Painting done by me 2014



Many of you follow me because of my translations (which I love to do), but is there some of you who have ever wondered about me😋?

Probably not many lol.

When are you born?
I was born on 22-12-1993 in Guangdong, China. So currently I’m 22 years old. When I was 5, I moved to Curaçao and when I was 15, I moved to The Netherlands, where I’m also currently living.

What nationality do you consider yourself?
Both my parents are pure blood Chinese,so I’m Chinese. But I don’t consider myself a full Chinese. When I went to China on holiday, I couldn’ t get the people there. Their ways of thinking are so different from mine. But I also don’t consider myself a dutch cause at home I was raised as a Chinese. Westerners are more open and have other upbringing than mine. Although I can mix with them but I usually also can’t get them. Maybe I’m the 55% Chinese and 45% Westerner.

Are you currently single?
Hell yeah. Anyone interested😉?
Joking, I’m currently so busy that I don’t even have time for myself.
I’m interested in men, but sometimes I’ll catch myself staring at a beautiful woman😶, thinking about how attractive she is. Maybe deep in me, I also like women.

Do you have siblings?
A pain in the ass little brother.

Do you have pets?
I used to have two dogs and a cat at Curaçao. Now I don’t have any pets. I can’t even take care of myself.

What languages do you speak, write or read?
I can speak, write and read dutch, english and papiamentu (the language of Curaçao). I can write, read and understand Spanish, but I need to think long before I can speak a sentence. As for chinese, I can understand mandarin and cantonese, but I can’t read or write chinese.

What are your hobbies?
Reading, translating, listening to books, watching dramas,shopping,painting, doing cross stitch embroidery20160121_220051, cooking and learning new things.
Yeah, I’ve too many hobbies.

What are your favorite colors?
When I was little, I liked yellow because of Sailor Moon. Her hair was yellow which I liked a lot. Now I like blue, black, white and red.

What was your dream?
My dream was to become a doctor but I didn’t get accepted at the University. Now my dream is just to finish my study and begin working.

Are you a morning or night person?
Definitely a night person. If I don’t have anything important to do, you won’t see me awake before 1 pm.

What are you most afraid of?
Insects. I’m even afraid of tiny spider. You’ll see me touching a tiger before you see me touching a bug.

What’s your most favorite food?
I don’t exactly have a favorite food. I eat everything. Most of the time I prefer asian food instead of european food. I don’t like things that are too sweet, so dessert at Starbucks is out of question for me. It has tons of sugar.
I also really likes cooking. If you have some recipe of yourselves please share with me. Experimenting in the kitchen is a fun thing.

What’s your most favorite drink?
Tea. I like all kinds of tea. Be it the normal teas (green, oolong,black and white), flower, fruit or herbal tea. I like them all. Longan mixed with chrysanthemum is one of my favorites. It helps you sleep well. I also like searching on internet about their benefits and side effects.
Cola and sprite were the only soft drinks I used to like, but as I’m getting older, I gradually stopped drinking soft drinks.
I also had an addiction to coffee, but now I exchanged it with teas.

Anything more you want to share?
I will continue providing you guys with translation till I get tired of translating 😆.