accentI like everything that’s fast and beautiful. So, I tried the ‘new’ craze, the magnetic lashes. My eyelashes are very short. I tried many ways to let them be longer, but nothing helps. So, I gave up and just use mascara. I don’t use false eyelashes that much, only when I need to go to a party. The main reason I don’t use false lashes is because they took too much time and usually aren’t that natural looking. In fact, I’m a very lazy person. I go to college looking like a bum, because I almost always overslept and don’t have time to do my make-up. When I heard about the magnetic lashes, I was excited and thought that maybe I won’t need that much time anymore for my almost none existent beauty routine.

I purchased it about three weeks ago, after watching many YouTube videos about them. It costs $78.95 including delivery costs, very pricey. See my surprise when I had to pay €16.90 to the delivery man for taxes. I was like, they better be worth it.

When I opened the package, I liked the design of the box. There was also a paper with instructions on how to put the lashes on. Inside the box were four pair of lashes. I was a bit disappointed with the lashes. For the money, I expected better looking lashes. Anyway, I excitedly began to try them on. An hour and half later, I’m still trying them. It’s so difficult to put on. I’m a very impatient person. It’s a miracle I played with them for so long. After that, I gave up. It looked so easy on YouTube.

After much practising, I finally managed to get the lashes on. I was disappointed. The lashes don’t go along with your eye shape. They’re more like a straight line. They didn’t look natural at all. I bought the Original Lashes, which were supposed to be natural looking. You can see that they are fake eye lashes. Also, the lashes don’t cover the whole eye, which make one side of the eye look much longer than the other side.

Because one of my eyes is the hooded shape and the other doesn’t have a eyelid, the lashes make me look like a clown. The hooded one was a bit better, but the lashes pierced at my skin. It was so uncomfortable. The monolid one looked horrible. They’re not made for my types of eyes.

I give the magnetic lashes, a 1/5. The idea was good; however, it is way too expensive. Besides, it’s not made for all eye shapes. If you have the eye shapes like those people from YouTube, you can give it a try. But if you’re Asian and have monolid or hooded eyes, this is not something for you. If they come up with flexible lashes which goes with your shape and also a better price, I may give it another try. Now, it’s useless to me. I won’t return it cause, I don’t know how much I need to pay to get it back to the United States. I may give it to a friend with better eye shape.

For those who want to buy it, first check your eye shape and then check if you need to pay extra in your own country. Next time, I also need to do a thorough investigation before buying something.