As we are getting deeper into the story, some things may appear not understandable. Hope that this will make you understand the story better.

Years before the beginning story of DWGMSFF the four countries were one country ruled by the Long family (not to be confused with Longze). There was a general with the surname Wanyan who under the influence of his wife betrayed the Long family. He made alliances with three other powerful people and they created a revolt dethroning the Long family. The then crown prince and his family were killed. The Long family ceased to exist in this world. Since then the country was split into four: Dong (east) Lu, Nan (south) Feng, Xi (west) Qi and Bei (north) Zhou.

Dong Lu is ruled by the Xia family and has the backing of Peng Lai Island, a powerful sect with high martial arts experts. This will let people think before they attack Dong Lu. The condition for having Peng Lao Island’s backing is that every empress needs to be a disciple of Peng Lai Island.

Nan Feng considered the weakest of the four is ruled by Ming family. They had to sent their crown prince as hostage to Xi Qi.

Xi Qi country is ruled by Longze family. They are not weak yet not strong

Bei Zhou the strongest of the four is ruled by Wanyan family. The current emperor of Bei Zhou is really ambitious, wanting to take over other countries. So no one dares to declare war against Bei Zhou. Beside they have the war demon at their side.

The story take place mostly in Xi Qi and Bei Zhou. Sixteen years ago, there was a big war between Xi Qi and Bei Zhou resulting in the dead of Feng Cang’s father. His mother committed suicide because of grief, making him an orphan at the age of ten. The cause of the death of his parents was Murong Tai. So Feng family and Murong family has a long standing feud. It is not clear who won the war. Bei Zhou lost their best general Feng Cang’s father and only now has Xi Qi slowly recovered from that battle. Xi Qi is still afraid of Bei Zhou.

Since the establishment of the four countries, every four year there will be a tournament. No matter if there’s war, conflict or feud, this tournament will take place. It’s a way to show off in front of other countries. The last tournament, Bei Zhou lost and Dong Lu won. The next tournament will take place at the country who lost (Bei Zhou) and the different levels of competing will be set by  the winning country (Dong Lu). Because the number of participants of each country is limitless, they will need to pass different levels of test. Only the strongest will go to the final competition.