In the past few days, I thought to pick up The emperor’s wife again, so I tried to read it to get the feelings back. While reading it, I was so embarrassed. Too many mistakes and some plot seemed too forced. So I decided to take it down.

I must admit, I was or maybe am too inexperienced to write about the chinese harem. My plot was childish. Besides when I started I wanted to write it from the female lead’s perspective, but then I couldn’t fill the chapters with as many words as I would’ve wanted. That’s why I also started to wrote chapters in the male’s perspective. A messy thing to do. From so many chapters, the only chapter I am pretty satisfied with is the chapter when they got to know each other’s identity. The other chapters were kind of rubbish.

After reading/listening/translating chinese books, I got more insight and more ‘experience’ in the chinese harem. So I will take it down and rewrite it with hopefully better plot.