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Chapter 7 We need to be low key

Bai Shang Lu felt silent, but that did not mean he was convinced. He was just too lazy to use his tongue anymore and converted to a silent protest.

“That, I said before that the first half of this year, you need to widen the business of yahang to the sea and form a relationship with the sea merchants, did you do it?”

Bai Fu Ling suddenly talked about business, so, Bai Shang Lu didn’t dare to neglect and sternly replied: “Fortunately, it went well. I left the steward in charge of traveling with horses at the south-east, Su Mu responsible for this matter. All is going well. The five largest sea merchants have come to an agreement with us. Su Mu is also discussing with some small sea merchants to build a force fleet to form a relation with Zhu Dao Country at the South East Sea and also to open up some new routes. Early next year, the first shipment should be able to set off.”

“Mm, aside from the new routes of the sea and the expanding business of the sea, this year’s earnings of yahang need to be doubled again, can you do it?”

Bai Fu Ling nodded and asked.

“By the middle of October, this goal can be reached.”

Bai Shang Lu answered with a straight face. The other stewards in the room raised their heads and stood upright, showing off how proud they were.

Since the day yahang was established, the annual growth of the earnings was incredibly high. But this year, the famine continued to grow. Over the years, the situation had gotten worse. To gain the double in a year that was worse than the previous year, it was easier said than done!

But they did it. Not only did they do it, but they had also achieved it ahead of the deadline! The people of yahang were worthy to be proud of.

“Right, ah. Everything I asked you to do, you did it. What more is there to not feel at ease about? Well then, I only need to wait to receive money.”

Bai Fu Ling once again put out the face full of mischievous smiles.

Bai Shang Lu was dumbstruck and didn’t know what to say anymore.

Bai Fu Ling raised her head. Her eyes swept over the many senior stewards and said smilingly: “Everyone has worked hard. What yahang has achieved more than the goal will be everyone’s bonus. The remaining half year, asking everyone to work hard. Make more money and have a good year!”

After everyone heard that, they were happy. No one knew who it was that began to cheer, but the accounting room suddenly burst with a thunderous applause. Only Bai Shang Lu had a face as if someone owned him one million liang and who didn’t want to pay him back.

Bai Fu Ling waited until they had calmed down and smiled: “I have something to discuss with your head shopkeeper. You all go back and do what you have to do.”

After everyone went away and the scene was completely clear, Bai Shang Lu didn’t hold back anymore. He stood up and said: “Miss, you……you, how can you……”

Bai Fu Ling smiled innocently: “Don’t get excited, don’t get excited. Keep cool! Do you want to say that I’m a wastrel?”

“This is what miss yourself said.”

Bai Shang Lu put out a coffin face. With his eyes, he accused Bai Fu Ling…so you have self-knowledge!

“Money is something you can’t earn it all. Yahang’s earnings doubled this year. It’s enough for me and Bai shi to consume till next year. Talent and people’s heart are the most valuable things in the world. Spending the extra income to buy people’s heart and recruit their talents is what will make a business stand in the long term. It’s more advantageous than throwing money to build a fleet and to open new routes. Don’t be so narrow-minded! The share you get is the biggest, yoh! You are putting such a face, if someone didn’t know any better, he would think that I’m mean to you and let you work without payment.”

  • Shi:clan

There were no others here now. The handsome man with a black expression in front of her was one of her most trusted people.

Bai Fu Ling recklessly climbed onto the table.

“We’ll do it as you say!”

Bai Shang Lu was somewhat moved, although his mouth continued to not show it.

“I know you want to leave some money to build the sea routes as soon as possible, to let Bai family’s business in the capital and the mainland expand faster, but have you thought that developing too fast may not necessarily be a good thing? Our business flourished into a towering tree, but there are not enough roots so the wind will destroy it! At Bei Guan City, the sky is high, and the emperor is far away. Big brother cares about our brotherly relationship and lets me mess around, but what about other places? If we develop too fast and too obvious, attracting the court’s attention, our good days will be gone.”

Bai Fu Ling explained seriously to Bai Shang Lu.

“I also want to expand the business to the bustling places of the capital, but those high royal officials are all blood sucking leeches. I’m afraid that our business hasn’t even settled yet, but we are already drained by them. Although there are some of our people in the capital, but they are only middle or low officials who only have a few years of foundation compared to the high officials and the imperial family. If something really happens, the places where they can help us with are limited. We should, step by step, stabilize our business at the sea. After a few years, tens of years, when our people are at power in the court, our hands will have enough talent and strengths. By that time, what can we not do?”

Bai Fu Ling painted the bright prospect with a smile.

“I’ve understood.”

Bai Shang Lu took a deep breath. What miss said made sense. Perhaps it was because these past few years went too well, so it made him less anxious.

“It’s good that you’ve understood. I’ll let Ding Xiang and Ma Lian check the accounting books for me. They are also old enough. Should let them do more work. You accompany me to the warehouse!”

Bai Fu Ling stood up, straightened out her dress, and tugged at Bai Shang Lu’s sleeves while she said that.

Bai Shang Lu shook his head helplessly: “Right, ah. It’s time to take the burden away from you and work like an ox and a horse.”

“Mm, let them learn more from you. The best ox and horse under me is you!”

Bai Fu Ling said that with a brightened face.

Like that, Bai Fu Ling left two pitiful lives at the accounting room to work like an ox and a horse. She and the rest of her entourage followed Bai Shang Lu to the big warehouse of yahang.

Bai Shang Lu took care of yahang for so many years. His eyes were not usual. The things that went into his eyes, just pick one and it’ll be a treasure.

Bai Fu Ling was even more critical than him. They stayed till shenshi (5pm), before they left satisfied.

In the middle, Bai Shang Lu was called away to go ‘receive the guests’. After hearing his subordinate come to report that miss was preparing to leave, he excused himself in front of the merchants and went to send her away.

He’d just arrived at the front room of the yahang, when he heard a male voice with a distinct accent say loudly: “All the people here say that Bai family’s miss have good eyes and her mouth can chop off people. You look at how much this master is worth. If the price is reasonable, this master will stay and serve miss really well! Haha ha!”

This person specifically said ‘serve very well’ loudly. It was clear that there was another meaning to the words. They were obviously taking liberties with a woman.

However, aside from the few people who had come with him and were laughing together with him, the other people were looking at the man who had spoken as if they were looking at someone crazy.

They had clearly come to search for trouble. Bai Shang Lu put on a sullen face and walked fast into the room. He saw Bai Fu Ling with her guards and maids standing in the center of the room. Seven or eight brawny men, full of beards and with naked upper bodies, blocked yahang’s entrance.

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