• The ninth heaven is the highest of all heaven. The phoenix is the symbol of empress




She appears to be a fool, but meeting a god she’ll kill a god, meeting a Buddha she’ll kill Buddha. She pretends to be a pig to eat a tiger! Getting rid of her legitimate mother (she is from the illegitimate line, so the legitimate mother is the official wife of her father but not her birth mother), slaughtered her legitimate sister, scared her ruthless father till he became silly and angered the black belly emperor till he died. Finally, she can leave without care, but behind her followed a bunch of love struck handsome men. So many tails, how to get rid of them, ah?




Yao Mo Xin, the empress of Da Chu died in a cruel way a day after she gave birth at the hands of her husband the emperor Ye Hong Yi and her legitimate second sister Yao Shu Ran. Ye Hong Yi got the throne because of the smartness of Yao Mo Xin, but he hated her because she made him feel like a useless person who needs a woman to become the emperor.

Her soul got in the body of her illegitimate third sister from the same mother Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Wan has the mentality of a child because the legitimate wife of her father fed poison to her mother while she is caring Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Xin wants revenge for everything that happened to her, so she seduced the emperor and began her plan of taking everything away from him. She did that while pretending to still have the mentality of a child. She also wants to repay Ye Jun Qing back for everything he did for her while she was Yao Mo Xin. In the process of revenge, she met many people who will fall in love with her wit and intelligence.



  1. Yao Mo Wan: before rebirth, Yao Fu’s third miss, the rebirthed Yao Mo Xin

The rebirthed Yao Mo Xin wise and an expertise in strategy has a deep calm judgment in the treacherous harem with its deep scheming. Step by step she eradicated every obstacle in front of her with the ultimate goal to avenge her bloody revenge.

In the olden days, she only loved Ye Hong Yi, Yao Mo Wan no longer has the slightest love or affection in her heart. All kinds of reason in the past creating this hate of today that went deep in the bones.

She pretended to only have a child’s mentality and showed Ye Hong Yi unlimited admiration and worship, but in secret she beheaded his right and left hand. Sometimes she will also mess with Ye Hong Yi’s judgment to make him lose the heart and lose his life and repent for what he did.

In the process of revenge Yao Mo Wan and the male lead Ye Jun Qing from bickering and ridiculing each other they came to sympathy with each other. Staying together through deathly moments, finally finding out no matter it’s the past life or the present life, no matter if it’s Yao Mo Xin or Yao Mo Wan, the one she deeply loves is Ye Jun Qing. From the moment she chose this person, she firmly stands by her faith; the one who will walk till the end with her in this life can only be Ye Jun Qing.

The debt of love is difficult to pay back. For revenge, Yao Mo Wan she approached Feng Yi Han, Yan Nan Shan and Han Jin Yi. Such amazing characters who do everything for her without wanting anything back. She owed them countless debt of love.

In between, her heart had a slight hesitation, but she told herself that aside from Ye Jun Qing, she can’t have any other thoughts on other people. She is sincere with others although occasionally she can be a black belly, but she also got a number of good friends. In difficult moments, she got help from everyone and overcame one after another storm. To these good friends, she has a grateful heart.


  1. Ye Jun Qing: the war god of Da Chu, Su wang

He is the war god of Da Chu whose contribution is difficult to ignore. He is also a handsome wangye who is infatuated with one person. In the past, he only loved Yao Mo Xin. He gave up the throne for Yao Mo Xin’s husband who is also his fourth big brother Ye Hong Yi. He thought that backing off is the best for everyone, but didn’t think that his moment of benevolence caused the tragic death of his loved one. Without knowing anything, Ye Jun Qing let Ye Hong Yi oppress him. As long as he can protect Yao Mo Xin’s reputation, he is willing to change from a tiger to a sick cat. He is willing to be under others and cohabite with Mo Xin’s little sister Yao Mo Xin in Guan Ju Palace and pretend to be a waste.

After seeing Yao Mo Wan’s actions, he also became suspicious of Yao Mo Xin’s death. He secretly investigated which is a move against Yao Mo Wan’s wishes.

Mo Wan doesn’t want Ye Jun Qing to get involved too much in order to avoid Ye Jun Qing to be impulsive, so she always hindered Ye Jun Qing’s investigation. Thus the two became enemies and therefore creating a lot of ridiculing.

As the things get to the bottom plus the long time they lived with each other, Ye Jun Qing finally realized his feelings for Yao Mo Wan. Like Mo Xin, he loved Mo Wan deeply. Unlike Mo Xin, in front of Mo Wan he can sometimes act cute, sometimes act spoiled and even walk away angry and jealous.

Because of love, so regardless of if Ye Jun Qing really want this country, he will act according to Yao Mo Wan’s wishes. Overcoming all obstacles and finally stand in the highest place at court.

“Jun Qing doesn’t want you to be zhen’s empress, only want you to be my wife. (zhen is the I for emperor. Here he said zhen’s empress and my wife which more affectionate). One life, one lifetime, one pair of people. The emperor can’t do it but Jun Qing can!” (the emperor must have concubines, so it can’t be one pair of people a lifetime)

Because of a promise, Ye Jun Qing finally gave up on the throne and went away with Yao Mo Wan from that magnificent palace to pursue the life they want.


