Hi dear readers,

As you may know, recently I had exams. The result are already out and I failed 2 exams. So now I can’t continue study on this university anymore. I’m kinda depressed right now, but life needs to continue. This is already my third study, so my parents wants me to stop studying and go work. I don’t know yet, cause if I stop studying and go work, what kind of work can I do without a diploma? Here you need to have a diploma to have a good work. But I already wasted so much money and time, I don’t know if I should continue to study.

I finished high school at 18 and did a study in medicine which wasn’t my thing. After that one year I went to work for a year. So at 20 I went to study econometrics and operational research which was so difficult, I switched to economics. Now at 22 I failed two exams, so I can’t continue on this university. I need to get 60 score out of the 60 to stay. Since I failed two, I only got 44 of the 60. My parents are really disappointed as am I. They say every one of my friends already graduated and I am still at the beginning. They say I’m already 22 and did nothing with my life etc…They already supported me for years financially and I failed them. So they don’t want to support me anymore. My father is all about that other people without a diploma can earn well. I need to learn from them. My mother is in the middle but she will side with my father if it comes to a conflict. I also don’t know anymore what I want. If I want to study a new study, I need to pay my own tuition. This is also why I am hesitating to go study again, because I don’t have the means to pay tuition and books. I can go work and study at the same time, but I’m afraid to fail again. If I go study and fail again, I might as well jump of the cliff. I’m like a loss puppy who doesn’t know what she wants in life. What do you guys think, should I go to another college or should I just stop?