Nothing was left between heaven and earth. That pair of eyes was like heaven being split open to overlook this world; that blue light is as if it isolated all the suffering of the human realm. Cold, scream and fear in that piece of blue light leisurely went away.

The little ‘demoness’ stared into that pair of eyes. For a time, she lost all thoughts.

Really…. beautiful……

That blue light seemed like the fog of the horizon in the early hours. She reached out her hand wanting to get closer. Wanting to hold it into her palms as if that originally belonged to her. She got an intimate feeling like how she felt about big brother. Inexplicable familiar, inexplicable stable.

Like being possessed, her whole heart, her eyes only have that light blue light. Unconsciously, she put down big brother who was in her arms and walked towards that pair of eyes. That pair of eyes still stared at her without temperature. It let her small hand slowly approach. It’s just that the blue light slowly became thin. That pair of eyes became increasingly black.

On the ground, full of snow, a small black footprint was left. With the fading, blue light, the footsteps appeared faster and faster. The little ‘demoness’ almost anxiously rushed towards that blue light. When it was almost in reach, the last touch of light was swallowed by darkness. The eyes suddenly torn open and turned into numerous sharp claws again.

The little ‘demoness’ suddenly woke up. She just felt a sharp noise pierce her eardrums. A murderous aura pushed her from top to bottom into a bottomless abyss. She shouted: “Big brother!”

She wanted to hold big brother, but she discovered that big brother is not around anymore. She run back in panic. However, the murderous aura came from all directions piercing her chest. She fell on the ground and spit a mouthful of blood.

Seeing that bloody mouth rushing over to her while grinning. She looked with eyes asking for help in the direction of big brother. The darkness in front of her was replaced by a sudden silver flash of light.

The silver light pierced in the sky like a sword pulling a gap between the thick black night. With a sharp and dazzling light, it forced towards her, but also happens to bring a soft warm aura.

Her eyes filled with the dim color of blood. Vaguely, she seemed to see an immortal in white one a cloud coming from a far after the light.

White snowflakes contaminated the black as ink hair. It meted and became water, sliding down, fell onto her hands and warmly opened. She looked up and saw clothes as white as the snow. And also, saw a……face more beautiful than big brother’s.

He seemed to be as if he came out of a painting without a hint of earthly noise. A clean air dispersed the stench of blood without a trace. Even the silent falling snowflakes seemed to be blossoming into white lotuses at his side and shed a light lotus fragrant.

The clouds gradually dispersed. The moonlight appeared.

He appeared like a deity, standing in front of her. He slightly squatted and reached out his hand.

White hand like jade.

These four words appeared in her head. In the future during countless times between life and death, these words carved a warm remark in her heart and lingered for years.

At this time, she looked up in his eyes. Confused she asked: “Dei……deity?”

Did not have time to wait for the answer and also didn’t have time to hold that hand, her eyes turned black and she fainted.

For thousands of years, the presence of Cangjia Mountain is nothing but a legend in a yellow page of a book. It’s well known that Cangjia Mountain is a barrier at the east, blocking the wind and covering the rain. It’s also high in the clouds. However, the legend of that there are ‘immortals’ in the mountain has never been confirmed. There have been some who were curious. They wanted to climb to the top of the mountain to find out. Some climbed to the half and quitted or were never heard of again.

Therefore, ‘legend’, people only looked at it as legend.

Until recent ten years, war didn’t stop. Natural and human disasters were frequent. At places where people are destitute, there will always appear a few strange people, saving thousands of people from fire and water. Those people call themselves ‘practitioners’.

People didn’t know that these ‘practitioners’ in fact were a group of ‘cultivators’ and were from the legendary Cangjia Mountain. And what people haven’t seen aside from the main peak of Cangjia Mountain were the irregular arrangement with charming effect of seven secondary high and tapered peaks.

Sky, ground, gold, wood, water and earth are the attributes according to the practice of cultivation. The seven secondary peak were the home of various kind of disciples from Cangjia Mountain. Small, there are five-year-old’s who just entered the door of immortals. Long, there are some small cultivators of hundred years.

In the whole Cangjia Mountain, maybe not ten thousand but definitely eight thousand disciples seeking the road to cultivate into an immortal.

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