As you may have noticed, Yu Ren and Demon wang’s gold medal status favorite fei has many similiarities, but yet they are not the same.


Plot The early chapters are somewhat boring. Took too many chapters to introduce. Afterwards the plot got better. Story is light hearted. Plot is fast from the start. Plot has many twist and turns. Story is darker than YR
Chapters 260 + 2 epilogues 209 + 2 epilogues
Where story took place Took place in one country and the jianghu Took place in two countries with mention of two other countries. Jianghu played in the background.
Romance Black bellied female lead with even more black bellied male lead. The romance was a bit slow on the female lead’s side. The male lead knew since the beginning that she is who he wants. Male lead fell in love first when the female lead bit his ear. He demanded she take responsibility. ‘Docile’ female lead with really thick skinned male lead. Romance was strong since the wedding was arranged. Male lead fell in love first at first sight when she is MQQ with the normal face.
Concept Time travel. Female lead went into the body of 3 year old BFL to fulfil her duty of saving 10000 people before 18. BFL is set to die at 18 Time travel. Female lead went into the body of a dying MQQ. She was given a chance to live again.


YR female lead DWGMSFF female lead
Beauty Rare Unparalled although for half of the book she was MQQ with normal looks
Age Right before she turn 15 15 ( don’t know for sure)
Smartness Can see through her enemies’ schemes and scheme back Can see through her enemies’ scheme en scheme more viciously back.
Martial arts No martial arts. Use money to buy high martial artist for her own use. Once a master said her body is good for learning martial arts. She can become his disciple. BFL asked if he’ll be beaten if twenty people like B13 go at him at the same time. Master said that he’ll have hard time dealing with twenty B13. BFL said if she can use money to hire twenty people to beat him, why would she waste time to learn martial arts. High skilled martial artist. Speciality is silver threads and poisons.
Money Have even more money than the imperial family. Bai family have business in all sectors throughout  the country. Also wealthy but not as wealthy BFL. Only have some business.
Funny BFL is definitly more funny than MQQ. She can speak with such eloquency and strange logic. Not funny.
Acting BFL doesn’t act. She shows her true colors and doesn’t care about who likes her or not. Acting is superb. Act weak when neaded,  act strong when needed.
Male leads really  in love with her Too many Many
Motto of life Live a life as lazy and full as she can. Live a peaceful and simple life


YR male lead DWGMSFF male lead
Beauty Considered one of the handsome men The most handsome man of the world
Smartness Really smart Normal smart
Martial arts Best in the world. He is also specialized in making poisons A match with female lead.
Money Poor Really rich
Age Around 18 25
Thick skin Arrogant not thick skinned Very thick skinned.
Females in love with him 3 or 4 Too many to count