Nan Gong Yun is the dignified third prince of Shui Yue ( water moon) Country. He is well versed in literary talent and military strategy. His handsome face will make men jealous and make women drool. So that’s why that romantic nature and ‘ every mouth gives praise’ (extensive public reputation) can be understood: if a man is not a player then he wasted his youth. Not too mention such a unique person, totally understood!

But she…….Situ Yu, a countryside girl who he doesn’t know where she came out from. Want something has nothing. Aside from the appearance that can barely enter his eyes, what other things about her won’t make his appetite turnoff?

Look, she doesn’t know any words. Let’s not mention the fourt arts ( qin, chest poetry and painting), just seeing a normal kite flying in the sky, she’ll jump three feet high in surpise and shout: “Wow, such a big bird, ah! Hoe come I’ve never seen such a bird in the woods before?”

‘Putong’ sounds sounded a few times, not only did the kite fell, but also the people who heard those words has been beaten till they fainted by those words!

Helpless, one countryside girl, one prince of a dynasty, these identities are far enough of each other. But fate loves to play with people. One time didn’t succeed then do it a second time. This time didn’t succed then next time it’ll succeed. God happens to tie the two of them together, letting them stare angry at each other. Making enemies meet each other and still letting them unable to escape!

Escape? Why would he, a dignified wangye needs to escape? Really strange. When he doesn’t want to escape anymore, his heart suddenly changed.

Where should he go search? Where to look for? He embarked in a tough road of winning her heart. In his heart, he couldn’t help but curse mercilessly: ” Yatou, don’t let benwang catch you, otherwise in this life don’t ever dream of escaping!”


Another book that I’ve been listening to. It’s an enjoyable book, but not addicting. The female lead is smart in her own ways but sometimes too innocent in the matters of love. The male lead is your alpha male who will fall head over heals with the female lead. I can’t say more about this book than that. I think the author tried to mix some popular subjects of other books into one book. There are a little of everything in this book which make this book not too well-developed. I liked the beginning, but in the middle I got tired of the female’s lead innocence on the matters of love. I nearly gave up on the book, but then I realized that I just have a few chapters left. To be accurate, I liked the epilogues more than the book itself.

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