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Chapter 9 Advertisements of the magical hands bringing the dying back to life

“How come? Are they the barbarians’ spies? Was it for this reason that you let Bai Shi San make rubbish of them?”

Bai Shang Lu’s eyes deepened. Under the northern army’s general Lu Ying, there was no war in Bei Guan City these past few years. The citizens of Bei Guan City could be considered to be living in peace and working happily. If the barbarians tried to invade again, even if the northern army gained victory, Bei Guan City would be in chaos for quite a while.

“Such a fool with not well-developed limbs and who’s especially stupid, how could he be a spy? Even if the barbarians are stupid enough to send them over as spies, they would have kept a low profile, how could they risk exposing their true identities and cause trouble?”

“Humph! In Bei Guan City, there are those Nu Barbarians who are so stupid and don’t know how high the sky is and how thick the ground is. Where were there people who would dare to come here and cause trouble at our Bai family’s business? Do they really think their lives are too long? Besides, there is no benefit for the barbarians to go against our Bai family. Although they are stupid, but they would not be so low as to waste so much effort to do such a stupid thing. The other party deliberately bribed the barbarians to cause trouble; first it’s to create a confusion, second I’m afraid that the wine’s lover’s heart is not in the cup,” Bai Fu Ling said in disdain.

  • Wine’s lover’s heart is not in the cup: a drinker who’s not really interested in alcohol, meaning having an ulterior motive

“Your meaning…is that the court wants to deal with general Lu. That’s why they sent people to test us first?”

Bai Shang Lu didn’t quite understand what ‘wine’s lover’s heart is not on the cup’ meant, but from the experience of so many years of interacting with Bai Fu Ling, he probably could guess what she meant.

He had also recently heard some rumors saying that some people at the court were dissatisfied with the general of the northern army. They might have taken some action against him. The position that Lu Ying was sitting on, the low-ranked people didn’t dare to provoke and there’s no need to provoke. The only ones who would take action against him would be the parties from the top.

In Bei Guan City, just randomly grab a person and ask: who does the general of the northern army have the have the best relationship with, eleven out of ten people would say Bai family especially Bai family’s miss. Lu Ying had a very clean image in the army and his reputation was excellent. If they wanted to go against him, the breakthrough would be through his relationship with Bai family.

“It should be pretty close. At first, those stupid Nu barbarians just started to mock and provoke, deliberately creating disturbance and wanted to stall for time so that some important people would arrive at the scene. The other party probably wanted to provoke the so-called person behind the scenes of Bai family. Dad and mother are very low key and stayed at home most of the time and I’m just a little girl. Everyone thinks that Bai family must have a person behind the scenes. Even if ordinary merchants are curious, they would not have been too concerned about it and they would not have been so bored as to send people over to provoke. But those people of the court always have a very rich imagination. Maybe they’re now thinking that different army forces are colluding with an unknown party.”

If Yang Hang and his adviser Lie Dang were here now and heard Bai Fu Ling’s reasoning, probably their expressions would have been really colorful.

Bai Shang Lu smiled helplessly: “Since miss already guessed the other party’s identity, why did you still use such a heavy hand?”

After all, they were just some merchants who depended on Lu Ying’s power. Although they also have their own power, but that power could not be brought out on the surface. Some things couldn’t be done too excessively, otherwise it would be the same as bringing trouble to Lu Ying.

Bai Fu Ling raised an eyebrow and said: “I hate other people using this method to cause mischief in front of me. Besides, if they are truly people of the court, could it be that they will condemn big brother just because I beat a few barbarians?”

“The most important thing is…Fang Hai’s medical center has not had a big business in a long time! If this continues, in what month or year will he be able to buy back his slave contract?”

Speaking of this, Bai Fu Ling smirked.

Fang Hai was also someone Bai family raised. His slave contract was unfortunately in the hands of Bai Fu Ling. According to the rules as long as he earned enough money, he could buy off the contract and recover his identity as a citizen.

Although on the surface Fang Hai had sold himself to Bai family, at the same time he was the proud disciple of a genius doctor. After studying, he opened a medical center at Bei Guan City. Because there hadn’t been a war at Bei Guan City for such a long time and he was still so young, it was very difficult for patients to trust him. So, he usually only treated some small ailments like the cold. Fang Hai’s medical expertise was skillful, and he was too soft hearted. Often, he would treat patients free of charge, resulting in the medical center being difficult to operate and he hardly made ends meet.

Not mentioning about buying back his contract, even the money Bai family lent him to open the medical center, he couldn’t even pay back. A disciple of a genius doctor becoming like this, it could be considered as one of a kind!

“Can those barbarians still be treated?”

Bai Shang Lu was somewhat dumbfounded. From what he saw, he was afraid that even their joints had been broken by Bai Shi San and the others.

“Can be treated, ah. Bai Shi San and the others are very measured when using their hands. The barbarians just look miserable on the surface. Now some people should have already sent them to Fang Hai. Treating one is five hundred liang. In the package included, they can walk and move after one month. After half a year, they will be the same as reborn from the dead and can move about freely. Fang Hai having such living advertisements, would the road to the wealth not come directly?! See, not only have I recycled rubbish, I also took care of Fang Hai’s business. This is called one move, two gains!”

Bai Fu Ling said that proudly.

Bai Shang Lu was lost for words. His miss did business with living advertisements…really vicious! He didn’t know whether after the barbarians understood the cause and effect would their outside wounds be treated but they got so angry that now they are suffering from internal injuries?

Bai Fu Ling went into the carriage with the help of maid Bai Guo. She turned and smiled at Bai Shang Lu: “You have a face cold as ice, but in the end, you are really softhearted. All this time, you were thinking about the injuries of those morons. Are you at ease now?! It must have been a tough job for Yang Mei to jump through the appearance and see your innate character and insisted on devoting her life to you. You are indeed someone who came from my hands! The eyes are very good!”

Having said that, regardless of Bai Shang Lu’s awkward expression, she departed.

This time, she went to the largest restaurant Tong Yun Lou. Every time Bai Fu Ling came to Bai Guan City, she would go to Tong Yun Lou to eat before going back to Bai mansion at Bai Li Mountain.

The boss of Tong Yun Lou Huang Bo also came out of Bai family. Five years ago, he bought back his slave contract. Bai family had always taken care of these people plus the fact that this boss was Bai family’s cook, the dishes he made was very much to the liking of Bai family. Therefore, it also became the first choice where Bai Fu Ling would dine in the city.

Huang Bo had received the news early. He left the entire third floor empty and let people clean and wash it carefully. He was now just waiting for miss Bai to arrive.

Bai Fu Ling’s ebony carriage arrived in front of the restaurant. Immediately, a waiter came forward to settle the carriage and lead the troop to the third floor.

The weather was bad after midday. Not long after Bai Fu Ling sat down, dark clouds came from the horizon. In a blink of eyes, lightning flashed. The thunder rumbled. Raindrops as large as a soybean splashed down from the sky. Pedestrians fled. The street became a mess.

Bai Fu Ling leaned against the window and laughed to the maids beside her: “Do you know why my mood is so good?”

The maids shook their heads. They were not the worms in her stomach. Who would know why you are suddenly smiling?

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