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Chapter 5 The female overlord at the border of the city

Being robbed was called ‘good life’ and couldn’t wait to be sold into slavery? What kind of morals were these?!

Even the northern army was mixed with evil as though there were black sheep among people. Times really had changed.

In the carriage, Bai Fu Ling looked carefully at Huang shi’s slave contract. She said with satisfaction: “Eight thousand seven hundred and one!”

  • Shi: clan

Near the alley, at a floor in a restaurant, Yang Hang dressed like a wealthy young master saw what had just happened. He frowned, looked at the ebony carriage that was departing and sneered: “Bai family’s miss? Really imposing!”

Scholar Li Duan Fang’s wife Huang shi’s maiden name was Huang Qing and she was the only child of a poor teacher at Gui Hua town. Because her mother was seriously ill and because of poverty, her father married her secretly to scholar Li of the neighboring village in exchange for a dowry to cure his wife. But it turned out that Huang shi’s mother wasn’t able to get well. During her daughter’s second year of marriage, she passed away. Old Huang was heartbroken, and he no longer had anyone to take care of him. After half a year, he also died from illness.

At the beginning, this scholar Li was fairly normal. Later on, he was badly influenced by his fellow villagers and became addicted to gambling. Two years ago, he’d lost all his possessions to gambling and then fled with Huang shi to Bei Guan City to hide from the debt collectors. After he’d arrived here, he didn’t change. He took Huang shi’s hard earned money from doing embroidery and gambled it away. He also began to beat and scold Huang shi.

Originally, Huang shi felt that marrying a chicken, she should follow the chicken and accept her fate, but a few days ago, she suddenly found out that she was pregnant. Normally, this was a happy event, but Huang shi inadvertently learned that scholar Li had made a secret agreement with the people of the gambling den. If it’s a son, they will sell it to pay off his gambling debts. Huang shi felt like she had been struck by thunder and was determined to protect her unborn child. She’s a weak woman who naturally can’t do much. Under some tradeoffs, the head of the embroidery house found Bai family’s steward Bai Ping Zi. That’s why the scene ‘robbing one’s wife’ had occurred.

After Yang Hang heard the information, he had ordered his subordinate to find out, he slowly started to roll the jade ring on his left hand. He said to the adviser Lie Dang by his side: “It seems that this miss Bai has a heart of the Buddha. What is the thing between her and the northern army?”

Another spy came forward and said: “According to the rumors from the marketplace, the general of the northern army Lu Ying and she have a relationship of brother and sister. Their relationship is very intimate. These past two years, the court failed to grant the northern army with pay and food. These were provided by miss Bai. She even took care of the disabled soldiers, widows and orphans of the soldiers. Her prestige in the northern army is no less than Lu Ying’s. It’s said that the northern army obey her every command. Lu Ying is also no exception.”

When Yang Hang heard that Bai Fu Ling had provided the pay, the hand playing with the jade ring paused slightly. Coldness and irritation flashed through his eyes.

“Aside from this miss Bai, who else does the Bai family has? Does Bai family have other supporters or are close with any other people?”

The spy said: “Bai family moved to Bei Guan City ten years ago. No one knows where they had come from. Bai family has master Bai, Bai Chou and madam Mu shi. The two only have Bai Fu Ling as an only child. It’s said that this couple really dotes on this daughter and miss Bai has the final say in everything that happens in Bai family.”

Talking till here, the spy paused and then continued: “Bai family runs the largest yahang of the entire northwest area. Every year, there were countless of dealings with the neighboring countries and the barbarians. They’re wealthy as a country but only the people at the border know their reputation. Every servant or stewards have a slave contract in miss Bai’s hands. No outsider knows how big the yahang is. But I also didn’t hear that Bai family is closely related to any party.”

  • Yahang: ancient pawnshop

Time was limited. Before Yang Hang came, he only collected the northern army’s general Lu Ying’s information. He did not pay attention to any other matter. Now ordering his spies to go find out about miss Bai and that they were able to get this much information was already not easy.

Bei Guan City was located far away from the capital. The capital wouldn’t know how the situation here was. They only knew that after Lu Ying became the general of the northern army, they had plunged the barbarian’s army over and over again. The northern territory was safe and without incident for two years. Those high officials and royals were beginning to think about things like ‘shaking the one at power’, ‘military has much power’. After the emperor thought it through, he had decided to send someone in private to check the northern army, to see if Lu Ying had given birth to a heart of treason and to also make early preventions.

After the collision of different powers, the result was to let the unfavored sixth prince Yang Hang become the secret emissary of this mission. Yang Hang also knew that this trip wasn’t in demand and that it was very dangerous and yet he couldn’t not come.

Right now, eldest imperial big brother and second imperial big brother were fighting to the bitter end. If he revealed his power too early, he was afraid that he would immediately become the two’s target. Maybe to draw him to their side or to murder him. The latter was certainly not good. The former was nothing but forced to make a wedding dress for the other with the power he got with difficulty. So, he chose to keep a low profile and pretend to be forced to accept this task. To Yang Hang, crisis may become a turning point. Now in the capital, the two sides are battling nonstop. Temporarily being away was also a good thing. He was not interested in siding with one of them. These past few years, imperial father was healthy and vigorous. If there was no accident, he would sit on the throne for at least three or five years. There wouldn’t be a good end showing that you are eying the throne now.

Unfortunately, eldest imperial big brother and second imperial big brother didn’t seem to understand this point. Or it could be that they were confident in their forces and thought that the place of the crown prince was only between them. Therefore, they were only thinking on how to defeat each other.

Yang Hang was now only interested in how to complete this task and also to let imperial father have a satisfactory result. This was a very important point. That was why, on the way here, he had thought about what kind of result imperial father would like to see the most.

He thought of several possibilities, but the important thing now was to find out Lu Ying’s attitude. It was just that he didn’t expect that he hadn’t come in contact with Lu Ying yet but would instead see the beautiful but arrogant and domineering woman at Bei Guan City. Her relationship with Lu Ying was not simple. Her background itself was very intriguing…

He waved his hand to let his subordinates withdraw. When there were only him and Lie Dang left, Yang Hang asked: “It seems that this Bai family is the tyrant of Bei Guan City……”

“Such heart should be punished!”

Lie Dang slowly spit out those five words full of hidden blood.

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