锦云遮, 陌上霜/Jin Yun Zhe, Mo Shang Shuang



The moment she entered the imperial family, it’s like she fell into a deep sea. The road is so vast, where should she go? Many worries like the uncountable endless heaven and earth! She as the prime minister’s legitimate daughter, has never expected to be involved into the palace struggle. But fate still pulled her into the palace and she became the ‘mother of the country’, the empress. He is the emperor’s second prince who declared on the empress’s birthday that he fell for her from the first sight and asked the emperor to betroth her to him. Then he took advantage of her family’s power to become the crown prince and also inherited the throne.  What kind of entanglement will there be between her and him? Step by step they walked through many paths, can she and he become old together?



He has the highest power in the country, the imperial power. The only thing he couldn’t control is his heart. Without her, rivers and mountains (dynasty) are just dust. In his life, he controlled the world and was also only obliged to her only.

She is aware that she is only a pawn, but she fell into the magic of his gentleness. He reminded himself that she is the descendant of his enemy. He can’t fall in love with her, but became addicted to her gentleness which is like water and gradually forgot his original motive……

In love and inseparable, the emperor’s love is deep, but couldn’t overcome the past: the grievances of two generations. He gradually began his revenge. He calculated thousand and ten thousand times, except he never imagined that he also fell into his own calculations. If it wasn’t for the pain till deep into his bones which he felt when he lost her, he wouldn’t have realize that he unknowingly grew a love so deep it rooted in his heart……. When old and new hate went into a sea of fire, can they put down the knot of their heart and become old together?


Ruan Wu Shuang: She is the daughter of the prime minister. Her personality is indifferent. She had no desire to get power, but fate still pulled her into palace and involved her in the court dispute.

Baili Hao Zhe: He is the second prince, talented in both literature and military. He has a great learning ability. He married Ruan Wu Shuang. With Ruan family’s power, he successfully ascended the throne. Step by step, he came at the top of the power.



A short heart wrenching book which was good. Not amazing because it was too monotone and the plot was kind of predicable. The big turn of events was when she discovered that all of it was a lie and that he planned everything from the start including that one event that ‘ruined’ her life.

The story is split into two books. The first book contained 23 chapter and the second 11 chapters with 3 epilogues. A total of 37 chapters which is pretty short for a Chinese book. If you have nothing to do and are looking for a short story,this is your book.

Rating: 3.5/5


 顾盼生欢/ Seeking happiness



On the wedding night, when the bride hung herself, the handsome husband was sickly, the concubine was glaring like a tiger to see what her best next move would be. Shu Huan who time-travelled to the ancient times encountered such a mess.

“Men and women can’t touch each other. You doing this is not right, right?”

“Humph, you are already married to me. You still care about that?”

“Eh eh, second young master, you haven’t healed yet. I’m thinking for your own good.”

“Doesn’t matter, this young master isn’t interested in your bean sprouts like body.”

While sleeping, they put a barrier of pillows between them

Woman: “Eh…Eh….”

Man: “Eh…what are you doing?

Woman: “Don’t cross the line.”

Man: “Ah……?”

Woman: “If you cross the line, I’ll hit you with the incense burner.”

Man “Uh……”

Woman: If……if I accidentally cross the line……you don’t…”

“Humph……if you continue to talk, I’ll tear your clothes and seal your mouth.”

“You check so carefully because you are afraid that I’ll harm you?”

“That isn’t it. Humph, I only want to know why someone will commit suicide by hanging on the wedding night.”


“You hate me so much? You prefer to die instead of spending the wedding night with me?


Her family sold her to Gu family. In order to get away from a poor family, Shu Huan agreed to marry to Gu family’s second young master. The second young master was a very ill person. On the wedding night, Shu Huan heard that he died. She thought that she was bad luck as her step-mother also always said that she was bad luck. So she planned to commit suicide by hanging herself.

She woke up and was in the body of Shu Huan. She was punished for committing suicide and thrown into a desolate chamber. From servants, she got to know that the second young master didn’t die and was regaining his health.

From then on their journey began. First it was each helping each other, remaining working partner’s till it bloomed into love.


Another time travel book. This one doesn’t include palace politics. It’s about a rich not noble family. It’s simple and with a twist. The twist was somewhat unexpected and from then the book got better. Since it’s a very simple book, you don’t have the fighting and so that kept me hooked on other books. The book’s climax can’t be considered a climax. The book is just about two people trying to survive in the circumstances they are thrown into. I usually prefer heavy plots with many plots inside a plot. This was a surprise. It was simple and quite good.

Rating: 4/5