  1. Yan Nan Shan: Ye Jun Qing’s shixiong, the head of the jianghu

He is considered the most handsome man in the world who is so beautiful that even women will be jealous. He met Yao Mo Wan because Ye Jun Qing. He cares about Ye Jun Qing like an older brother and helped Ye Jun Qing many times. He has a love hate relationship with Yao Mo Wan. The love is because he unconsciously fell in love with Yao Mo Wan. The hate is because he got conned many times by Yao Mo Wan. One after another treasure went from his hand to Yao Mo Wan. He once said that although his looks are unforgettable, he now wishes that Yao Mo Wan will forget ever meeting him because otherwise he will die a really poor man. Yao Mo Wan always took advantage of his care for Ye Jun Qing to get his helping hand and con some more treasure while she is at it. Sometimes even Ye Jun Qing thinks that it’s really bad being his shixiong (shixiong is senior from the same master). Once he thought that maybe the reason  he fell in love with Yao Mo Wan is because after he married Yao Mo Wan, Yao Mo Wan won’t be conning more treasures from him since they are one family then.


  1. Han Jin Yi: owner of the gold capital

He is the best thief in the world with unparalleled wealth and also has unrivaled martial arts. He is the best thing women yearn for in this world. He once said: Yao Mo Wan doesn’t have love for him, but what to do? He just likes this kind of oppressive feeling. He has natural affinity. As long as Yao Mo Wan is at his side, she will feel safe and comfortable.

Initially, Han Jin Yi knows that in Yao Mo Wan’s heart, she has someone else. He came late, but he doesn’t want to admit defeat. For Yao Mo Wan he dispersed thousand golden teals without blinking an eye. Because of one sentence from Yao Mo Wan, before I come back you must protect the city, he waved his sword against ten thousand soldiers. Swords have no eyes. He was seriously injured but never thought of retreating. He can lose his life, but he can’t let the woman he loves be disappointed.

Finally, Yao Mo Wan came back, but she rushed to another man. He silently blocked the sword that came flying. After determining that Mo Xue Yuan (a city) is safe, he quietly left. No need to say thanks, no need to repay, he only wants Yao Mo Wan to be happy.

Later, when he gets the news that Mo Wan went missing, he abandoned the golden city and went to Chi Country. After many dangers, he finally saved Yao Mo Wan.

Once drunk, he knows that Yao Mo Wan feels guilty. Hearing Mo Wan say that in this life, it’ll be difficult to repay, he only pursed his lips and gave a small smile. The thing he wants is never repaying.

He chose another woman and married in front of Yao Mo Wan. It’s not that he loves that woman very much, he only wants Yao Mo Wan to leave with a peaceful mind……


  1. Ye Hong Yi: the emperor of Da Chu

The emperor of Da Chu is the source of tragedies of the female lead’s past life. The scum of all scums, the leader of all scums. He has a suspicious nature. He is vicious with no spare of pains. The person he suspects must be exterminated. In this life there has been true love, it’s the female lead Yao Mo Wan. Because in his eyes, only a fool will stay loyal. After knowing Yao Mo Wan’s betrayal, Ye Hong Yi went into madness. His personality became more twisted. One change of face, he wants to kill the female lead. In the end he died at Yao Mo Wan’s hand. He still hates her infidelity and wants to die with her. Even in his last moments, he hasn’t had the slightest regret. He is incurable.


  1. Chu Mo Bei: Shu Country’s crown prince

He is Da Shu’s crown prince. He is a ‘deceitful thief’ according to Yao Mo Wan. Once he and Yao Mo Xin opposed each other with equal harshness. That’s why he is particularly interested in the rebirthed Yao Mo Wan. He was careless once and suffered defeat at Yao Mo Wan’s hands. To get that defeat back, he began to battle with Yao Mo Wan. The so called quarrelsome lovers. After calculating and playing trickery for a long time with Yao Mo Wan, he gave birth to feelings he shouldn’t have for this woman. But since their standpoint is different, in everyone eyes he is standing opposite Yao Mo Wan, but in reality he is being merciful towards Yao Mo Wan in everything. In the end, he went to the opposite row, with thousand soldiers he helped them out of the woods. In front of Yao Mo Wan, he never showed his feelings. This kind of love is called having a crush.



My most favorite book at the moment. Unlike other rebirth books, this book doesn’t go back in time. It stays in the same time line. The female lead doesn’t know what will happen in the future. Although a bit long, 668 chapters, every chapters will keep you at the edge. There are so many obstacles to overcome that 668 chapters didn’t seem that long. What I like most about this book is the comedy. It may appear that this is a heart wrenching and serious book, but the comedy here is so funny. I can’t stop laughing just thinking of them. The romance is set at the beginning of the story. I felt a bit bad for the other male leads, since they never had a chance. All the male leads are so good that it was such a difficult choice to let her be happy with Ye Jun Qing. I really hoped that there were more Yao Mo Wan so everyone can be happy. I hope that someone can translate this amazing book. Rating 5/5

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