She is the legitimate daughter of the general’s family, was gentle and graceful, infatuated with Ding wang and had everything a wife needs to have. After six years of helping him, she became the empress. She accompanied him to fight for the country. In order to let the country flourish, she willingly became another country’s hostage. Returning after five years, in the palace there’s no place for her anymore. The number one beauty in his arms smiled beautifully: “Big sister, the country is set. You should take a step back now.”

Her daughter died a tragic death. The crown prince was deposed. The whole Shen family was sentenced to death without one being spared. One change of dynasty, she lost her children and family! Shen Miao didn’t expect that a pair of husband and wife going through troubling times and supporting each other was nothing but a funny joke! He said: “Considering the fact that you followed zhen for twenty years, zhen bestow you a death by leaving your body intact. You can now thank zhen for the grace……”


Shen Miao is the legitimate daughter of the great general Shen. Her mother is a female general. Because her father is a general, he stayed for most of time at the border. Shen Miao was left in the capital with her uncles and grandmother. There, she was bullied by her cousins and aunts. She thought that they were good to her, but in fact, they were teaching her things that will get her embarrassed in public, like dressing all the gold on her head. Her grandmother also hates her because she is not her granddaughter by blood. Her father is the child of the first wife of the late general Shen. When that wife died, she became the main wife and gave birth to two other sons. In front of everyone, she played the doting mother and grandmother, but in fact she tried many times to kill Shen Miao’s father. Fortunately, he was well protected by late general Shen.

Shen Miao became infatuated with Ding wang, the ninth prince. In order to get general Shen’s support, he acted like he liked Shen Miao. Shen Miao listened to her cousins and aunts and eloped at night. For her reputation, general Shen had to agree to let Shen Miao marry Ding wang. He was against this marriage because he knows that there’s no love in the imperial family and he saw that Ding wang doesn’t really love Shen Miao.

But Shen Miao didn’t listen to him. In the end, she married Ding wang. General Shen helped him get the throne. Because the countries were at war, Shen Miao willingly became a hostage at another country. There she suffered great humiliation. When she came back, Ding wang, now emperor, already has a new love, lady Mei. Lady Mei is a calculating woman and knew how to act in front of men. Because of her scheming, Shen Miao’s daughter died on the way to a marriage alliance and her son was deposed. In the end, the whole Shen family was sentenced to death aside from the family of the two uncles of Shen Miao. They were in fact secretly helping the emperor to get rid of Shen Miao’s family. All the people who she thought were her closest people turned out to be lies. In fact the emperor hates her. She was stupid and with a bad reputation. If it wasn’t because of her father, he would’ve never married her.

Shen Miao woke up in the body of her thirteen year old self. She began her quest for revenge. In her quest she met a man who let her believe in love again. That man is the son of a rival family. He is famous for being unruly and also for his beautiful appearance. They were at first suspicious of each other, but slowly learned to trust each other.


This is one of my all time favorite books. It’s not as cruel as Princess Wei Yang and not as passive as Mei Gong Qing. What I liked about this book is, that it’s realistic. The female lead doesn’t suddenly have supper powers or super abilities. All she had, was her memories of the past. She was not weak yet not strong. She doesn’t have the power to bring down Ding wang. That’s why she played many things to her advantage. There are also times when she will fall into a trap. But as a female lead, the readers know, in the end nothing will happen to her. My only complain is: there was too little romance. A third of the book went by without much romance. Rating: 4.5/5

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