei Guan City’s Bai Li Mountain. This area is great. Ten years ago, when the Bai family saw it, they moved here. They raised a large number of craftsmanship, divided it into a few range according to the soil of the environment and planted it with different kinds of flowers and trees. Each season large flowers can be seen blooming as this Lotus like. There’s also the Peach valley at the east, the snow plum flowers hillside at the north, the chrysanthemum ground on the west, maple trees and etc.

Usually taking care of this flowers and trees will need nearly hundred people. Sometimes they even need to temporarily hire people to help. Such large project and daily expenses was just because one “like” from Bai Fu Ling. No wonder her extravagant reputation is as loud.

“Yi, I remember clearly that you say you like plum flowers more.”

Bai Fu Ling remembered the origin of Yang Mei’s name and laughed.

  • The Mei in Yang Mei’s name is the same mei in plum flowers (mei hua)

Yang Mei originally has no formal name and was called the same as her rank in her family Yang Er Niang (Er means two, so she is probably the second daughter). After being sold to Bai family and becoming Bai Fu Ling’s personal maid, in order to show loyalty and also to please miss, she specifically asked Bai Fu Ling to name her. Because she likes plum flowers, Bai Fu Ling named her Yang Mei and she (BFL) also not so kindly said: “Sour like this really suits you.”

Yang Mei really is against this not so elegant name. Her intestines are blue from regret. But it’s her that begged Bai Fu Ling to name her. She can only grit her teeth and swallow the blood back and accepted the fact.

In a blink of eye Yang Mei this name followed her for many years. She slowly got used to it and didn’t change her name back.

“Right, ah, but to wait for plum flowers to bloom will need to wait for at least half year. The snow plum is for a third white, snow plum has a really good fragrance……Really want it to be winter immediately.”

Yang Mei remembered the snow plum’s beauty at Bai family’s manor, suddenly she felt poetic. She began to brag.

“But I think peach is more delicious than the sour plum.”

Bai Fu Ling remembered the sweet, juicy peaches, her eyes shone and determined the peach flowers are lovelier than plum flowers.

“I don’t like the taste of lotus seed, but lotus fruit is really delicious! The leaves can also be used to cook rice. It’s more useful than those Yao Huang, Wei Zi, Mo Ju and Shi Zhang Zhu Lian!”

Bai Fu Lin casually put those varieties of peonies and chrysanthemum which are valuable in everyone’s eyes as useless.


  1. Qinggong: inner energy of someone who knows martial arts.