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Chapter 10 Whose supporter is stronger

“You all look at how sorry those figures of the people below us are. We are sitting here comfortably; no need to avoid the rain, no need to hurry. And soon there will also be delicacies brought here. Don’t you feel very fortunate? Don’t you all suddenly feel very good?”

The maids suddenly realized that she was taking joy in the calamity of others! They should have realized it sooner; miss’s happiness was based on the sufferings of others!

Just at this moment, Huan Bo personally came in to serve with a servant.

Bai Fu Ling and the four maids sat by the window together. They sat across Bai Shi San and the others through a white screen.

The dishes are very rich in flavor, but the portions were not big. Especially at Bai Fu Ling’s side. Although it was eight dishes with one soup, but each dish is very ‘delicate’. It was just the right amount for five women. It was Bai Shi San’s side that had big platters of food.

Although the amount was not the same, but clearly the dishes on Bai Fu Ling’s side is prepared with more thoughtfulness.

Huang Bo bowed to Bai Fu Ling and wanted to have a chat with her, but Bai Fu Ling waved her hand impatiently: “There’s a good business outside waiting for you to do, why are you still here chatting? Go finish the thing below and then you can come back and talk.”

It was dinnertime now and also coincided with a heavy rain. There were more guests than usual. The two floors below were already full. It was a busy time now. Huang Bo knew that his miss didn’t like polite etiquettes and being here pointlessly. He didn’t dare to say anything more and obediently went back to work.

Bai Fu Ling really disliked it when she was having a meal and there’s a crowd around her. So not only did she reserve the whole third floor, she didn’t even let the servants stay.

Bai Guo took over the silver chopsticks and put the dishes on Bai Fu Ling’s plate. Then she put down the chopsticks and left with the other maids to Bai Shi San’s side to have their meal.

Every time they went out with miss, they would have a good dinner to eat. Bai Shi San and the others had long waited till they were swallowing their saliva. Once they heard that they could start, they immediately flocked to the dishes. A wind swept the grounds, while they pushed down the dishes into their stomach.

In contrast, Bai Fu Ling was more elegant. Bai Fu Ling glanced over and muttered: “You are like hungry wolves. If someone didn’t know any better, they would think that I usually don’t give you a full meal to eat!”

Ma Lian smiled: “How would there be hungry wolves that are so fat? Their personality is like this. Don’t let it turn off miss’s appetite.”

Just then, sounds of a dispute suddenly came from the stairs. And then a burst of footsteps could be heard. From the stairs, ten servants in grey clothes swarmed inside, followed by two fifty-something (female) servants and four teenage maids who are surrounding two beautiful young women.

The two women who came in last were wearing expensive clothes. Their hair was full of pearls. One was wearing a navy-blue dress. There were plums and peonies embroidered on the dress. The other was wearing a light-yellow jacket with narrow sleeves. She was also wearing a light green floral dress. A jade green brocade covered half of the sleeves of the girl’s dress. Unfortunately, just now it rained. The bottom of the dress was soiled because of the rain, making her look like a sorry figure.

From the moment they heard movements, Bai Shi San and the others have dropped the fatty meat that was about to enter their mouths and jumped to the entrance to block them.

A middle-aged maid among the other party came forward. Her eyes swept over the vicious Bai Shi San and the others. Her vision went as far as looking at Bai Fu Ling, who was sitting by the window with her back towards them. Then she looked at the four maids by her side who have already stood up. She immediately knew that the leader of this group of people was the only female who was still sitting on the chair.

Not mentioning the eight shiny guards, every maid beside the girl was beautiful like a flower. The ornaments and clothes on their bodies and hairs are something that even rich families wouldn’t be able to afford. They didn’t look like maids. Just with their looks, they surpassed many ladies of good families! Although this middle-aged maid didn’t want to admit it, but the looks of these few maids wouldn’t lose to her miss and cousin miss. Really didn’t know how people at this border city could get such girls as maids.

It seemed that the other party also had some powers…but just thinking about her guye’s identity, she immediately put aside her little hesitation. She raised her eyebrow and said: “There’s heavy rain, please, can this lady make it easy for us by giving us a few seats so my family’s mistress can take a rest? As for the cost of reserving this floor, my family’s mistress is willing to pay half.”

  • Guye: son-in-law: also used by the servants of the female’s family

She was speaking quite politely, but every word braces the meaning of being not negotiable. The third floor was spacious. It could put seven, eight tables for ten people. Now, Bai Fu Ling and the others only used two tables to occupy this whole floor. The woman felt that her requirements and conditions were very reasonable.

Huang Bo was at the back looking for Bai Fu Ling’s dessert. After hearing from the servants that people had actually broken into the third floor, he was immediately anxious. Three steps became two steps. He hurried over.

He ran up the stars and was just in time to hear the woman’s words. The moment he heard that, his heart called ‘this is bad’. He didn’t dare to say that he really understood his miss’s temper, but he knew about it fifty to sixty percent. These people broke into the third floor had already broken miss’s taboo. And their attitude was actually strong, wanting miss to give up a few tables. Most importantly, what they shouldn’t have said was about splitting the fee. He seemed to almost be able to foresee how miss would humiliate these people…

“Guest, this floor has already been reserved. A guest in a private room downstairs is about to check out. Can you wait for a moment downstairs? This small shop will clean the place as soon as possible.”

Huang Bo persuaded first before Bai Fu Ling could open her mouth. He hoped that he can quickly, really quickly, bring these people downstairs, to avoid people getting hurt…it was not that he was afraid that his miss would get hurt, he was afraid that these outsiders, who he didn’t know where they came from,  would get hurt!

But some people completely didn’t understand his good intentions. That young maiden beside the lady whispered: “Big cousin sister, in this Bei Guan City, cousin-in-law is the biggest. If someone needs to leave, it’s them. If we let it go, in the future if this is spread out, won’t it let people laugh at cousin-in-law?”

This young maiden saw that the ostentation of Bai Fu Ling didn’t lose to that of them, she got angry. And after seeing those beautiful maids, she got angrier. She could be considered to have seen something of the world. Although the other party had many servants and the ostentation was also not small, but she was apparently not from a family of officials. Since she (BFL) was just a commoner, then what did she (young maiden) have to worry about? And also counting on their backers, she didn’t believe that there was someone else in this Bei Guan City who had a stronger backer than her…big cousin sister!

After the mistress heard that, her heart also moved. They came from the capital. Normally they saw more elite officials than dogs. Even her big brother’s official post was not small, but they still had to live holding their tails. Now that they had come to this border, do they still need to be patient and accept this and that? Thinking like that, she lost the interest to go downstairs. Even if the private room was free and convenient for them to rest, she would still need to occupy this floor!

Huang Bo saw that this group of people didn’t even move an inch, his heart couldn’t help but get anxious. He was about to persuade some more, when he suddenly heard Bai Fu Ling say: “Boss, here is none of your business, go down!”

The moment Huang Bo heard this, he knew he couldn’t say more. He looked with some sympathy at this group of people who are acting recklessly. He shook his head and went down while he commanded the servant to absolutely let no one else come upstairs and no matter what happened upstairs, he must not meddle in.

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