Dear readers,

In chapter 36 of DWGMSFF I announced that I will be working with Etvolare on her site. I think I need to make an official statement for my readers since that on chapter 36 was just a really simple announcement.

Some of you may not be happy with my choice, some don’t care as long as they get to read the chapters and some may be happy. I apologize to those who are not happy with my choice and thank you for liking rosyfantasy so much. I also like the site very much. I’ve put much time and love into it.

The main reason I’ve decided to work with Etvolare is because of time. I decided to focus more on my studies the next school year and won’t have that much time anymore to manage the site. So I decided to just be a translator and let Etvolare do all the work (evil me). But I didn’t really want to close down the site, since I do love the site, so I’m going to continue to upload Yu Ren and book reviews on the site.

As compensation, I’ll be releasing chapters of DWGMSFF on a regular basis.

Volaretransaltion is quite a good site. You can read many chinese book on it. I will be reading My beautiful wife is a CEO. It’s been a long time since I read a modern book. The last one was When he closes his eyes. I only read modern novels of a certain level. Modern book needs to be precise, while ancient book can use any time, any place and every imagination of the author. Modern books are hard to write and also hard to read. I’m curious how My beautiful wife is a CEO will turn out.

Support me, support rosy, support volaretranslation.