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Chapter 11 The flood reached the Dragon Emperor’s Temple

After Bai Fu Ling drove Huang Bo away, she slowly turned. The moment the people who are causing trouble saw her looks, they involuntarily gasped. They almost suspected that it was a fairy who came down to earth. In particular, those several male servants. They looked at her in a daze.

Bai Fu Ling was already accustomed to this, so she didn’t care. She gave Bai Guo, who was standing beside her, a glance. Bai Guo understood and said to that mistress: “Since you know that this floor has been reserved by my miss, please leave. When my miss is having dinner, she doesn’t like nuisances at her side.”

Those words were very rude. The middle-aged maid, who originally lost her soul because of Bai Fu Ling’s looks, got her soul back. Her expression immediately changed and she sneered: “Do you know who my mistress is?”

Bai Guo, being Bai Fu Ling’s subordinate, couldn’t be said about other things, but she was good at quarrels. After she heard that remark, she immediately got happy: “You don’t even know who your mistress is and still come to ask me? You go back and ask, then we can talk.”

Ding Xiang and Ma Lian couldn’t help but laugh.

That middle-aged maid was so angry, she trembled. She was greatly humiliated in front of her owner. She wanted to retort but was afraid that the more she talked, the more mistakes she would make. Just as she was about to break out, another middle-aged woman came forward, pulled her sleeves and said loudly: “Why waste words on these countryside commoners? Not drinking wine of a toast but wants to drink wine of a punishment!”

After saying that, she waved her hands. The male servants immediately came forward and began fighting.

Although Bai Shi San and the others had an appearance of not to be trifled with, but these people who came from a family of generals, in the eyes of these trained servants, Bai Shi San and the others are just a bunch of ordinary vicious people. They rushed forward without care. They thought that in just a moment after taking down Bai Shi San and the others, they might have a chance to get their hands on Bai Fu Ling and those beautiful maids. So, they put more effort in fighting. But from the moment they started, they found out that they were mistaken. The people before them seemed to have changed in a blink of an eye…but it was already too late.

Bai Shi San and the others moved fast and hard and the martial arts they practiced have always been designed for the crucial points. It was nothing fancy.

In a blink of an eye, five of the servants had been taken down. Although, the remaining three were barely standing, they have become pale. Their pairs of hands were hanging softly beside their bodies. They were clearly dislocated. There were two completely free of injuries, but that was because they happened to be the ones responsible for guarding the six women, so they didn’t rush forward and were lucky to survive.

This was also the result of Bai Shi San and the others being lenient. They received the hint from Bai Guo, so they didn’t use the stick. Otherwise, Fang Hai’s medical center would have received a few more ‘living advertisements’.

Although, these servants weren’t as good as Bai Shi San and the others, but they are also very powerful and didn’t even cry or shout.

The two middle-aged maids were stunned by this unexpected scene. All the way here, they had encountered some things. They always saw how their family’s servants beat the opponents until they covered their heads and sneak away like a rat. How could they have thought that today, the situation would be reversed?

The mistress, protected in the middle, had paled but still remained calm. The young maiden next to her was scared until she had lost all color. She covered her mouth with force. She almost screamed out loud.

Bai Fu Ling’s eyes swept over them while smiling faintly: “If you want to tyrannize, you also need to look who the opponent is, get away quickly! Can it be that you are waiting for us to let you stay for food?”

That mistress patted on the young maiden’s shoulder to indicate that she should calm down. She straightened her waist and looked once at Bai Fu Ling. She said coldly: “Don’t know what miss’s name is.”

Bai Fu Ling ignored her, turned around and said to her maids: “Let’s eat! Don’t bother with those loitering people. The dishes have turned cold. Really spoiling the mood!”

Such obvious ignoring was like a slap to that mistress face. She didn’t say a word, leaned on the maid beside her and headed down the stairs. That young maiden turned around and said viciously in Bai Fu Ling’s direction: “You offended my big cousin sister, you will regret it! Do you know who my cousin-in-law is?!”

Why couldn’t this girl learn how to behave? Bai Guo could no longer bear it and smiled: “You go home and ask who your cousin-in-law is and then come make a scene. It wouldn’t be too late.”

This time, even Bai Shi San couldn’t hold it in and burst out laughing.

That mistress seeing that her little cousin sister was being ridiculed, in her heart she was blaming her for disgracing herself. She turned around and pulled her away.

Those servants, who had been knocked down or dislocated and sprained their muscles, helped each other. While twisting, they went down the stairs.

At the second floor, the guests were all staring with big eyes with a look of ‘watching a play’. These people were so embarrassed that they want to dig a hole to bury themselves. Many of these guests were regulars at Tong Yun Lou. They knew that the one on the floor above was Bai family’s miss. When these people went upstairs to search for trouble, they already had guessed that this would have been the outcome. They laughed while waiting to watch this play.

That mistress and miss have never received such shame before. They rushed all the way straight down to the first floor. They let the servant bring their carriage. They went into it and went away.

That miss went into the carriage and cried tears full of grievances. She said to the mistress: “Big cousin sister, why did you stop me from speaking cousin-in-law’s name? I don’t believe that after that little bitch hears cousin-in-law’s name, she will still dare to be so arrogant!”

That mistress’s face turned cold and she said: “Turning like this, still have the nerve to put out your cousin-in-law’s name! If this got out, even my face will turn red!”

She was feeling remorseful for not stepping down when the shopkeeper came to persuade and listened to her little cousin sister. In the end, she didn’t even figure out the identity of the other party but already had lost such a big face.

Of course, such a loathsome girl who dared to humiliate her, she would definitely not let her off. When she sees her husband, she must let her husband take revenge for her. By that time, see how she would tear down that loathsome girl’s proud face! It was just, she must absolutely not let her husband see that girl…at such a young age, her appearance was already like a fox…

At Tong Yun Lou, Huang Bo let two servants put the chairs and tables back to their place. He repeatedly apologized to Bai Fu Ling for failing to stop those people. After that did he retreat.

Bai Fu Ling sighed: “Is it because recently I did too many good things or does my face look like someone easy to bully? How come that today I went out, one after another, people will come looking for trouble?”

The four maids looked at each other. This was really strange. These few years, at Bei Guan City, miss’s ‘evil name’ could be considered to have spread far and wide. There was only she who bullied people, who would not be afraid and dare to come provoke her, ah? It just so happened that they encountered two today.

Ding Xiang said: “Perhaps it’s by coincidence. I heard that recently, there’s a lot more merchants in town.”

Ma Lian blinked and said: “The people who came just now didn’t look like merchants. Dressing like that, they don’t look like someone simple. Don’t know which family’s mistress and miss they are.”

Bai Fu Ling drink some white fungus soup and said: “It’s my big brother’s family.”

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