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Chapter 8 One price

On the necks of the brawny men who were blocking the way hung thick golden necklaces with gems. Leather skirts tied at their waists. Even standing in front of the group of fancy dressed merchants, they were still very eye-catching. With such a dress code, they were obviously the Nu barbarian merchants of the northwest. Only recently have they begun to do business at Bai Guan City. The main thing they were selling was leather. Their custom was to wear all of their worth on their bodies. As long as they had some money, they would go out to buy silver and gold jewelry and hung it on their body. Such a way of dressing really attracted thieves. Fortunately, most of them had bigger bodies than normal people and they liked to travel in groups. That was why thieves didn’t dare to have any ideas about them.

Then again, in Bei Guan City, only these ‘new people’ would not be afraid and dare to run on the ‘mouth of the gun’ of miss Bai.

Although the sun had already set, there were still a lot people moving in and out of yahang. They were blocking the entrance. The people inside yahang couldn’t get out, the people outside yahang couldn’t get in. Very seldom would someone dare to cause trouble at the number one snake nest of Bei Guan City. Everyone was opening his or her eyes wide and with a heart to watch a play to see how this person who was searching for death will end.

  • Yahang: ancient pawnshops

Bai Shang Lu stepped forward to drive these barbarians away, but then he saw the head maid Bai Guo next to Bai Fu Ling blinked at him; it was clearly indicating for him not to come forward right now. Bai Shang Lu knew that miss Bai’s vicious nature must have flared up and that she wanted to play tricks on people. Anyway, here was Bai family’s territory. Besides miss, there were many guards. If something really happened, the one who will suffer would not be her, so he will stand at one side with a peaceful mind.

Bai Fu Ling’s eyes swept once over that barbarians and said: “To know what you’re worth, we will need to see where you are sold. If you’re sold to my Bai family, you are worth one hundred twenty silver liangs.”

Nowadays, a family of five needs two silver liangs for food and clothing. Because there was a disaster again this year, there were refugees everywhere. That’s why in Qi Country, you could buy a healthy young man as a slave for ten silver liangs. Bai Fu Ling offering a hundred twenty silver liangs would really make people’s heart be moved.

The barbarian didn’t think that Bai Fu Lin would give him such a high ‘evaluation’. At the Nu barbarian’s, hundred twenty silver liangs could buy at least thirty young slaves. Of course, this barbarian was not selling his body for money, but because of Bai Fu Ling’s ‘compliment’, he laughed.

“On your neck, there are three golden necklaces with gems, two pairs of earrings and aleather belt around the waist. The gold is just general; it’s worth eighty liangs. The material of your leather belt is not bad, but when you go to a pawnshop, the price will depreciate. At most, you’ll get two liangs. The big knife in your hand with the precious stones on the scabbard, the price will be barely thirty-eight liangs. Altogether, a hundred twenty liangs.”

Bai Fu Ling counted the barbarian’s net worth with an icy tone of a pawn shopper.

The barbarian was somewhat taken aback. After seeing the crowd around him first begin to whisper and then laugh out loudly, he turned and looked behind him at a loss. He seized a companion and asked: “Why are they laughing?”

The companion also didn’t understand and just shook his head.

The head maid behind Bai Fu Ling, Bai Guo chuckled: “What our family’s miss means is that only the things on your body have some value. As for the person, you’re worth nothing!”

The barbarian suffered public humiliation. Under his anger, he took out his big knife. He groaned some curse in the barbarian language and went forward to attack Bai Fu Ling.

How could Bai Fu Ling get hurt? She didn’t even blink her eyes. Bai Shi San and the other guards behind her jumped forward, took out their swords and fought with the barbarian full of anger.

Their moves were simple but very effective. All was directed at the important parts. After ten rounds of ‘kacha’ sounds, the eight barbarians were lying on the ground shouting in pain. From the unnatural bending of their hands and feet, the crowd was afraid that the joints had been cracked.

Bai Shi San and the others quickly dragged out these losers and dumped them in a nearby street. The tables and chairs, which had been overturned because of this fight, in a blink of eye, everything returned as if nothing had happened.

Not even the slightest trace of blood could be found on the ground. However, the people who had witnessed this scene of violence, when they looked at Bai Fu Ling, their eyes involuntary showed fear.

Beautiful like a fairy, vicious like a demon!

Bai Fu Ling swept over the people and sighed helplessly: “Ay, fighting and killing are most annoying!”

Bai Shang Lu began to feel pain in his temples. He smiled with force at Bai Fu Ling and whispered, “That you are coming less often to yahang was right. If you came a few more times, I’m afraid that no one would dare to come here anymore!”

“Those guys didn’t come to do business! You send someone clever to watch those two people and send someone else to inform my big brother’s underlings that spies have come.”

Bai Fu Ling pointed without a trace at two tall men in the crowd who were leaving.

Bai Shang Lu’s expression turned cold. He quickly called over two clever men to do the jobs. Then he escorted Bai Fu Ling to the door. This time when the people saw her, they went out of her way and didn’t dare to block her.

“How do you know that those two people are spies? Just now, did you deliberately let Bai Shi San use a heavy hand on those barbarians?

While Bai Shang Lu was walking, he asked in a low voice.

Bai Fu Ling smiled slyly: “Just now, when those barbarians were blocking my way, I noticed that their leader would unconsciously look back. Especially when he felt like he was very impressive. I knew then that someone else had ordered them to cause trouble and that the person was standing behind them.”

“I paid attention for a moment and saw that behind them, there were two people who were acting strangely. Their eyes were obviously different from those who came to watch, Mm…very calm. Although their mouths followed along and booed, their eyes didn’t have the excitement of the people watching. And their hands were on their chest but deliberately hidden in the sleeves. Now the weather is so hot, I’m itching to roll my sleeves up. They huddled their hands; something must be in the sleeves. Hidden weapons or something like a dagger? Usually spies wouldn’t dare to carry swords openly on the waist. The sleeves are the most common location to hid weapons. They may not necessarily intend to attack anyone, it’s just a habitual action…While on a task, a hand on the chest and touching the weapon of self-defense, their heart would feel more at ease.”

There were many similar people at Bai family in the past. Bai Fu Ling would recognize them at one glance.

Bai Shang Lu was convinced. Over the years he had long become accustomed to his miss’s ability to look through people.

While talking, the two had arrived at Bai Fu Ling’s carriage. Bai Fu Ling said: “The target of those people was most likely not our Bai shi, but big brother.”

  • Shi: clan

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