Today, I came upon this video by accident. I cried when I watched it. It made me realize so many things I feel sorry for towards my parents.

I remember when I was little I used to stay at my mom’s boss’ house till she finished working. I remember that I was jealous of the daughter because she would get new toys, new shoes, new clothes very often. I was six then, so I didn’t put pressure on my parents to buy me anything. However, I remember a time when my little brother wanted to eat an ice cream which was about 0.5 dollar at that time, and my mom didn’t buy it for him. He cried at the door of that supermarket and refused to go home. He was four then. I remember the face my mother had on then. It was the same as that man in the video. So helpless. She also almost cried there. We also used to walk home from my mother’s work just to save some money.

Now seventeen years later, I’ve forgotten those times. Now when I want to buy something, I’ll buy it without thinking much about it. I’ve gotten so many things I don’t even use or have only used once or twice like my different shades of lipsticks. I just buy them and then forget about them. I also forget how my parents have worked to give us a better life. My mom now has back pain from working and my father’s hands have pain because of the many years of working in the kitchen. I forget about their pain for most of the time. After seeing the video, I realized that I am a bad daughter. Although I never asked them to buy me brand names things, but I was uncaring towards them. It’s like I felt that everything they’ve given me was a must. I didn’t think about how hard they worked to give me those things.

I understand the girl in the video. She was bullied for being poor and thought the whole world was against her. That’s why she didn’t see the good in her father. Although being bullied is no excuse to treat your parents like that. I too was once like that in my teenage years. I scolded and screamed at my parents when they scolded me for the bad things I did. In my teenage years, I ran away from home for many times. Every time my father will come pick me up when I called him without even apologizing. If I had a daughter like me, I’ll let her stay outside to let her realize how good home is.

Her father tried to do so many things for her. I cried so much seeing him like that. In the end, she got everything she wanted but lost the one thing that was truly important.

After watching this video, it make me realize that I need to work harder, get a degree, get a good job and let my parents live comfortably. I just want them to be alive and well.

We live in a very materialistic world and can easily get sucked into it. I should never forget my humble origin and appreciate everything I’ve now.