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Murong Family
• Murong Tai: prime minister, head of Murong family
• Li Qiu Shui: first wife of Murong Tai
• Murong Xue Lian: first daughter of Murong Tai and Li Qiu Shui, huangguifei
• Murong Xin Lian: second daughter of Murong Tai. Her mother is Zheng Min. Considered the number one beauty of the capital
• Murong Qi Qi: third daughter of Murong Tai and second daughter of Li Qiu Shui
• Murong Qing Lian: fourth daughter of Murong Tai and daughter of Liu Yan Zhi. Considered a talent at martial arts because she reached level four at such a young age
• Murong Jun: only son of Murong Tai and Liu Yan Zhi

Xi Qi’s Imperial family:
•Longze Yu: emperor of Xi Qi
•Duanmu Qing: empress of Xi Qi, mother of Longze Yu Er.
• Longze Jing Tian/Jing wangye: 18 years old. Eldest son of the current emperor
•He Xin Er/ Xianfei: Longze Jing Tian’s mother, died while Longze Jing Tian was a child
•Longze Jing Ming/ Wei wang:12 years, second son of the Longze Yu. His mother is just an ordinary lady in waiting.
Longze Jing Qi/ Zhao wang:9 years, youngest son of Longze Yu.
•Bai Meng Yu/ De fei: mother of Longze Jing Qi
• Longze Yu Er/ princess Ping Yang: 15, eldest daughter of Longze Yu
•Longze Jin Er/princess Xin Yang:3, youngest daughter of Longze Yu. Her mother is Murong Xue Lian/ imperial noble consort

Li family: one of the four great families of Xi Qi
• Li Kiu: the current head of the Li family. Li Qui Shui’s elder brother
• Li Yun Qing: Murong Qi Qi’s maternal cousin

Duanmu family: one of the four great families of Xi Qi
• Duanmu Lei: the current head of Duanmu family. Older brother of empress Duanmu qing
• Duanmu Hong Chen: son and heir of Duanmu Lei. Older brother of Duanmu Yi Yi
• Duanmu Yi Yi: eldest miss of Duanmu family. Has a crush on Longze Jing Tian

Bai family: one of the four great families of Xi Qi and the richest of the four
• Bai Mu Fei: heir of Bai family. He is now in charge of all the bussiness of Bai family. Older brother of Bai Mu Fei. Best friend with Li Yun Qing
• Bai Yi Yue: eldest miss of the Bai family

Shangguan family: one of the four great families of Xi Qi. The family is in charge of the military
• Shangguan Wu Ji: heir of Shangguan family. In love with Murong Qi Qi

Bei Zhou’s imperial family
• Wanyan Lie: the current emperor of Bei Zhou. Feng Cang’s uncle from the mother’s side
• Dongfang Lan: Wanyan Lie’s stepmother. Princess Ming Yue’s mother
• Li Bing: empress of Bei Zhou. Wanyan Hong’s mother
• Lin Ke Xin: consort De
• Wanyan Bao Zhu: only daughter of Wanyan Lie. Her mother passed away when she was young.
• Wanyan Hong: crown prince.
• Yu Shi Shi: crown princess. Wanyan Hong’s wife. Exfiance of Feng Cang
• Wanyan Jie: Wanyan Hong and Yu Shi Shi’s son
• Wanyan Yi: second prince of Bei Zhou. First son of Lin Ke Xin
• Wanyan Kang: fifth prince of Bei Zhou. Second son of Lin Ke Xin

Nan Lin wangfu
• Feng Xie:Feng Cang’s father.
• Wanyan Ming Yue: Feng Cang’s mother. Wanyan Lie stepsister. Feng Xie’s wife.
• Cai Hua: maid of Wanyan Ming Yue. Disappeared after the battle fifteen years ago
• Nan Lin wang/ Feng Cang: demon king. The nephew of the current emperor of Bei Zhou
• Jin Mo: personal doctor of Feng Cang. Lian gongzi’s shixiong.
• Ji Xiang: Feng Cang’s personal maid/guard. Ru Yi’s twin sister
• Ru Yi: Feng Cang’s personal guard. Ji Xiang’s twin brother
• Feng Qi: housekeeper

Other important people of Bei Zhou
• Mu Yu Die: granddaughter of the prime minister of Bei Zhou.

Nan Feng’s imperial family
• Miao Chu Yun: Ming Yue Cheng’s mother. The former empress of Nan Feng, accused of witchcraft and died in a fire in the cold palace
• Gu Yun Wan: current empress of Nan Feng. A secret ally of Ming Yue Cheng
• Helan Min: imperial noble consort of Nan Feng
•Ming Yue Cheng: crown prince of Nan Feng. Has been a hostage for ten years in Xi Qi
•Fu Er: Ming Yue Cheng’s servant
•Ming Yue Xin: second princess of Nan Feng.

Helan family
• Helan Lian Yi: nephew of Helan Min

Moyu: dark sect of the jianghu

o Du Xian Er: the current head of Moyu. Speciality is fighting with silver threads and poisons.

o Su Mei: killer of Moyu ranked at the fourth place

o Su Yue: killer of Moyu

Lian gongzi: famous weird doctor
Guang Huan gongzi: famous designer