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Aside from being comfortable, Bai Fu Ling’s carriage was not like what outsiders might have thought. It was not luxurious and layered with gold. The most special thing about the carriage was that there were many small hidden mechanism. The carriage also had a unique design. It would let people work freely and rest comfortably inside. For example in the front of the carriage, beneath the driver’s seat, there was a diagonal ice tank which had a vent. While the carriage moved, wind poured from those small openings to the inside of the carriage, letting the chill from the ice come inside. The people sitting inside wouldn’t feel the heat of the outside. Even the coachman would feel cooling.

Bai Fu Ling was now half lying inside the carriage. She was counting the thick pile of slave contracts while murmuring: “With these, it’s a total of eight thousand six hundred ninety-nine. With the one from today, it’s a total of eight thousand seven hundred. There’s still short of one thousand three hundred…….there’s still three years……it should be more than sufficient.”

The carriage quickly reached their destination on the east alley. Bai Shang Lu and Bai Shi San jumped from their horses. Four guards stepped forward to help the maids down the white camels. The other three went with Bai Shi San and knocked hard on the door of the broken wooden cottage.

Nearby the carriage, they were surrounded by a bunch of people watching with twinkling eyes. One said while speculating: “Ay? Isn’t this scholar Li’s home? Can it be that miss Bai has set her eyes on his wife madam Huang?”

The four maids beside the carriage began to work. One of them took out wooden funny looking chair from the saddle bag on the camel. Another came with a silk umbrella. Another pulled out a small wooden ladder under the door the carriage. The last one pulled the curtain, stretched out her hand and helped Bai Fu Ling come down from the carriage.

All eyes involuntarily concentrated on door. Some couldn’t help but make sounds of swallowing. All of Bei Guan City knows that miss Bai is a rare stunning beauty!

A small white hand stuck out from the door. Then a green silk sleeve came into view. Under sun that hand seemed translucent like white jade. There isn’t any traces of fine line or pores. It seemed boneless while it was put on the maid’s hand. Exquisitely carved, indescribably beautiful.

The not even fifteen year old Bai Fu Ling still looked somewhat like a child. Between the eyebrows there’s a bright red birthmark. She seemed the daughter of the Jade Emperor of the legends. So beautiful that she doesn’t seem like an earthly human.

For a moment Bai Fu Ling couldn’t get used to the sunlight. Her narrowed eyes slowly opened. The people felt that that clean and dark pair of eyes is looking at him.

The maid who helped her, Bai Guo neatly sat her (BFL) on the already prepared seat. Then she began to fan her (BFL).

The maids have been well trained and they have the looks and the aura. They are not less compared to the ladies from the capital. They are even a little more graceful than them. Around them are so many people but they are still very calm and composed as if next to them are only dogs and chickens. But ladies won’t be like them and show their faces in public.

Bai Fu Ling doesn’t mind in the slightest bit about being surrounded by onlookers under such circumstances. She is such a rare beauty, why need to be afraid to let people see? Standing out is to beautify the environment plus she has never done a good deed without leaving her name. Today she is doing such good thing, the more people the better!

She is now only concerned about one thing. She doesn’t know if that competent and capable Huang shi from Bai Ping’s mouth is really that good. Otherwise, she came out in this scorching sun to ‘pick up people’, it would really be a loss. With her fame, everyone knows that she, Bai Fu Ling only snatch handsome men and beautiful women.

At that side, Bai Shi San knocked on the door for quite a while. The door finally opened before a crunching sound from almost collapsing. A skinny scholar dresses in green yellow clothes opened the door. Seeing so many people outside, he was immediately startled. Not waiting for him to speak, he has been grabbed by Bai Shi San at his collar and dragged to the front of the carriage.

The scholar looked up just to see not far away under an umbrella the fairy like Bai Fu Ling. His eyes lightened and he stared in daze.

Bai Shang Lu took two steps and blocked his line of sight. He looked at the scholar from the top to the bottom. His eyes showed some contempt. He took out a paper and asked: “You are Li Duan Fang? Huang shi is your wife?”

Scholar Li looked somewhat jealous at the bright light, the handsome face of a young man in front of him. He cursed in his heart: He is but a slave, putting such an air, bah!

But his mouth didn’t dare to neglect and softly said: “Yes, yes…..”

Bai Shang Lu nodded: “My master wants to buy your wife Huang shi as a servant. The price is ten liang1. This is the slave contract, you can sign it.”

Scholar Li was somewhat taken aback and said stuttering: “This, this little scholar, didn’t, didn’t say that I want to sell my wife, ah.”

Before Bai Shang Lu said something, Bai Shi San already approached and gave the scholar a punch in his stomach. Scholar Li was beaten on spot, he held his stomach and curled on the ground and screamed in pain.

“My master wants to buy, even if you don’t want to sell, you still have to sell! Or is it that you don’t want to drink wine of a toast but want to drink wine of a punishment?”
Bai Shi San played with his big hand with an extraordinary enthusiasm. No wonder Bai Fu Ling likes to bring him every time she go snatch people. Really partners in vile habits ah!

With Bai Shi San’s vicious strength plus next to him there are seven same dressed ‘thugs’, only a fool will come out and try to be courageous. Beside those people from other towns don’t believe that the beautiful like a fairy miss Bai will condone her underlings to do evil.

The subsequent development is completely contrary to their expectations. Bai Fu Ling didn’t even blink her eyes, not to mention restraining her underlings, two of her maids escorted by two guards broke into that broken cottage of scholar Li. In a blink of eye, they brought out a timid beautiful young wife.