Hi dear readers,

Today is the second anniversary of this site. I want to thank you all for the support and the wonderful comments of these past two years. I am lacking in many aspect regarding translating and have received many complaints about my use of too many Chinese terms. I thank you for going through with it. I’m working on bettering my translating skills and hope that in the future I can provide better projects.  It’s been fun blogging and translating novels. I hope I’ll still be doing this after ten years or more, if you guys don’t get tired of me ;P.

To celebrate, I will be translating snippets from novels you like. You can send me a snippet of any novel you like at rosydreamer1314@gmail.com. It must not exceed 400 Chinese letters. I will only translate the first ten snippets. I will be translating them during these two weeks.

Have a nice day,