A video of a woman being abducted at a hotel in Beijing has become a sensation. Not only because nobody came to help but also because the response of the hotel manager.

This has been a phenomenon on China for a long time, where bystanders saw something but they don’t help in fear of getting themselves in problem. In a way I understand that, but if one have helped, I think that more will help. Tha guy probably wouldn’t be able to get revenge on all those people. It was said they believed them to be a couple. Even if they were a couple, if a guy treats a girl like that in public, somebody need to speak up. I feel bad while seeing this kinds of things. Where is the world going? Should we just standby and see somebody get mistreated because we fear that we’ll also get in trouble?

On the video you can see the hotel security trying to ‘help’.  But is that helping? I’ll say he is just standing by and trying to look like he is helping. The woman at the end did more than him the whole time. Beside is there only on guard at the hotel? Why didn’t others come to help?

The woman said she couldn’t even reach the hotel manager that day, but after the video got viral, he got more responsive. Speaking to reporters outside a Beijing courthouse where preliminary hearings are being held, the hotel manager had this to say: “I think it is hyped up. First, nobody died. Second there was no fire. Third, there was no rape.”

WTF? Should she have died before it’s serious? I really want to punch that manager now. The least he could do now is apologize for not stepping in, after all it happened in HIS hotel, where guests should feel save. First is she was abducted, she living could have been more painful than dead. Second there was no fire, lucky for you. Your hotel is save. Third there could have been rape, or she could have been sold into prostitution. What are you going to say then?

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