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Chapter 4 This miss is the law

Although the young wife looked like she just passed twenty, but she looked haggard. With just one look, you would know that she lived a hard life. Many people recognized that she was scholar’s Li’s wife Huang shi.

  • Shi: clan

That young wife was brought before Bai Fu Ling. Bai Fu Ling glanced once carefully at her. Although her clothes were shabby with many patches, but they were clean and neat. One pair of silky pale hands which didn’t belong to a young woman was now on her abdomen.

Right, ah! Bai Ping Zi said that Huang shi was pregnant. For the child’s sake, she took the initiative to seek help from them. Then, it could be considered that she saved one more person. It was eight thousand seven hundred and one.

The more Bai Fu Ling looked at Huang shi, the more satisfied she was. She turned, looked at Bai Shang Lu and asked with determination: “Is she the one Bai Ping Zi referred?”

Bai Shang Lu nodded.

Bai Fu Ling glanced impatiently at scholar Li on the ground who was crying in pain endlessly. She frowned and said: “Then finish it faster. Later we still need to go to the yahang. And also remember to let him sigh the divorce papers.”

  • Yahang: ancient pawnshop used to sell and but thing


Bai Shang Lu promised and gave the slave contract to a guard beside him named Bai Shi Er (12). At the side Bai Shi Yi (11) already took out a brush and ink stamp pad from the saddle bag. Then he also pulled out the divorce papers.

Because Bai Fu Ling’s hobby was buying people, this type of contracts had been always carried by Bai family’s servants in cases of need. Depending on the other party, they would fill the corresponding name, price and other things. The signature of the other party would be the confirmation.

Scholar Li was rolling on the ground when he was suddenly pulled up by his collar. A brush was stuffed into his hand. Bai Shi San shouted in his ear: “Sign quickly! If you let this master be late see how I’ll beat you to death!”

Scholar Li shuddered a bit, gritted his teeth and said stubbornly: “I won’t sign it!”

Pa! A slap in his face, making scholar feel dizzy and his ears ringing.

“Sign or don’t sign?!”

Bai Shi San held his hand grinningly up and said that ferociously.

“I’ll sign…I’ll sign…”

Scholar Li looked left and right. Everyone was only looking with folded arms. He was afraid that if he didn’t agree, he would really be beaten to death by them.

Trembling, he put his name on the slave contract and divorce papers. He also obediently put his fingerprint on them.

Before him was now a silver ingot. He raised his head and saw his wife being led away by Bai Fu Ling’s two beautiful maids. Seeing that Bai Fu Ling was about to go back in the carriage, didn’t know where scholar Li got the strength, he climbed two steps forward and shouted: “In broad daylight, you are robbing a man’s wife, can it be that in your eyes there’s no law?”

Just then from the side of the road came two soldiers wearing the northern army’s uniform. Several angry out of towner’s let out a relieved sigh. In Qi country who didn’t know the fame of the northern army? They were disciplined, brave and fierce. Since they were stationed at Bei Guan City, the barbarians didn’t dare to come and cause a nuisance anymore. In the eyes of the citizens of Qi country, they are the embodiment of justice!

The two northern army’s soldiers heard the noise at this side and walked over. They looked around and immediately understood the situation. But they didn’t act according the law; stopping Bai Fu Ling from forcing a man to sell his wife, instead they kicked scholar Li and shouted: “Yell, yell, what are you yelling about?!”

When the out of towners saw this scene, they found it unimaginable. This was the northern army! They are the heroes of Qi country, the disciplined northern army. How could they do such an evil thing?

After Bai Fu Ling heard scholar Li’s question, she wanted to laugh. It was really dramatic. In these troubled times, there was still actually someone who would come out and ask her about the law! If there was law here, how could she continue her deeds?!

The most important thing was  that when this shitty scholar Li abused his wife, why didn’t he talk about the law then?

She turned around and walked to scholar Li. She smiled sweetly: “Don’t you know that in this Bei Guan City, this miss is the law?!”

She didn’t expect that she could one day say such ‘visionary’ words. The feeling was really not ordinary! In particular when this was the real truth!

To thank scholar Li for giving her the opportunity to say those words, she decided that today she would reluctantly beat him one round less.

On the scene, aside from a limited number of out of towners, everyone thought that this was a matter of course. This also included scholar Li who was being beaten on the ground. He seemed to have finally understood the situation. He picked up the silver ingot and stayed on the ground. He didn’t dare to utter even a half word more.

The two northern army’s soldiers stepped forward. Their expression was like the spring. They smiled and graciously bowed at Bai Fu Ling: “No need to let miss came forward for such people. If you say one word to us brothers, won’t the person be directly sent to the manor?”

Bai Fu Ling smiled and nodded: “Next time. Next time, I’ll definitely ask you soldiers for help!”

But in her heart, she is saying: Such impressive thing as robbing people on the streets, if I let you do it, what more fun can I have?

The two northern army soldiers chatted a little with Bai Shang Lu and Bai Shi San. After they decided where and when to have a dinner party, they left. From start to finish, they didn’t spare scholar Li any more glances.

Bai Fu Ling let Bai Shang Lu gave the divorce paper to Huang shi and have her kept them save. Then she walked to the carriage to journey to the next destination.

The leaving crowd pointed fingers at scholar Li on the ground and began gossiping.
A merchant said: “Did you see? Did you see? The four maids at miss Bai’s side, gee, so full of life…They should be approaching a marriageable age. I got to go back and calculate my assets and then go propose marriage…”

Several out of towners are shocked. Miss Bai was an evil woman robbing a wife on the streets and they were actually only caring about if her maids were beautiful or not. And also had the mind to marry her maids…And maids, if he wanted them, he could just lift them away, why the need to go ask for marriage? What kind of people were this Bai family?

Merchant Yi said: “Pei, with your looks, you dare to dream about miss Bai’s maids? You’re more likely to marry a rough water!”

Merchant Bing said: “Compared with miss Bai, her maids can at most be considered pretty…”

The crowd jeered and said: “Are you insane, you dare to set your eyes on miss Bai?! Marrying such aggressive and arrogant woman, do you still have a place to stand? If you don’t serve well, kneeling on top of the abacus can be considered light. Even if you’re killed, you would’ve died in vain!”

Merchant Bing’s eyes immediately showed a look of not being convinced.

A woman passing by said: “Ai, Huang shi’s life is really good to have miss Bai take a fancy on her. Why doesn’t miss Bai take a fancy on me? If she wants to buy me, even if I have to pay ten liangs, I’ll still be willing.”

Another passerby said: “Take a look in the mirror. With your appearance you want the same grace? A barrel like figure, someone so stupid that she can’t even lift two needles. Unless miss Bai has gone blind, then she will set her eyes on you! Even if you want to pay, she will still not want you!”

The woman got angry and picked up a stick to beat the passerby……

The street immediately turned into a mess.

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