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Special 1

Servant: “Wang, Jing wangye is bothering wangfei…….”

Wangye: “Castrate him.”

Servant: “Young master Shang Guan is sending love letters to wangfei……”

Wangye: “Chop his head off…….”

Servant: “Huangguifei is making things difficult for wangfei……”

Wangye: “Dispose her.”

Servant: “Moyu is stealing our territory…….”

Wangye: “Find out who their master is. The men kill them, the women send them to the army.”

Servant: “Wang, Moyu’s master is wangfei……”

Wangye: “Oh? Make way, give the territory to wangfei!”

Servant: “Yes……”

Wangye: “Tell wangfei, what’s mine is hers…..”

Servant: “This……”

Wangye: “I’m hers, not to mention those mere possessions.”

Servants: “Eh……”

Wangye: “Before didn’t wangfei set her eyes on Wu Ji Gong? Break it and sent to wangfei!”

Servant: “Pu……”

Wangye: “Ask wangfei what more does she wants. If she wants the throne, benwang will take it!”

Servant: “Ah…..”


Special  2

“Miss, someone paid a large amount of money for guye’s head.”

Outside the red canopy, a person in black is standing respectfully. Inside the canopy, a woman is lovingly nestled in the arms of a man.

“How much?”

The woman chuckled.

“5000 golden liang.”

“So cheap……ye, if you give me ten thousand, this matter will be forgotten……”

The woman’s slender finger ignited a string of flames on the man’s body.

“What if I say no……”

The man grabbed the woman’s soft finger and put it on his lips.

“Wu Qing, decree the ‘chase life command’. The one who kills demon wang will get ten thousand golden liang plus ‘the best killer of the year award’.”

“Qi er wants to kill your own husband?”

The man turned and kept the woman’s body under his body.

Ye, if I don’t do this, how can I have an affair justifiably?”

“You dare!”

Inside the canopy, it is overflowing of spring ……




1. Guye: son in law used by the wife’s family. 

2. Liang: ancient chinese currency

3. Ye: what a man calls himself/ what a woman calls a man